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  1. It was a two part post. It would appear that a null and void decision has strong support. But what about the lessons learnt?
  2. Following the sale of one or two of our prized assets we should have a few pounds to spare to add to our squad.
  3. Hardly justifying the decision,more like getting them off the hook
  4. Perhaps they might think that their stance on spending was indeed wrong and our position could be attributed to that and therefore make more money available to get the players that we obviously need.
  5. Do you think there is the remotest possibility of the season being declared null and void. If so what lessons do you think we might have learned
  6. If you are in the city centre you could try The Bell Hotel,the Murderers,The Lamb or the Pig And Whistle.Closer to the football ground I would say the Queen of Iceeni on Riverside would be a good place to drink.
  7. I watched on tv and I mentioned that I couldn't hear much singing or chanting from the supporters. That means my wife is right.I am deaf
  8. At the moment the Tettey/McLean partnership is working the best but I have to say as much as I like Tettey I would love to see someone who is more combative and creative in that holding role.Someone like Kovacic of Chelsea would make a huge difference
  9. Took the opportunity to check out Sam McCullam today.I will pass on commenting on his defence or his attacking as he is playing as a wing back, but he has the one thing in his locker that Norwich hasn't had for the past two seasons.A massive throw in.
  10. Try totalsportek. Just work your way round it and its not bad
  11. Norwich City (?) ladies play at Plantation Park in Blomfield I think.Compare that to the stadiums that Man City,Man Utd,Chelsea and Arsenal play in and it will give some indication of the difference in class.
  12. Give over for Christs sake.This was a major achievement for them.Man City are all professional players at the top of their game.Give Ipswich some credit for getting to the same final.
  13. Well my mother in law is a season ticket holder for just this season but can no longer attend so somebody else goes on match days.On saturday we gave the ticket to a young 11 year old Liverpool supporter(?) who lives in Norway.Sorry if that upset you.
  14. The VAR decisions that are being made, are by qualified EFL officials so they should just confirm or overturn decisions by match officials.Not by using lines and judging to the enth degree but just by what, in their professional opinion, the decision should be based on the evidence that they can see on the replays.
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