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  1. I think that DF was going to try to play a system with 3 at the back with Hanley at the centre giving the two full backs the chance to play further forward and also to provide defensive cover but the injuries put the mockers on that until possibly after this international break This would give him the opportunity to play Amadue in the role that he was signed for, alongside Vrancic. The front three for me would be Buendia Hernandez and Pukki
  2. I was surprised he didn't play Hernandez or Roberts from the start. Cantwell played exceptionally well.McLean and Trybull just didn't work so I can see a defensive midfield of Leitner and Amadou. MOM for me was Godfrey.They must try and sort out their throw-ins,they are frankly rubbish.
  3. Grumpy

    Brucey the elephant

    Having just watched Youtube clips of Joelinton I would say he could be a good buy.I was quite impressed
  4. Grumpy

    Wimbledon prize money

    As for the prize money that is astonishingly obscene. The winner of the Tour de France gets 500,000;no doubt shared between the team;after riding for god knows how many days in all weathers for 100s of kilometres. But to be fair I would say that money in sport in general is unfair and obscene
  5. Grumpy

    Wimbledon prize money

    I am sure that someone will condemn me but while agreeing that the tennis is ok I find everything else about Wimbledon absolutely awful. The pompous and arrogant attitude of those that run it,the freebies that the likes of Beckham et al get while others have to queue for days in a tent just to hope to get a ticket,the whole bloody awful Royal box rubbish and the way those young ball boys/girls are expected to perform.Holding an umbrella so the players don't get too much sun or having too offer a towel so they can wipe their brow and then stand to attention during a rally.
  6. A Rhodes return would be a poor bit of business bearing in mind the cover that we already have and the obvious need for cover in other positions. I have never quite understood the value that he brings to a side.Highly overrated,overpriced and high wages for a bit player
  7. Grumpy

    Tour de France 2019

    One of my most anticipated events of the sporting year.I love it.Not just for the sheer excitement of the racing but for the whole razzmatazz that the tour brings.The images on TV are at times nothing short of spectacular and watching from the vantage point of a helicopter gives a view of the French countryside that is truly magical at times. This year it doesn't appear to have the same impact in regards to 'named' riders that you can identify with and i do find that I tend not to listen to much of the commentary as it is somewhat technical and confusing in terms of tactics and identification of riders. As for having been to the race.In 1994 we went to the two stages in Brighton and Portsmouth.At the Brighton race we walked up Ditching Beacon (my wife was very heavily pregnant at the time ) and then went the next day to Portsmouth to watch the ride out.At that time the stand out sprinter was a guy called Abdoujaparov and boy could he motor. In 2014 we went to Yorkshire and took in the two days that the Tour spent there and then watched the ride out from Cambridge on the third day.
  8. Grumpy

    Josip Drmic signs

    If this is his last four seasons starts then it really is a big risk.I must admit not the type of player I was expecting to give Pukki some competition.I would have preferred a player who is strong in the air who can play with his back to goal,which would give us another option.
  9. Grumpy


    Biggest load of ****e imaginable.Despite all the hype regarding charity.Holt went down in my estimation when he took that on.
  10. Grumpy

    Jordan’s coming home!

    You have forgotten the Lido on Aylsham Road
  11. I would imagine that the biggest stumbling block to signing any potential players who have experienced any degree of success in their footballing career is their desire for regular first team places.Turnbull,although only 19 seems to have a fairly high opinion of himself and would probably expect that to be the case.We seem to have an abundance of capable and proven midfield players so that may be the overriding reason for his apparent u-turn.
  12. Grumpy

    New membership scheme

    All of a sudden there is this mad clamouring for away tickets.As a season ticket holder I have no more interest in attending away fixtures this season any more than I did last season.The people who should get priority are those that went last season,not just the 750 core (and it looks as if they have) but anyone who took the trouble to travel.As for the rest of the tickets,whether they be for away or casual home matches why not leave it as last season,first come first served.Heavens its only the Prem,what you don't attend you can see on TV,sometimes live or at least an extended recorded highlights.What the hells up with you lot.Last season the club could do no wrong and now because they see a problem and have tried to address it and it doesn't suit some of you all hell lets loose.
  13. Grumpy

    In defence of Stiepermann

    The Premiership and Championship are full of players that shout,scream and go down at the slightest opportunity.It is unfortunately one of the worst traits off the modern game.I don't think the referees help either.A card for simulation,a quiet word with the player and captain could help to stamp out so much of this unsporting behaviour.
  14. Grumpy

    Paul Lambert

    Passion and pride in Norwich City I have in bucketfulls.What happens down the road in Ipswich I couldn't care less
  15. Grumpy

    Paul Lambert

    If he was with any other team than Ipswich he would be welcomed with applause and he would have acknowledged the supporters. All this hate and rhetoric against him is so juvenile