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  1. Declan

    Season ticket renewals

    Mentioned above, but photo now attached from my Purchase History...
  2. Declan

    BT Sport

    If you have BT Broadband you get their sports via their Android or Apple app (or their website) for free - we had the Palace game on the telly via an iPad on New Year’s Day with no issues whatsoever.
  3. Declan

    Season ticket renewals

    I did find it odd we capped our limited casual tickets to £30 this season given we were more than happy to charge £40 for the same seats in the Championship (and I believe £45 for some games in the South Stand?). With 3,000 tickets allocated to away fans, and say 22,000 season ticket holders that's almost half a million pounds we chose not to collect in gate receipts should we have opted for £40 (which would have almost certainly sold even with us at the foot of the table). Funnily enough, that amount is pretty much what we made introducing Premier memberships for away tickets... I'd expect another freeze for next year, with maybe even tighter deadlines and higher increases for those that miss them. Basing that primarily on the fact that if I look at my Purchase History on the online ticket sales I have a line on Thursday 19 December that states 'PURCHASED' for SEASON TICKET 2020-21 at £499.50 which is interesting as I'm a direct debit renewer.
  4. Declan

    Spurs Tickets

    Same as every ticket sale I go for whether football or not, F5/refreshing from about three minutes before ‘go live’ - it has worked for every away ticket sale I’ve wanted to go to this year, but given other people’s experiences maybe I have been lucky...who knows? My advice to anyone would be if something’s working for you stick with it!
  5. Declan

    Spurs Tickets

    I refreshed and got in at 9am. Another window I left open on the page got in at pretty much the same time without being touched at all so there is an auto-refresh that happens somewhere along the line. Would assume the advice they give is to stop the servers being overwhelmed with requests as See Tickets etc experience every big release window such as Glastonbury, but who really knows - in theory it’s ‘only’ c.6,000 people trying to get in so assuming we’ve not gone nuclear on ticket office servers!
  6. This. If this was our first ever season of Premier League football (like Blackpool, for example) then you could perhaps excuse the 'we're just happy to be here' giddy mentality of our owners. Come May we'll have spent five of the last ten years in the top flight. We've received Sky money in nine(!) of those ten years and yet have still never really managed to get the foothold required to kick on as a club and establish ourselves. It's not even like we've spent lavishly on our surroundings in that time either...a £5m investment into the training ground (that needed initial funding from others in the form of a bond), a refurb of the facilities at Carrow Road and a splash of technology with the screen in the corner and DigiRibbons at both ends?
  7. Declan

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Not true though, is it? You are in the group as it stands purely because you did 10 games in 2018/19 (and paid your £50 this year)...it's literally nothing to do with any of the previous 19 years - you will have people that qualified for it off the back of a promotion season...some of those may well have never been to an away game before last season and now find themselves alongside you in this group.
  8. Declan

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Yep...I thought it was odd they separated out lower and upper tier at West Ham as options, but at least they were both on sale at the same time. This is a really poor thing to do, there'll be people that missed out and wandered away/went to work/gave up that could have got something had they all been listed at 9am. Talking of which, sent you a DM a few days ago...
  9. Declan

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Restricted view now on sale if you refresh, there's a Severely Restricted that'll follow after that I reckon...
  10. Declan

    West Ham tickets

    Lol. As long as we are self fan-funded we're all just cogs that work up the balance sheet...
  11. Declan

    West Ham tickets

    I doubt many (any?!) other clubs have ever scrapped their previous away ticket allocation system with no mention of it being looked at let alone a transition period and then announced the the new one literally a few hours before it was put on sale...let alone announcing it without indicating at all the number of memberships that would be available so creating even more of a rush to get in before it was sold out. The old system had flaws for sure, but transitional tweaks could have fixed it. The new one is a previously untapped revenue stream* - it'll be interesting to see future take-ups of Academy donations/add-ons, share sales, season ticket rebates and bond opportunities following it's introduction... * Wonder how much the freshening up at Carrow Road and Colney cost over the summer? A cynic may wonder if it's around £membershipSchemeReceipts with them presumably needing paying before the season started...
  12. Declan

