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  1. You have to understand , Pritchard had been at Spurs since 8 , he’d seen how players from Livermore to Townsend to Kane had come thru the ranks and seen progress . alex went on 'pan to Brentford and won POTY there and scored some woldies , and right at the end of the season , he gets a really nasty injury . Then we sign Alli , who comes in and does well , and Alex sees his chance slip through his fingers . then he goes to Norwich , I know if that happened to me , I’m be gutted and almost sulk , same happened with Tom Carroll , jake Livermore , and to a lesser extent Ryan Mason
  2. Thanks for all your responses , I don’t get to see many Norwich games , so didn’t see Pritchard nor Maddison for you , so was glad to get your answers , having seen them both close hand . i have been very impressed with Maddison for Leicester , and I would love to see him at The Lane full time.
  3. I’m a Spurs fan , and was gutted when Pritchard was sold , as I thought he had great potential despite you selling him , it looks like your returning to the prem , meanwhile his Huddersfield have been relegated . Do you think he would be a good addition back to your team . You also had Maddison , and so are in a better position to say , who would you chose to have back if you could Alex or James , or would you stick with who ever replaced these two
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