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  1. Grumpy

    Jordan Rhodes

    Please.Not Rhodes at any cost.
  2. Grumpy

    Liverpool tickets wanted

    It says on the website that it is a sell out.I assume it didn't even get to the second day of sales
  3. Grumpy

    Lukas Rupp

    Well I sure as hell hope that the deal hurries up and falls into place with the centre half we are desperate to sign
  4. Grumpy

    Lukas Rupp

    It is priority at this moment not three weeks time.Another midfielder at this time is hardly something we are lacking.
  5. Grumpy

    Lukas Rupp

    Well very underwhelmed by that.I really would have thought a centre half was priority at the moment.Although at a possible cut price 500k for 2.5 year contract I don't think they were thinking any sell on price at the end of that
  6. Grumpy

    Paradox in defence

    iI tend to agree with Barcelona in regards to playing 5 at the back.If we got another commanding CH I do think that DF might employ that system. The problem I have is the make-up of the rest of the team. Part of me wants to see Amadou be a success as I feel he has the athleticism to be so but Tettey has improved so much in the course of the last two seasons that he is difficult to overlook.It has to be said that aside from his obvious athleticism Amadou does remind me of the Tettey of old. The make up of the attacking midfield is really where I struggle. Vrancic,Cantwell and Buendia would be my choice but now there is the possibilty that we may get Duda ( an International but at the moment an unknown quantity) to add to the list of possible candidates. Up front I guess its a no brainer with Pukki as first choice.I do believe that Idah will more than likely be the preferred option to Dmric.The possible inclusion of the lad from Arsenal does seem a bit pointless to get him in and then send Idah out on loan so I am going to dismiss that option as paper talk
  7. Grumpy


    Somehow I done trust your sources.He has only just fallen out of favour with Klinsman and while he was in favour I very much doubt that Webber would even consider him even though I have no doubt he was aware of him.The fact that he is now out of favour and hoping to move on has alerted Webber. I may be a little naive but 12hours daily please tell me thats a joke
  8. Grumpy


    I have been on edge all week willing City to sign a player.A centre half or a centre forward but I am disappointed that its yet another midfield player.He may be an international with good credentials but I would not have put another midfielder as my priority.
  9. The one thing Tettey didn't have in his game prior to Farke coming here was the ability to pass a ball more than two or three yards. This area of his game has improved considerably over the last two seasons.It first came noticeably when he was playing with Lietner,they formed a very good partnership. He is certainly a far better player now than 2 seasons ago
  10. I think that DF was going to try to play a system with 3 at the back with Hanley at the centre giving the two full backs the chance to play further forward and also to provide defensive cover but the injuries put the mockers on that until possibly after this international break This would give him the opportunity to play Amadue in the role that he was signed for, alongside Vrancic. The front three for me would be Buendia Hernandez and Pukki
  11. I was surprised he didn't play Hernandez or Roberts from the start. Cantwell played exceptionally well.McLean and Trybull just didn't work so I can see a defensive midfield of Leitner and Amadou. MOM for me was Godfrey.They must try and sort out their throw-ins,they are frankly rubbish.
  12. Grumpy

    Brucey the elephant

    Having just watched Youtube clips of Joelinton I would say he could be a good buy.I was quite impressed
  13. Grumpy

    Wimbledon prize money

    As for the prize money that is astonishingly obscene. The winner of the Tour de France gets 500,000;no doubt shared between the team;after riding for god knows how many days in all weathers for 100s of kilometres. But to be fair I would say that money in sport in general is unfair and obscene
  14. Grumpy

    Wimbledon prize money

    I am sure that someone will condemn me but while agreeing that the tennis is ok I find everything else about Wimbledon absolutely awful. The pompous and arrogant attitude of those that run it,the freebies that the likes of Beckham et al get while others have to queue for days in a tent just to hope to get a ticket,the whole bloody awful Royal box rubbish and the way those young ball boys/girls are expected to perform.Holding an umbrella so the players don't get too much sun or having too offer a towel so they can wipe their brow and then stand to attention during a rally.
  15. A Rhodes return would be a poor bit of business bearing in mind the cover that we already have and the obvious need for cover in other positions. I have never quite understood the value that he brings to a side.Highly overrated,overpriced and high wages for a bit player