    New membership scheme

    Maybe not, but there's ways of introducing a new scheme that isn't quite as harsh - drop season ticket 'bonus points' down to a more manageable level so that there's not as much weighting in their favour, or if the argument is that there's too many of those to make that 'fair' then why not scrap the bonuses altogether and allow everyone's away points to continue as before (at 50pts a game, or whatever arbitary unit you choose to use). Then it's a case of selling on a points basis, start with whatever the minimum number of points that would sell that allocation out in its entirety and drop on a regular basis. Spurs (a) is the ticket this year...if there's 3,000 tickets available and the closest you can cut the data to ensure 3,000 people with points recorded can attend is 1,000 (so 20 games last season) then start with that. First tranche: 1,000pts Second tranche: 950pts Third tranche: 900pts Fourth tranche: 850pts Fifth tranche: 800pts Loyalty's rewarded, and you know that attending matches in a season will count towards the next too...I have a feeling those that have been granted priority access may find it doesn't exist next year, and we'll all find ourselves paying £50 to jump to the front of a queue that's had a monetary fast lane introduced for ludicrous reasons. That's just the away...the fact those that may well find themselves attending 'casually' home and away need to secure two of these passes (per person!). In a time where football is worrying about ageing attendances and how to best secure the next wave of supporters through the door I just can't see how asking a parent and child for £200 to get them both to the front of home and away queues is the act of a prudent or fan-focussed club!
  13. Declan

    Season Tickets on sale

    Bringing the final deadline forward eight weeks seems a bit sneaky...there can't be any other club that expects fans to renew their season tickets with 10 games (c.20% of the season) left to secure a better price than 'full RRP'?!
  14. >> I suppose that it''s not beyond the realms of possibility that there are some season ticket holders who, for various reasons, may have not been able to attend all games and haven''t actually seen us win yet...

    I didn''t see a win until my sixth visit on Saturday 9 December this season (Sheffield Wednesday), and have only seen one other (Middlesbrough).

    Home record: P10 W2 D5 L3 F10 A11

    To be brutally honest the thought of making another round-trip from Kent to see us outpass but fail to outscore a Fulham, Villa and Cardiff side that I think we should be in and around (if not above) doesn''t particularly fill me with much enthusiasm.

    I can''t make the Reading weekend so at best I''ll be looking at fourteen games this season making it c.£35 a visit and roughly one home goal a game (based on current rates!).

    My away record (inc. Arsenal) in comparison: P5 W2 D1 L2 F4 A7
  15. Declan


    > If attendances at Carrow Road do start to drop drastically, it''ll certainly make our current board sit up and take notice

    It does seem to be something they base their decisions on...

    On 6th January 2009, Mick Dennis wrote*: ''Fortunately as well, Delia and Michael will be brave again. I know they were moved by the huge number of supporters who traveled to The Valley. They accept without hesitation that fans who show that sort of loyalty have an absolute right to voice frustration, disappointment and hurt...So they''ll take the stick again this time. They won''t sack Roeder.''

    On 13th January an opportunity arose to vote with our feet, an FA Cup replay against Charlton Athletic - season ticket holders don''t count for those, and only 13,997 were in attendance**.

    On 14th January, Glenn Roeder was sacked.

    * http://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/2009/01/06/for-me-replacing-glenn-now-with-any-tom-dick-or-paul-would-be-insane/

    ** Our lowest league attendance that year was 23,225, vs. Preston on 8th November, and we averaged 24,542 despite getting relegated to League One
  16. Declan


    > Unless something changes quickly there will be 1,000''s of them going spare next year.

    The rebuilding of the South Stand back in 2003 coincided with an upturn in performance, the reduced capacity meant you had to have a season ticket to guarantee getting in.

    Andy Cullen and his team had done an incredible amount of work up to this point; introducing an ''opt-out'' direct debit scheme made season tickets easier to keep than get rid of, and the kids for a quid scheme and cheaper tickets for U18s had built up a fanbase that had got into the habit of going to football.

    The reluctance to/delay in expanding Carrow Road has kept these attendances high, as we''ve been in a position up until this season where if you didn''t have a season ticket you weren''t getting in.

    Once people start getting out of that habit the gaps will start to appear, and once there''s one or two thousand spare seats every game it starts to become more appealing* to pick and choose games that you know you can get tickets as a group for.

    It''s an interesting period for the board in terms of how they''re going to pitch this next round of renewal promotional ''bumph'' - there''s a multi-million gap in our budget peering over our shoulder, it''s been highlighted how expensive our season tickets are and performances at Carrow Road this season won''t have many fearing missing out if they fail to renew...
  17. The indoor training pitch was built in order to retain Category 1 Academy status, and even then we ended up with a half-arsed reduced building as they couldn’t get the planning permission pushed through for a full-sized playing surface!

    I totally agree that some of the monies spent to date has been (with the benefit of hindsight) frittered away on signings that haven’t worked out, but Its becoming apparent as Webber weaves his way through the wreckage that there’s been some appalling decisions made by those at the top in recent times.

