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  1. This is really my point . That UK Football will collapse without a restart is An extreme used to fuel an agenda. No clubs in the Prem will collapse without a restart , and neither will the majority of championship clubs. Clubs in leagues 1 and 2 are more vulnerable- but on the basis that their leagues will not fully restart , if at all, “football restarting” is a moot point . There is still more than enough money sloshing around the game, or losses being underwritten, to bail these teams out if needed. As you say it just needs to set aside contracts and be more altruistic. But a collapse? No football ? Ever again? Absolute rubbish. Even if several clubs failed there will be new or existing Salford’s of this world to take their place by moving up the pyramid. Maybe we will see more Tranmere Rovers 2020 ? Football is never going to collapse .
  2. Most directors will take a dividend but it is a lot less tax efficient than it used to be . The band above which you pay tax has reduced and is now only £2k . It used to be higher and that’s where the efficiencies came in . I would say most people have limited status to protect their personal assets rather than for tax efficient payment these days. I should add that you have to be a shareholding director of course !
  3. And there you have it . We don’t know , but it is worth taking the risk because of the enormous piles of cash. I really question whether I want to carry on sticking money into these coffers in any shape or form.
  4. This is exactly where find ourselves . Money driven. We really shouldn’t be surprised.
  5. UK Football will collapse if this season doesn’t restart. I’ll wait for the factual reasoning behind that , including practical financial analysis on how many clubs in the lower leagues that will DEFINITELY “Collapse” directly as a result of the Premier League season not restarting , and exactly how the money filters (or in this case DEFINITELY will not filter) down to these clubs .
  6. FA Cup final scheduled for August 1st? So when does next season start then? Week after? The Players are held on short term contracts ? What about the transfer windows across Europe ? I've lost the plot here. This is bonkers.
  7. I expect that Covid will mean that the FFP rules will be revisited ? Clubs making losses will blame the shutdown . Has there been any mention of this ?
  8. What a pointless argument . Leeds/lLiverpool fans find merit in whatever course of action sees them promoted or win the league . Conversely teams at the bottom see similar merit in actions that have the outcome of their teams staying up. Very few are properly debating the actual question . Should football restart or not. What are the facts ? During a time of unprecedented global illness the starting point should be - don’t start . It has to be . Unless life and macro economies depend on it (for one read the other) then it makes no sense to run any kind of risk at all. it is absolutely bonkers to even consider it - and if it wasn’t for the money it would be scrapped and eyes would be turned to a safe restart next season . it is of course all about money and this includes the promotion relegation argument . And when decisions are taken purely on financial factors they usually tend to be wrong .
  9. FYI I’ve had the Arsenal away refund - noticed it yesterday .
  10. They did. Just because they didn’t make them public doesn’t mean they don’t have the results.
  11. Lowfields - the sort of person who has so little to do in life , he/she spends time on other clubs message boards. Of course dear old Lowbrow makes the argument for us. That football should be stopped BECAUSE of the global pandemic and loss of life . Presumably Lowlife thinks football is bigger than thousands of people dying? Who gives a monkies about promotion or relegation . Lowhanging obviously does Now that really is pathetic. I have a feeling she/he isn’t one of the people we clap on Thursdays .
  12. Yes I read this nonsense on here - that the Prem teeters on the precipice and if it falls it takes football down with it . The prem has vast financial , global support and reserves , and would most certainly not collapse even if Sky took their money back . The wealthy owners would just underwrite the losses . Football will collapse if the EPL doesn’t conclude is utter rubbish.
  13. Money talks I’m surprised at people’s reaction. If football could restart it was / is always going to do so. Only clear science against it doing so would stop it .The will of the PL drives this on. The government want it . UEFA want it . In some cases individual leagues have called a halt . But no league is so precariously based on the prior spending of huge quantities of money as the EPL and very few leagues have such a wide ranging economic influence. The EPL is truly global , and the economic power this brings is enormous. It’s bonkers of course to remotely suggest that any chance of contracting Covid 19 whilst playing football is worth taking . It isn’t . But with so much money involved Football sits outside of the common moral framework and has done for years . Peoples surprise is naive . Oh and it’s good for morale. Those saying that the restart was never going to happen and that the season was to be declared null and void are living in cloud cuckoo land even though it absolutely should be . Ive said this before. Football watches as players are banned from shaking hands , but can gob on the pitch , dive , berate officials , and feign injury like no other environment . Football is a world that you either accept or you don’t . This afternoon I’m close to don’t. I just hope that without any unnecessary loss of life some science crops up to stop this happening .
  14. Ok - not corporation tax . But VAT etc? I’m beginning I hadn’t bothered to respond
  15. I may have misunderstood but the OP doesn’t mention income tax , just that playing the games will generate more “for the coffers” of HMRC? A Premier League match will generate thousands in taxation - including those that I mention, through the activity of the game and supporting services. If I misunderstood apologies - but imagine the revenue being missed out by HMRC for Even one home game in Norwich. Imagine what effect this will ultimately have on the corporation tax of a club like ours?
  16. After our 3 nil win the ever likeable Chambo said that we “couldn’t get near them” after the game. Then again we shouldn’t complain about Chambo, he personally has a splendid record in our favour .
  17. VAT. Season tickets , advertising , some sponsorship , entertaining , excise on alcohol sales employees NI (stewards, bar staff etc) . There’s a few I can think of. I’ve been reminding posters for weeks now about lobbying and government self interest . This is why it was always likely to re start subject to medical evidence. Football (and Murdoch) is powerful as money talks .
  18. Good point Jim. I hadn’t studied it to that extent . Could be right .
  19. @peteIf it comes to a vote , and no restart , specifically on PPG surely there will be 17 teams quite happy? I get that one or two may drop a place , but Bournemouth in particular would vote for it ? I don’t see why the bottom 6 would vote against ?The bottom three obviously.
  20. The only way they won’t finish the Prem is if the government stop it . I think it is as simple as that now.
  21. Hey WW ! “Let’s meet up again”gives me a brilliant idea for a song . If only I could think of a melody ?
  22. I have a strange feeling that T is currently p1ssing him or her self . I’m guessing a WUM of the highest order with clearly nothing better to do . I do have a sneaking question of whether T and City 1st are ever seen together but that’s just a fleeting thought . I’d give them both equal credibility. I‘m going to park T in the harmless idiot category and maybe suggest that we all do the same . It’s a bit of a pain trawling through all the nonsense to read something helpful.
  23. Ha ha . Priceless . No special measures apart from those special measures that you mention. Brilliant stuff . Do you write comedy for a living ?
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