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  1. Inevitable I guess and I think he knew it was coming I am curious to know why he dropped Sainz last night and what he really thought of SVH,other than that I guess its a case of starting a new era.
  2. I suspect he knows he is getting the sack.Perhaps his team selection and tactics were his way of saying thank you
  3. Sargent and Rowe just had bad games,neither were really any threat.Defensively we are very poor.
  4. I am surprised at the inclusion of Gino in the starting eleven.A bit unfair on McCallam as he has performed pretty well while in the team.Both have their weaknesses but I prefer McCallam for his heading ability and crosses
  5. He reeled you in again. For christ sake ignore all this s***e
  6. It was a slightly tongue in cheek statement.BUT Until the facts are known.Wagner chose to have a unfit/injured player on the bench having had Aboh(?) on the bench for a few games and bearing in mind that the team having missed out on automatic promotion have been working their socks off to get into the playoffs and hopefully a chance to play at Wembley and achieve their goal.To potentially have that taken away from you by a managers seemingly poor team selection and obstinate stance with regard to playing SVH I would imagine that someone with the aggressive competitive nature that Barnes has would be slightly miffed.I think I would.
  7. A game we were desperate to win to ensure a place in the playoffs,but it will go down to the last game of the season. As for Wagners stance on SVH I find it somewhat bizarre.He obviously doesnt rate him high enough by the mere fact that he choose to play an obviously injured Barnes instead.Barnes' anger when he walked down the tunnel was probably directed at Wagner for making him play rather than the fact that he must have aggravated an injury. I realise that Knapper is responsible for player recruitment and Wagner has control of pitch matters but Wagners stance on SVH must surely affect their relationship.Mind you Wagners attitude is not much better with Batth I expect some big changes next season
  8. Nothing really to be happy about at the moment.Bristol are a good side and giving us problems.We will do well to get something out of this game.
  9. Personally I hope we go for 5th place as Southampton are the team I would prefer to play in the playoffs. I think the top three have got it all to themselves,I wouldnt want to play any of those in a two legged play off place but would gladly take our chance if we could get to Wembley
  10. Off the top of my head apart from Murphy,Maddison and Buendia I cant think of anyone we have sold recently who has enhanced their reputation.Their bank balance maybe Even Skipp is struggling to make the team (I know we didnt sell him but he illustrates my point).
  11. I really am not a lover of players playing out of position and these two are the only other players along with McCallum who are left footed that play in defence.If Knapper has a plan to replace them then fair enough but as things stand we need them.
  12. Looking at the first team squad I would say that the ones under consideration are Barden Batth SVH McCracken Tzolis Springett Warner and as a possibility Fassnacht/Barnes
  13. I assume that is a observation rather than a criticism of Sainz as in football today it seems the modern trend is for players to play on the 'wrong' side to their favoured foot.This season has seen quite a few really good goals scored by players coming inside and scoring with curled shots at goal.There are quite a few class players who tend to play for their clubs on their 'wrong' side that invariably come inside;Grealish,Silva,Elliott,Kulusevski and Antony come to mind
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