    Going back to Burnley and their ‘superb’ facility. It cost them £10.5m to build - as a club that’s clung onto its Category 1 Academy status during lean times it would suggest it’s something we’re keen to protect? Surely we could/should have found ourselves setting aside funds after finishing 12th and 11th in successive Premier League seasons?!

    This isn’t about investing poorly on the pitch, every club has examples of that...this is about failing to ensure our facilities are up to spec. to give us the best chance of succeeding as a club, self-funding or not.
  18. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]I did get to see Burnleys recently opened new training ground and it is superb, which shows what a sustained run in the PL can bring.[/quote]

    Burnley, a club having just started their second consecutive campaign in the Premier League (and their fourth season in total in the last nine), compared to our...oh yes, four years in the top flight in the last seven including three consecutive campaigns.

    To have it insinuated that our training ground probably isn''t really Championship standard is a total farce given the riches afforded to us in the time we have spent at the top table in recent years - absolute negligence from someone for us to be in a position where we''re seemingly going to be asking fans to subsidise improvements!

    They got my rebate back to sign Holt in 2010, but there''s no chance I''m part-funding infrastructure improvements that should have been flagged as necessary and funds assigned accordingly during our time in the top flight.
  19. ...don''t suppose anybody has to hand anything that states the buy-back amounts for season tickets over the 2013/14 season, do they?Have had this year''s renewal through for my ticket in the Lower Barclay and have £30.00 credit automatically applied, which relates to both the Chelsea and Manchester City games from that season - I''m convinced, for some reason, that the club brought in a better ''enticement'' for the A* games once in the Premier League (as they then went on to sell them (again) at £50+ a pop) but may well be mistaken.I''ve had a quick look online and the only stuff I can find relates to the club calling on supporters that can''t make the top of League One clash against Leeds to let them know so that they can resell their seats.
  20. re: Spurs: Yep...looking forward to the six hour round trip for that one, getting back home at around 01.30 with work the next day.

    I gave yesterday a miss, and delighted I did so. Having made the trip up midweek for Villa in the League Cup I''ve now decided someone else can have that ticket until my team decides it wants to compete properly in these competitions.

    I''ve also claimed back the ''Academy tax'' on next season''s Season Ticket; McNally kept my rebate in League One when we reall needed the money, I''m having this one...
  21. Declan

    City's Jackson bid rejected!

    [quote user="Smudger"]He now surely has a BETTER goalscoring ratio for the amount of minutes that he has spent on the pitch this season than any other Championship Striker.[/quote]Can''t be bothered to work out ''any other Championship striker(s)''s rates, but have sat here and worked out that Jackson has played 1,678 minutes for City this season, scoring 12 goals in the process. So, he''s on one goal for every 129 minutes he''s played this season (excluding any injury time, which probably distorts it a bit!).He''s completed a full 90 minutes on only five occasions and is yet to complete three full matches in a row (although the last three came close with him being substituted in the 89th minute against Nottingham Forest). Interestingly, eight of his 38 appearances have been a cameo of 10 minutes or less (plus one other appearance of 11 minutes). In every other match he''s been given 20 minutes or more to find the net, including that match against Scunthorpe in which he came on with 20 minutes to go...It does seem that that hat-trick is the kick-start that Jackson''s confidence needed. That reported pace that we''d all heard about has appeared, his head''s up and he''s making runs that matter and he''s winning balls in the air that he really shouldn''t be doing as a ''small man'' (more evidence that his confidence is high).

    I''ll stand up and say that I thought he wasn''t going to make it in a

    City shirt. Similar to Peter Thorne I thought we''d just got unlucky with

    a striker that had scored / would score goals for every team he played

    for in his career aside for us. It''s starting to look like perhaps I was wrong in my judgement...
  22. Declan

    Swansea travel announcement from club

    As a ''stubbed up'' ST-holder based in London this does concern me a bit, but hopefully there isn''t a situation whereby all of the allocation at Portsmouth gets swallowed up by those taking advantage of what is a fantastic gesture in reduced travel to Swansea.

    If it does though, the club are going against their own charter...

    Link: http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/CustomerCharter/0,,10355,00.html
  23. Declan

    Wazzy's Ref Watch

    canaryday23 - he''s a National Group referee. He officiated our game down at Brighton last season and the home game against Palace the season before. Looks like he''s been in and around the Championship for a while now.Here''s his RefWorld profile.
  24. Declan

    The 92

    76 of the 92 for competitive games (4 for games not involving City)

    Cardiff to do this year, the other fifteen at some point in the future...
  25. Declan

    Stevenage tomorrow

    Still can''t believe nobody''s commented on the admission prices...

    ...EIGHTEEN QUID for a friendly?!