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  1. I take it that 'Im super confident' should be 'I wish I could'
  2. I appreciate your efforts,thank you. With respect,their response is questionable and perception nonsense. With the added attraction of streaming TV it would seem that I am likely to be joining what appears to be a large section of posters on this site and become an armchair supporter for most of next season so perhaps its time to let it go.
  3. I am so glad your efforts have paid dividends. I am the supporter who regularly complains about the shocking PA and asked Feedthewolf to bring it up at the meeting and apart from acknowledging my emails and offering to meet me on a match day (but never turning up) nothing has changed and I don't imagine it ever will. Having sat in the directors box at two cup finals in the last week it would seem that the problem is not confined to the area of my season ticket. Perhaps the answer is question time at the AGM
  4. Spot on,I say.Ladies football at that level is poor. There will always be the odd one who stands out but my experience of watching ladies football is the same as SW. The professional game is something else and I find it very entertaining but the gulf between the two is huge.
  5. Of course. Do you have a problem with that. Coming from somebody who has just posted this 'Wagner's successful Huddersfield side was full of young athletic players and if we can emulate that, it could be an exciting season. Mumba and Rowe, fit that criteria. I don't know if these next two will stay, but if we can get Sargent and Tzolis to fulfil their potential too, we don't need all that many new players to think we have a real team.'
  6. Club loyalty is one thing but as far as I am concerned McGovern has just been taking the p***S. 42 appearances in 7years. Bloody disgraceful Apart from having to get up in the morning and go to the gym to keep fit,what the hell has he achieved in 7 years.He might as well have been on the dole
  7. Not a chance. As much as this season hurts and even the previous one,I am a supporter and they are my team.
  8. Yes i have to agree.I always try to watch Youtube videos of players we are touted to be interested in and without fail they have always looked half decent.Unfortunately the majority have not lived up to their video quality.Notably Tzolis and Marquinos
  9. That was just too painful to watch.After the red card it was only going to get worse and I weren't going to put myself through that again. How good would it be to see us play good passes to players that can find a space just as Swansea did time and time again. Sorensen is most definitely not a centre back.Aarons is slowly going past his sell by date,McCallum has disappointed me because I had high hopes of him,the same could be said of Omo,Hernandez really does need to work out when is the best time to pass a ball instead of how many times he wants to try and beat the fullback.Of the two S.Americans Sara has impressed in parts but Nunez has been really disappointing
  10. Sara a bit quiet,Marquinhos not adding much (too much reliant on his left so nowhere to go),Sargent showing a bit better,but we are hanging on,but only just
  11. As a City fan I am not interested in what Ipswich do on the pitch or off it. As a football fan it has to be said that appointing the present manager was the turning point in their revival.Even if they don't make one of the automatic spots they have a good chance in the playoffs. At this moment in time if we were to meet then I would be very concerned about the outcome.
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