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  1. Sean Gregan did it for Preston at Carrow Road in 2001 - not sure if it was a bigger surprise for him or Andy Marshall, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I was in Princes Park to see Dartford’s goalkeeper, Deren Ibrahim, score from ten yards inside his own half against Hungerford which I think is fair to say was totally unexpected!
  2. I reckon this must be one of the key lines on the club's risk register - going to football's as much a habit as anything else, and there'll certainly be a percentage of people that haven't missed it as much as perhaps they thought they would when the restrictions first came in. It'll be interesting to see if iFollow gets a foothold, as I think there's a product there that could be marketed successfully if some real effort went into it alongside 'normal' attendance as and when crowds are allowed back in.
  3. Yep. They made it four after seemingly happily sending us in 'without a gun' this latest time - which you'd have hoped they wouldn't having been relegated three times during their regime at that point (which is what I posted, albeit a little clunkily!).
  4. I think it's a valid point, @Canarywary...a lot of people don't actually realise quite how much other owners do for the general infrastructure in and around the club (or the fans, mind...Leicester's have had plenty of free drinks, pies and scarves from theirs - I got a £50 bill to join an oversubscribed queue for away tickets this year from ours). ...and on this one @Bill, I'm not sure we've actually been that good at developing local talent have we? Can think of the Murphy twins, Gunn and Cantwell as having come through and actually played a proper part in the first team but most of our other Academy products came to us well-developed from other clubs (often with a reasonably price tag...ironically funded by parachute payments from the Premier League). 'When you're fielding a [club] side without a single Englishman, that's a nonsense' said Michael Wynn-Jones in that Times article, yet we won the league whilst struggling to fulfil our home-grown quota at times...him and Delia have done some wonderful things for the club in the past, but they certainly come across as happy to own a club rather than progress one, and as much as they say how much they dislike the nasty sides of football they're still happy to take the money from gambling companies, set extortionate prices for away fans and ratify ludicrous membership schemes. It's all ifs, buts and maybes at the end of the day, but when you've got a board that have been relegated from the Premier League three times during their regime seemingly happy to send their latest effort 'to war without a gun' it does make you wonder 'what if', no?
  5. Webber (or Farke) mentioned after we'd secured Duda in January that he was someone we'd looked at in the summer but baulked at the £15m tag...he didn't shine during his loan spell, but would he perhaps have fared better with a pre-season amongst a squad still high on promotion rather than joining one that was struggling in and around the relegation zone? We'll never know for sure, but that doesn't strike me as the most ludicrous of signings if it's one that they'd identified early on. We have a habit of keeping our powder dry until the January window after promotion (despite talking up how important it is to get business done early) for some reason and, yes, it's all ifs, buts and maybes (Peter Thorne and Tony Cottee scored goals everywhere other than us!), but there's recklessness and calculated gambles. As an example, Gary Cahill is one that I think we should have taken a serious look at. It sounds ludicrous, as he's allegedly on £75,000 a week at Palace, but he was fee-free and over his two year deal that's only £7.8m - cheap for a player with his experience, and that gives you some game management that we evidently lacked across the season. All in my opinion, of course.
  6. Unfortunately for the club, the £50 fee they introduced at the eleventh hour for me to have a chance of away tickets this season and £25 for next won't be forgotten - that combined with the fact we haven't heard those at the top are even considering taking a cut, and all we're reading in regards to the owners is that they're not putting any money in means I'll be cashing that cheque no matter what begging bowl bumph comes with it. Sad really. I had no issue whatsoever letting them keep the League One rebate, and I needed that money far more then!
  7. Mentioned above, but photo now attached from my Purchase History...
  8. If you have BT Broadband you get their sports via their Android or Apple app (or their website) for free - we had the Palace game on the telly via an iPad on New Year’s Day with no issues whatsoever.
  9. I did find it odd we capped our limited casual tickets to £30 this season given we were more than happy to charge £40 for the same seats in the Championship (and I believe £45 for some games in the South Stand?). With 3,000 tickets allocated to away fans, and say 22,000 season ticket holders that's almost half a million pounds we chose not to collect in gate receipts should we have opted for £40 (which would have almost certainly sold even with us at the foot of the table). Funnily enough, that amount is pretty much what we made introducing Premier memberships for away tickets... I'd expect another freeze for next year, with maybe even tighter deadlines and higher increases for those that miss them. Basing that primarily on the fact that if I look at my Purchase History on the online ticket sales I have a line on Thursday 19 December that states 'PURCHASED' for SEASON TICKET 2020-21 at £499.50 which is interesting as I'm a direct debit renewer.
  10. Same as every ticket sale I go for whether football or not, F5/refreshing from about three minutes before ‘go live’ - it has worked for every away ticket sale I’ve wanted to go to this year, but given other people’s experiences maybe I have been lucky...who knows? My advice to anyone would be if something’s working for you stick with it!
  11. I refreshed and got in at 9am. Another window I left open on the page got in at pretty much the same time without being touched at all so there is an auto-refresh that happens somewhere along the line. Would assume the advice they give is to stop the servers being overwhelmed with requests as See Tickets etc experience every big release window such as Glastonbury, but who really knows - in theory it’s ‘only’ c.6,000 people trying to get in so assuming we’ve not gone nuclear on ticket office servers!
  12. This. If this was our first ever season of Premier League football (like Blackpool, for example) then you could perhaps excuse the 'we're just happy to be here' giddy mentality of our owners. Come May we'll have spent five of the last ten years in the top flight. We've received Sky money in nine(!) of those ten years and yet have still never really managed to get the foothold required to kick on as a club and establish ourselves. It's not even like we've spent lavishly on our surroundings in that time either...a £5m investment into the training ground (that needed initial funding from others in the form of a bond), a refurb of the facilities at Carrow Road and a splash of technology with the screen in the corner and DigiRibbons at both ends?
  13. Not true though, is it? You are in the group as it stands purely because you did 10 games in 2018/19 (and paid your £50 this year)...it's literally nothing to do with any of the previous 19 years - you will have people that qualified for it off the back of a promotion season...some of those may well have never been to an away game before last season and now find themselves alongside you in this group.
  14. Yep...I thought it was odd they separated out lower and upper tier at West Ham as options, but at least they were both on sale at the same time. This is a really poor thing to do, there'll be people that missed out and wandered away/went to work/gave up that could have got something had they all been listed at 9am. Talking of which, sent you a DM a few days ago...
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