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  1. I’m really up for it. But as I was at the PNE game I’ll have to wait for my turn. But think it will make ifollow games better. Football needs a crowd.
  2. Was lucky enough to be at game today. Definitely thought that we were too lightweight in the middle. PNE had a lot of the ball and definitely were more cohesive going forward than us. We didn’t play particularly well but got a point so not a disaster.
  3. I don't know what to do with mine. This season looks lost and can't see I'll be able to go in the future unless there is a vaccine. So what will happen?
  4. Don't believe Ricardo will see all the goals. (If there are any). He will be way to busy behind the sofa. Come on you yellows. I saw this one with my mother in law. It is awesome. better than the milk cup semi final. come on you yellows.
  5. Yahoooooooooooo. What a game. Remember that last goal so well. Brilliant
  6. Well that's the three points to Middlesbrough lol
  7. Booo that's it all over I'm leaving early.
  8. I have been kicked out of the front room just as Middlesbrough scored second goal. Grrrr will have to move upstairs.
  9. I was just thinking the other that this is a game I would like to see again. Really loooking forward to it.
  10. Interesting idea. Will be a massive loss to the taxman. But at least we can take the moral high ground.
  11. LOL. So we have to believe that possibly you pay more tax than the football club!
  12. I think unfortunately this is the truth. At the start of all this my dad said don't listen to what the authorities are saying watch what they are doing. Building all these Nightingale hospitals does seem to point towards having to accept 'kill or cure.' For people like me who are recovering from cancer things look a bit bleak. 12 weeks of social shielding is kicking the can down the road. The best hope is for some kind of treatment or vaccine breakthrough.
  13. In 2018 Amazon's turnover in the UK was £10,000,000,000. They made a profit of £22,000,000 and paid Corporation Tax of £4,500,000. In the same year Premier League clubs paid over £1bn in income tax and national insurance deducted from players wages. In 2016 the Duke of Westminster died leaving a fortune valued at £9.3bn. His son inherited his title and became the richest person under 30 in the world. Inheritance tax of 40% should have been due on the estate but none was paid due to Trust arrangements.  Football is an almost unique industry in that the people who create the wealth get the money. And they pay huge amounts of tax on it.  If we're looking for someone to pay for this crisis, football is the last place I would be looking. Well said.
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