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  1. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="Norwich"]I think we are getting to far ahead of ourselves, I don''t think we will be signing anyone else, apart from maybe 1 or 2 Man Ure youngsters on loan.[/quote]i was hoping if we moved Rusty out there maybe could be some money avalible...or is that being just darn greedy??? lol[/quote]Be careful CTID. "Rusty" does have certain connnotations of being slightly brown which could be taken as not altogether PC under the circumstances.I''m certainly not racist but I own up to being "prattist" and there''s plenty of them on here aren''t there?[:P]
  2. LGT and WAY49, why do you ignore the FACT that they are interest free loans and therefore costing the Smiths hundreds of thousands of pounds?
  3. He admits he is biased. Doesn''t make it less true though!
  4. Quote from Mick Dennis article on Faghorns site: "Nobody has ever given a bigger proportion of their savings, yet still, after all this time and all that money, there are deluded ingrates among the fans who are suspicious about the motives of Delia and Michael - or think they could have done or given more." Well said mate. Just couldn''t have summed it up any better[Y]
  5. [quote user="Eastside Canary"] This is supposed to be about whether Roeder dissed the regular fans at Pinkun, which I don''t think he did. He went after a few blowhards, that''s all.  But this has turned into a forum on Gibbs.  What is with all this jive talking about Gibbs? I mean, how deep is your love for the team if all you can do is criticize a guy for one game? His play was not a tragedy by any means. Wait ''til next game and he may play like he''s got Saturday afternoon fever. Then you''ll all be singing his praises. But then how do you mend his broken heart?  Start to joke that starts the whole world crying? This seemed much funnier in my mind than it is on the page. [/quote] LOL.[:D] But you really have picked up the point of this thread. There are still a few indignant ''self confessed experts'' who, having seen a lad play less than two full games, now know more about him than Wenger and Roeder put together. I have to admit I haven''t seen Gibbs play! But who do i believe when it comes to a summary of his ability. Wenger, Roeder or Fellas?[^o)]  
  6. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] Roeder needs to remember the fans pay his wages.... jas :) [/quote] I just think his remarks are a tad foolish.  I mean, you read what was written on here about Gibbs and for the most part people reckoned he had a mare - most putting it down to it being his first game, he averaged 4.15/10 on the match ratings thread.  In fact he did so poorly in that game that Roeder dropped him for a right winger out of position on the left in the following match. [/quote] But GR says it shows a lack of football nous to judge any young player on his first 60 minutes of championship football. Some of the comments on here were ridiculous. Surely you can''t argue with that. It seemed to me the I hate Donkerty brigade were about to find a new victim.
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Roeder needs to remember the fans pay his wages.... jas :) [/quote] Just because you ''contribute'' towards his wages doesn''t mean you know what you are talking about[:D]
  8. Quote from EDP24: Roeder was quick to hit back at those who criticised Gibbs for his performance against Hull. “One or two people might have been critical, but then one or two people don''t understand football, they are clueless, to judge an 18-year-old on one game, 60 minutes,” he said. “To say he looked out of his depth, whatever, whatever - how disgraceful''s that? “And today has proved all those doubters wrong. He had a wonderful game for an 18-year-old in centre midfield. He got better and he got more confident the longer the game went on and you can see why Arsene (Wenger) values him so highly.” Couldn''t have put it any better than that![:P]
  9. We have an awful record of injuries to key players at crucial times over the past few years.Peter Grant couldn''t field the same team two matches running and regularly had two centre backs, two midfilders or two strikers sidelined at the same time. Earnie missed months when he was at the top of the goalscorers league. Marshall did his ankle just into a loan. Fozzy did his ankle just as he came into form.The list seems endless. At the moment we only have Jukebox out long term, along with Chadwick, who has also been plagued with recurrences from last season (thanks Batesy!). Glenn Roeder now has to leave out talented players, rather than having to scratch around for enough nearly fit bodies. So what has changed? Was Grant, or even Worthy before him, just unlucky? Have our training methods improved under Roeder and Clark? Don''t forget they were at Newcastle when they had a terrible run of injuries. Are players suddenly ignoring knocks because they actually want to play? Is it just that, as in our promotion season, we are having a bit of good fortune at last? These things go in cycles. Whatever it is, thanks to GR''s squad strengthening, we don''t know what the team will be for the next game, for all the right reasons. Things are picking up and long may it continue.
  10. [quote user="dielectric"] all we need in this transfer window is a 20+ a season striker sum 1 who can finish and put the ball in the back of the net for fun and i beleave that man is aaron mclean gr would get the best out of him and he produced the goods against colchester in the fa cup i think hes the man and i reckon old bazza would let him come to us for 1 to 1.5 million trust the boy can make the step up what do u lot think   [/quote] I think you truly are a football genius mate.[:D]
  11. [quote user="Worcester Yellow"] And PM me Mal... Ill share my other stuff with you.. not posted on here as yet.... and now it never will be.. The poster s who have attacked you have been hounding me... its the last time i post any info.. and thats a shame cos it was the first time I did... If I ever have anymore...you WONT hear it on here promise.. Too many sad-acts with nothing interesting to say except to attack other people and question their integrity.. Maybe we should form another board for people who want to enjoy the buzz of this time of year... instead of those who utilise them for verbal combat and think its big and clever to put people down... [/quote] Don''t be put off by a few pratts WY. You keep on posting mate. Don''t forget there are plenty of us reading your posts without questioning every minor detail. Some of us do realise that real life doesn''t run like clockwork, as in football manager. Personally, I''m happy to read any snippets, even if they don''t come to fruition.[:)]
  12. [quote user="cityangel"] What I find disturbing is what the hell are our management team doing discussing sensitive transfer business with a complete stranger they have just met at Dunston Hall. Yes you would expect them to be polite and maybe hint that they are hoping to get players in but to do into that much detail with someone they dont know astounds me. Next time theres a fan forum I shall be asking that very question! As for all the rumours on here and all these people who have bumped into a player, got a source in the club, saw Doc in Asda, saw Tiny driving out of Colney I just wish you''d stop, because you''re doing our heads in. We don''t know who you are so it doesnt make you look good or big in our eyes! [/quote] Lighten up CA. That''s the thing about rumours; you don''t know if they are true. Surely something will happen this week to shed some light on the transfer situation.[:D] Personally, I''d much rather read threads like this than the tedious ''protest-board out-I hate doc-spin'' drivel that seems to dominate the forum.[:|]
  13. Fascinating stuff Jan. I believe you, but then again, even if it turns out to be absolute codswallop, it''s got my juices flowing.[:D] Are you sure there aren''t just a few more little snippets you can reveal?
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