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  1. I'm just waiting for LDC to pop up with the suggestion that Knapper is waiting for the playoff result, in case Daniel might be interested in a return.
  2. This is obviously the "Who we have released" list, not the "Who we would like to release" list, nor even the "Who we would like to keep" list. Interesting times ahead! Ps Oh, and Adam is back!!
  3. Such a poor excuse, it ranks alongside 'the dog ate my homework'.
  4. Webber out!!!! (always someone gets the name wrong)
  5. Not happy with the number of threads you create, CC, that you are now pinching them off others? Shame on you.😉
  6. 'Why did Knapper let Idah go out on loan?'
  7. Does anybody else suspect the video of SVH's goals was a deep-fake, AI compilation?
  8. Onel walked the length of the roadside in Carrow Road, posing for selfies all the way, and then back along the stadium side, only managing to get to the player's entrance as the coach arrived. Got to love the guy.
  9. As Corey's Knee says, we do need Duffy in our starting lineup on Saturday. The question is: will Wagner still have him in the squad for the actual match on Sunday?
  10. If you want to build the supporters of the future, by bringing your kids and grandkids to the game, the best day to do that is still Saturday (or Sunday, at a pinch). It's not easy to attend on a "school night", so even more weekday, evening matches are definitely a no-go in my mind.
  11. Look on the bright side. This is the one and only opportunity this season, to find out what is the REAL home attendance, as there will be no unused season ticket seats included in the count.
  12. Oh well, it's back to the fabulous BBC text service then! Or the same thing on the club's matchday, live text feed. The joys of being a non-Sky subscriber. Edit: just seen the above, when I finished typing. So it will be the frequent 'imaginary' Channel Tunnel trips, in that case.
  13. oxymoron: Thanks for the grammar lesson, DM, as I always thought it referred to a stupid person who was a waste of fresh air. With BKS, however, it works in either the correct version you have quoted, or my alternative misunderstanding.
  14. If there's even a sniff of money involved, you know Essex will pop up sooner or later!
  15. The club's matchday schedule says a lap of appreciation will take place after the final whistle, featuring players and coaching staff. Last guaranteed home match, so just what you would expect.
  16. *** Newsflash from Carrow Road. *** Match postponed this weekend Ricardo not available for match report.
  17. Cardboard clappers? Are you referring to the happy clappers in the River End?
  18. I've just got a 503 Service Unavailable. Anybody want to swap?
  19. So many people logging in to find out about our POTS.
  20. Glad it's going to be on the Sunday, as it would have been difficult to get permission to take the grandkids on a school night. Incidentally, the club ticket office are very confident in the outcome, as they told me that both the semi-final AND THE FINAL will count towards your membership match totals for next year's group band.; I.e. getting to 5 or 10 games, if you need to. That's the spirit!
  21. Much prefer a toasted cheese and tomato sarnie, personally.
  22. But slipping down the page. Do you need hand getting back up?
  23. Cray Valley PM FC, because: I once played in a local-football cup match at their ground, when it was behind the old paper mills works in St Paul's Cray, and scored. Remember they had one of those old, communal, concrete baths. I went on a school outing from primary school to the paper mill, which was within walking distance from the school / my parents' home. It's not many teams that Charlton get to beat 6-1 on TV, albeit after a draw in the home match.
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