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  1. I would write it, and hand it in person, also requesting to speak to their supervisor about this matter. In both your letter and you discussion state the law as discribed below. Then the balls in their court to comply. If they don''t then mention that you will be taking this matter further. I''m sure your not the only person to get caught out. But in the terms and conditions does it state, that the club reserves the right to withdraw your ticket at anytime with out warning. If it does this may be there get out claus, and may enable them to sell your ticket to some one else. So its up to you pay £250 or risk loosing your ticket. [quote user="Barclay hero"][quote user="Largey"]They can afford to do that Barclay Hero. I emailed the club last night with my gripes and they called me this morning. The best they could offer me was the March 5 deadline price for Adults, which is what I was told in the ticket office so no advances there. They dismissed smiley''s comments as message board wind-ups after I briefly mentioned the case. I wouldn''t have an issue at all if it was well publicised when the cut off date is, and they had asked me for the full amount from the beginning, or even contacted me to rectify their mistake, but none of that occurred. Had I refused to pay up they would easily be able to fill my seat with someone else so I had to pay as I want to see our team play this season![/quote]   Im hoping Purple reads this as I know he''s fairly aware of legal-stuff (im reasonably aware but would like another view).  Im going to talk legalese for a second but I''ll try and explain it whilst I go along   You may still have a case for appeal - basically this falls into the law of contract.  For there to be a legal contract there has to be an offer (of a season ticket for a required amount) acceptance (of that ticket and amount) and consideration (ie payment of something of value - in this case money).  Any party can make a counter offer at any point until the contract is finalised. Once the contract is completed no party can withdraw without the other sides agreement, or being able to prove that there was no ''consensus ad ideam'' which means meeting of minds - ie if you''d asked (and paid) for a season ticket and they sent you a membership instead.  If the contract is deemed to be completed based on consideration for an u-21 ticket then I cant see the club can reasonably rescind it, especially if there was no deadline mentioned.  I would reasonably expect the ''U21 date'' to be either the date you applied, or the date of the start of the season, or the date of the end of the season - if there is any ambiguity then the law says the party drawing up the agreement (ie the club in their leaflet) is at fault and will come down on the side of the other party.  Especially if the other party is an individual taking on a corporate entity.  This rule is called ''Contra Proferentum'' (from memory) Fundementally if the club have accepted your application as valid, and consideration is paid then they should accept it regardless of any deadlines applied retrospectively The only potential banana skin would be whether the price indicated was not contractual but an ''invitation to treat''.  In such cases neither side actually have to stick to the price.  This is the situation in a shop where an advertised price could - in theory at least - be negotiated down.  Likewise the shop DONT have to stick to the price advertised (although this is getting into trading standards, false advertising and the like).  I mention this only because there is a slight chance the club may use this as an excuse but I dont think it actually applies here - a season ticket is effectively a contract for the club to supply a seat to watch specified matches (in this case all home league games) Personally - Id go back to the club and indicate you are looking to take this further - unless the club can produce evidence that youve applied for the wrong category knowing it was wrong (ie fraud) Im not sure they can really get out of it.  However be prepared to follow it through if you do this               [/quote]
  2. Thats not too bad then, but i dont see why you should have to pay on their mistake. Did you get an proper adult ticket or one that still says under 21?
  3. Emails are better than phone calls atleast then you have an proof of whats you said and was told. I''ve been caught out recently by believing what was said to me on a phone call, but had no evidence that it was actually said. Just out of interest what are the adult prices?
  4. It was on tuesday i think. If i was you i''d go to your online account and double check your DoB if thats correct then its surely the clubs fault for selling you the ticket at the wrong price. Its not you thats defrauding the club. I''m not 100% sure what the adult prices were but 170 + 250 = 420 seems a bit steep to me. Is that the price you''d pay if you brought one now?
  5. I too paid online my birthday was in March this year, handed my I''d over he checked it, and they handed me my the ticket. I was half expecting to pay more to get my ticket. Somthing doesn''t add up. Also i checked all documentation when i brought my ticket looking for the cut off age i couldn''t find it. Then phoned the ticket office and asked "the online ticket service is saying im under 21 i think i''ll need an adult ticket as i''ll be 21 at the start of the season," and was told that the online service is correct as long as your Date of Birth is correct.
