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  1. Great report as always. We have also conceded 9 penalties this season more than any other side. Again free kicks & corners are poor & predictable - makes you wonder what they practice on the training ground.
  2. Good report as always. I felt today would be different today when an overhead seagull did a whoopsie on a water bottle held by a lady behind me in the queue for chips at CR. Two good omens here - lucky it didn''t land on me and lucky it didn''t land on her head.
  3. Excellent report as always. I thought the West Ham substitutions changed the match. We seemed to have no answer to Carrol & Moses. How lucky are they to have quality like that to bring on. First goal was unfortunate - blocked twice & Payet lucky to get on end of clearance. Unfortunately City body language was poor after this setback - most players returning for re-start with heads down. Always felt next West Ham goal would soon come & so it did. After that (until last five minutes) West Ham looked most likely to get a third goal. There''s a real confidence issue here but with Chelsea doing us a favour, we''re out of drop zone. I was pleased to hear Neill positive after this. Bring on Leicester. OTBC
  4. Excellent report as always. Seldom do I disagree with Ricardo''s parlous prose. Don''t listen to the critics you''re one of the bright spots on this forum.
  5. You sir are a scholar and a realist and I salute you!  Henry V on a pinkun web site..............
  6. Bang on - Croft for sheer guts and determination (if only his crossing was better) and Doherty for his proof that if you keep at it even the boo boys will realise you are quite good. 
  7. Also shows what happens without Wes H in the team - I''ve felt for some time that he is difficult to place in current squad - plenty of talent but needs to be in the hole behind front two.  When he plays on the left he always drifts into midfield and we are vulnerable to attack from that side.  Lappin is a left midfielder.  Play players in their best position and anything can happen.
  8. Dear God - have you no life?  Does it matter?  However the moral is loanees dont give a t*** about the club their loaned out to and its the quick recipe to relegation trouble.  Play the kids or scrap the Academy
  9. I agree we need to mix it up a bit but I dont see how you can play Hoolihan at left wing as he will drift into midfield (as he always does) leaving our left flank exposed.  Most opposition goals have come down our left.  I still feel we need Plastic at left back and Lappin or Pattison (unless hes in rehab) to tighten up the left side.  Drop Cort to the bench (his poor old knees must be feeling the strain) to bring on later as needed.  Croft on bench - Gow on right and Mooney up front?
  10. Don''t forget Kings LynN, Cambridge and Histon (beat Leeds probably more than we will do next season....)
  11. Also don''t forget Roeder thought he was a good human being.  Got to be worth a punt its our left flank that has leaked goals all season - Bertrand at left back and Lappin left mid.
  12. We will not have to worry about misfits and underachievers as they will all go back to their clubs or be sold.  The worry is, will any of our youth / reserve team want to stay to scrap it out in Div One?  Any with ambition will go as well - as Oates said when he went outside in with Scott in the Antartic we ''may be gone some time''..............
  13. We have the same trouble as Roeder had with Huckerby - the left midfield.  If we play Hollihan on the left he drifts in to the midfield leaving the left flank bear.  It is not surprising most successful attacks come down that side.  We do not have a strong enough left back to cope.  So three at the back (chance to drop Otsemebor?) four in midfield and Hollihan with the free role in the hole behind the strikers. Gives a chance for a natural left sided midfielder - anyone say Lappin ( a decent human being according to Roeder) to toughen up left side and Hoolihan a chance to do some real damage.
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