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  1. yellowandgreen

    How good is Emi?

    No he could not defend but who cares. What he could do is win a game on his own. EMI is of course a far more complete footballer. As someone once said of huckerby 'a scorer of great goals but not a great goal scorer' for me no one comes close in terms of excitement to seeing huckerby charging forward. But that's an aside this thread is about Emi.
  2. yellowandgreen

    How good is Emi?

    EMI is a wonderful footballer but for me not as exciting a player as huckerby.However I think he is truly world class and will end up playing for a big club. Let's enjoy him whilst he is here and get 30m plus when he goes.
  3. yellowandgreen

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    Anŷthing more than 4 points would be great.
  4. yellowandgreen

    Humble pie

    What a game. Dreams do come true
  5. yellowandgreen

    Loudest I've ever heard the riverend

    When will my ears stop ringing?!
  6. yellowandgreen

    Player Ratings

    Such a hard one to rate. Such a brilliant performance and fantastic result. Thought the defence was unbelievably today coupled with the front players taking their chances. EMI should get a special mention today hand in all three goals.
  7. yellowandgreen

    Ricardo's report v Man City

    What a wonderful game football is. My 52 year old ears are still ringing too. Totally awesome performance from everyone today. I sit up top in the riverend and I've never known it so loud even my dad joined in! I missed the Chelsea game and had been looking forward to today but not sure my weak body would make it. Dad offered to stay home and watch it with me but somehow we dragged ourselves down to the ground. During the Newcastle game I had to be lifted up out of my chair by my dad on one side and the bloke next to me the other. Three bloody times dragged to my feet, however today I was like the crippled man miraculously healed. As Ricardo says what a time to be alive. Long may it continue. OTBC SPOT ON REPORT. TOTALLY AGREE EVERYONE IN YELLOW AND GREEN MOM
  8. yellowandgreen

    How many will man city get

    At last the voice of reason
  9. yellowandgreen

    Feeling even more positive now

    Looking forward to humble pie. Yes we can gain points tomorrow is it likely? No. Having 75% of your first choice defenders injured is going to make it much harder. Am I defeatist? No. I will go tomorrow as I always do with a positive attitude and get behind the team. if we win I'll be ecstatic and really surprised.
  10. yellowandgreen

    Atmosphere overhaul at Carrow Road

    I really think the flags have helped, maybe could have them all round the ground.
  11. yellowandgreen

    Ricardo's report v Chelsea

    Thanks for report. Really sad to have missed it today. Loving Pukki scoring again and great for Cantwell too. Cant wait for next game. OTBC
  12. yellowandgreen

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    All you say is true. Crook was a fabulous player as were the others you mention. That is why I said arguably. There are players in the current team who are going to be world class. Lewis, Godfrey, Aarons, Beundia. We are very lucky to be NCFC supporters right now. Never felt more excited for the season ahead of us. OTBC
  13. yellowandgreen

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Agree with this. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the late 70’s and agree there are players in this team that are ridiculously good. The 92-93 team were a great team but arguably had no stars.
  14. yellowandgreen

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    I thought we were absolutely superb today. Newcastle were totally out played. This could possibly be the best team we have ever had. OTBC