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  1. yellowandgreen

    Orient 1972 There's people on the pitch...

    Remember it like it was yesterday. I was only 4 but remember my dad coming in in the middle of the night waking us all up to celebrate. One of the first things he said was that someone had cut up the penalty spot.
  2. yellowandgreen

    Can you name them all?

    For those of us with limited fine motor control this is a very painful test! good fun though.
  3. yellowandgreen

    Confined to Barracks

    Just got my letter. Hoped that I was not in the high risk group but no luck there. My letter says I can sit on my front doorstep.
  4. yellowandgreen

    35 Years Ago Today.

    What a great day that was.
  5. yellowandgreen

    Small Claim To Fame.

    Billy Bragg nudged me in the ribs last November.
  6. yellowandgreen

    Coronavirus Joke Thread.

    This is literally why I love the human race.
  7. yellowandgreen

    It's me, Tettey....

    What a great goal thanks for sharing it.
  8. yellowandgreen

    Rishi Sunak

    I have been impressed by our bumbling buffoon of a PM. Yes he likes to be popular and seems to have no convictions but he seems like he's chosen some good people to do what needs to be done. this is a time of unbelievable national crisis and a time to pull together. I'm minded to give my last loo roll to an 1p5wich supporter. the time for division has gone. Let's pull together to support the most vulnerable.
  9. yellowandgreen

    Kenny Rogers

    One of the best R.I.P. For those looking for something to do check out his water and bridges album.
  10. yellowandgreen

    What’s your favourite animal?

  11. We have had so many wonderful times at carrow rd particularly in the last few years. Couldn't really get my list down to 3 in terms of best moments, particularly because every time Huckerby received the ball feels like the best to me But the most memorable ones for me are: 1. Steve Bruce v 1p5wich- On the way out of the ground my dad suggested taking a different route back home so we ended up walking up Thorpe rd just as the 1p5wich fans came down chucking bricks at everything. Ended up crunching behind cars to avoid serious harm. 2. The 1-7 home defeat, first game in league 1. Mental to think that that game led to the Lambert years and all those crazy last minute winners. 3. Can't remember which game but again during lambert years. After yet another inspired substitution that led to victory my dad turned to me in disbelief and said about lambert "That lucky **** has got a ******* magic wand everything he does turns to gold."
  12. yellowandgreen

    Can you imagine

  13. yellowandgreen

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    Oops seem to have added thread twice. Anyone know how to delete one!
  14. Great win yesterday. Watching match of the day and think they pretty much summed up our season. We have been great to watch but haven't taken enough of our chances. I think this is why most Norwich fans aren't that upset about how the season has gone so far. I'm loving it. Maybe a cup run is just what we need. Have to admit I would love to see us win it. COYY