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  1. Why play Gunn,Gilmour and Norman. We will lose by a hatful. Should be playing youngsters. What the hell do you lot want.We are relegated with this team we might as well go out with this team. What happens if we did play the youngsters and we did lose by a hatful.You lot would go ballistic. You would find a way to blame the kids,Delia,Smith and Webber. Its what you bloody well do.Youve been doing it all season. Call yourselves supporters.Yeh right you are
  2. I can never quite understand the need for demonstrations or suggestions of boycotts.I am pretty sure that everyone at Carrow Road are well aware of the opinions of supporters for this sorry season Besides there are two teams on the pitch and much as I support city I also appreciate the qualities of our opponents. I imagine the game will follow the same pattern as most of the other games that we have had to watch and city will once again disappoint but I will look forward to seeing Kane ,Son and Moura etc.
  3. Having watched him play in the first game of the playoffs I could see in his general play why he never made an impact when he was at Norwich.He contributed very little and his lack of defensive quality was sadly lacking. Fast forward to the second game and I have to say he had a half decent game.I still think his defensive qualities are very poor but his work with the ball was pretty good.Then he turns up in the box to get the winner and becomes a Sunderland hero. Funny old game
  4. Absolutely no excuse for players feigning injury. Kulusevski got a yellow (debatable that should indeed have been a red)but for Cucurella to feign a smack in the face to get him a red is definitely not on. The players acting has more to do with gaining advantage and breaking up play.For me the lack of referees showing cards for feinging injury is equally annoying.Surely the var referee could inform the match official of any discretions by players. The antics of players has been the one black spot for me during this whole season.Frankly they are disgraceful
  5. I always find this statement a bit odd. Do you think the guy at Chelsea might want to bring in his own players despite the fact they are having a great season with the players he inherited from Jose. Its not so much the players as the system and style that makes the difference
  6. What will be will be but personally I will be happy as long as Hugill and Placheta are not in the squad.
  7. Just an observation I had occasion to be at the Nest today and I have to say I was very impressed.The facilities are quite outstanding. Norwich City and their charity partners should be very proud
  8. Looking on Wikipedia SW has had spells at Liverpool,QPR,Wolves and Huddersfield and she was at L'pool then Fulham and I assume she then came here so it would seem they are used to working in different locations.So her appointment doesn't necessarily means he will stay. Its not unusual in the football world for players to be away from their families for days/weeks at a time.
  9. As I recall she came here in 2015 working with McNally while her husband was working in Huddersfield.
  10. Exactly.Its just the sort of 'manager speak' that journalists love to hear
  11. This system of playing out from the back is played with varying degrees of success by every team you are likely to watch this season because thats the way football has progressed As for the way Norwich play it, unfortunately they go from side to side without progressing forward.If they pass to the full backs it is invariably returned to them allowing the opposition time to press them in their own final third of the pitch. Having watched Arsenal today I took note of how their defence played out and more often than not their centre half moved forward with the ball before releasing the ball one way or the other.
  12. Of course we have a scouting team or at least agents in other countries and the Head of Recruitment (wasn't his name Kieran Scott) did leave to take up a job as Sporting Director at Boro.Webber may well be Head of Recruitment but he sure as hell hasn't been travelling all over the world watching players. Didn't Webber take on that title when Scott left.
  13. You are probably right about Webber leaving at the end of the season.He is well aware of the ill feeling amongst the supporters regarding the recruitment. I can't agree that Brentford are dreadful.They have some players that I think have quality in Ajar (someone we wanted),Jansson (very commanding but a cheating cynical player),Canos (who we should never have let go),Henry ( a very good,fast left back),Eriksen (the type of player that we are crying out for) and a front two of Mbueno and Toney. Whats not to like. But and its a big but,they have just been on a 8 game losing streak.
  14. Cant agree with the Zimbo choice.He really is a mixed bag for me.He is prone to some awful decisions and mistakes
  15. Wouldn't VAR have looked at the incident anyway.Wasnt there a pause in play after that incident
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