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  1. The farmhand has clearly spent too much time in the sun "If and this is the biggest IF out there But If we get to the prem. I Can see the group trying to turn us into a man city type club with a circle of partnership clubs around the world etc. A network sort of thing with us. Galatasary. Phoenix etc"
  2. It's OK, his plan is to be sent off it seems
  3. Alas Barton will be serving the second & final match of his recent touchline ban
  4. "Down, down, Scum going down" repeat, repeat, repeat... To the tune by Status Quo
  5. I just rang the helpline they are issuing refunds but you need to email them stating your email address you registered with ifollow@efl.com
  6. Hi, can you share it to me too please?
  7. Im in Dereham for the day, where will be showing the game?
  8. To the tune of Man Eater - Hall and Oates    "WOAH HERE HE COMES.........WATCH OUT LOVE HE''LL BEAT YOU UP..........WOAH HERE HE COMES.......................    DANNY HAYNES"
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