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  1. Yes slightly disappointing that there was no commentary,I certainly don't like watching in silence.Sorry to go off at a tangent but while we are on about TV commentators is there anyone more irritating and annoying than Martin Tyler.I b****y hate it when he is on.
  2. Sadly I think we will have to do without him next season.Much as I hope Sorenson will step up he isn't in the same class as Skipp.Skipp is all action ,energy and industry.He will be very hard to replace
  3. It would be nice to actually have confirmation of a signing as I am getting very frustrated looking on the EDP every 5minutes since the transfer window opened for any good news
  4. Not sure where he is now but I have always liked Danny Rose.Having a few issues at the moment (speeding) but I think he would be a good loan
  5. I am not knocking the model,in fact I really hope that some if not all of these players turn out to be excellent investments,especially McCallum as I am impressed by him,I was merely posing the question as to whether these players might question the decision they made.
  6. But in reality that's because of circumstances not share ability,so much so that they played a half fit and very cautious Krul and they are on the lookout for another backup.
  7. Prompted by an article in the EDP regarding players out on loan. Disregarding Klose,Trybul and Heise there are 17 currently out on loan.There are some who are playing non league who it would seem havent got a cat in hells chance of playing for the first team but what about those who were signed with the first team in mind. I am thinking of the likes of McCallum,Soto,Sinani,Sitti,Bashiri and Famewo. It would seem we are currently looking for at least a left back and a central defender pushing some of these players even further down the pecking order.Most of these players were sent out because they were considered not ready for championship football,never mind premiership and needed to further their development by playing elsewhere. The situation regarding McCallum is good example.Bought at some considerable cost but a loanee is preferred so he is loaned back to Coventry.When injury to the loanee means that a defensive right sided player is the only option and there is the possibility that another left back is being scouted as cover,McCallums chances of playing for NCFC are pushed even further back. Somehow I wonder if playing for Norwich first team is just a distant dream for some of these players and they might have been better going for a different option given that they might have had that opportunity.
  8. Yes a truly great goalkeeper. Note: no gloves
  9. I have checked with my son, who is a level 3 ref, with regard to this and he informs me that it is not necessarily a bookable offence. He also said that in his opinion the Cantwell goal should have been allowed
  10. Why didn't the ref give a yellow card to Ball for his penalty against Cantwell.It would have been his second of the night having got a booking just minutes before the penalty.Zimmermann received a yellow for his penalty foul.
  11. Not the best goal I have seen but certainly one I always think of when asked this question.A belting header from Kenny Foggo.
  12. Why doesn't Farke speak German and get an interpreter so we can all understand what he is saying.
  13. The presser for Stoke is a bit of a shocker.The next three or four weeks will be areal test for Norwich
  14. As I recall the 5 subs can only be used in 3 instances but did notice that Norwich actually used all their subs at 4 points in the game.The Hugill substitution at half time apparently is not included as apparently because it was not done during the course of play.
  15. A clean sheet and welcome point to continue the unbeaten run but not the game I was expecting. Stiepermann didn't continue his good form from the last match and I would have replaced him with Vrancic earlier in the half.This was a game that Vrancic would have been a major player as Millwall just sat back and relied on a massed defence which would allow a player of Vrancic ability to boss the game.For me at the moment Placheta is not the answer,he has not done a lot to excite me yet.At the moment I would have to say that Rupp is the surprise package.Almost a revelation,as his games played after the resumption last season were anything but impressive,but this season he has found his best position - top marks.
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