  6. If it wern''t for you in ripping apart the team and the club, then i doubt that we would be starting in the premier league in a mere few weeks. Neil Doncaster may still be here, and we''ll be a mid table Chapionship side, with no ambition. We wouldn''t have lost 7-1 to Colchester and poached Our god Paul Lambert. Things would be, very different. Thank you Neil Doncaster in appointing the saviour of Glenn Roeder, Thank you Glenn Roeder for setting us up to this great sucess we have going for us now.
  7. I dont mind paying, cos i don''t want to miss out this season, As they could quite easily refuse me a ticket and sell it to some one else.
  8. I didn''t get mine, Got a letter instead to prove my age. But the thing is. I''m 21 paid online my DOB is 02/03/1990, the details i put online was correct, and i got the under 21 ticket prices, which i couldn''t change. I phoned the ticket office to confirm if this was right, they assured me it was. thought no more of it. Will i get mine?
  9. I''m 21 paid online my DOB is 02/03/1990, the details i put online was correct, and i got the under 21 ticket prices, I phoned the ticket office to confirm if this was right, they assured me it was. thought no more of it. Looks as if this could be a computer error they''re trying to fix. Hopefully this wont stop me getting my ticket.
  10. No way am i prepared to spend over £100 to watch a game of football by the time you account for travel food and drink and the ticket prices. Its 1/3 of my weekly wage and for what 90mins of watching a team in those horrible colours of Blue and white, Think i''ll miss this one, and watch it at home.
  11. Its about time the FA changed the rules and allowed saturday 3pm kick offs shown live on tv. I''ve cant really see why they have to change the times.
  12. as title says, we normally know what it will look like before the end of the season.
  13. We normally have it display before the end of the season.  But didnt this time around.
  14. Did anyone else notice his mistake?About us being 5-0 up in the FA cup at Portland Road earlier in the season? With somthing about Holt getting sent off?Since then we''ve gone on to get back to back promotions! I guess we wont be getting poor coverage like that again for a good few seasons!
  15. I would like a new goal keeper to replace Ruddy, but would love to see him given a chance. Dispite the stick he''s taken he''s been ruddy good for us. I feel dury has played his last minuites of football today and we need cover in his position. A new CB with premier league expiriance whoes out to prove a point. And a striker to give competition to Holt and if we can a small striker. I feel our midfield is more than capable of competing with the best. Would be nice to see a couple of pacey wingers come in but they cost.So with a Goalkeeper, Left Back Centerback, 2 Strikers we''ll be set to go. I''m looking forward to next season allready!
  16. Whens the 1st game so i dont miss it like last time arround
  17. I think Dury has played his last game for us today so we could do with a back up. and Lita would be good, but no more from middlesbourgh.
  18. I hope they start on minus 15 next season. Then i''tll give us an even greater chance of staying up. But i think we''ll be fine and be a top 10 side next year
  19. whats the odds to get into europe next season?
  20. If only there was like button. Tremendous tonight how believable some one wake me up.
  21. The dress is what Russel Martin was wearing during the dressing room celebrations!
  22. Am i feeling this nervous now?Cardiff just lost 3-0 we need 1 win out of 2 games to get promotion. BUT i have a funny feeling we''re going to slip up tonight big style! I hope im wrong. So Soo So nervous now. But off to the pub i go.
  23. If Nowich played at the same time as us we would surely have won.
  24. [quote user="smiley"]Gets humiliated against Middlesbourgh, by 4/5 goals, and we go on and win :) Oh i wish it was as easy at that!.Im soo fricking nervous now. What can i do to take my mind of things. Not sure if i should watch the Cardiff match or not. Hmmm Decisions Decisions![/quote]Or maybe it is! Currently 3-0
  25. Gets humiliated against Middlesbourgh, by 4/5 goals, and we go on and win :) Oh i wish it was as easy at that!.Im soo fricking nervous now. What can i do to take my mind of things. Not sure if i should watch the Cardiff match or not. Hmmm Decisions Decisions!
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