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  1. Are referees'' paid based on their performance? If not maybe they should! 2 clear cut penalties!!!
  2. I wonder if that linesman had a rather large bet on the Arsenal game. He seemed pretty keen for them to win! What am I talking about that kind of corruption doesn''t happen in the PL-2013!
  3. That''s true. Lets hope we don''t get another ''Mr West'' on Saturday! Lightening can''t strike twice, can it?
  4. My limited betting experience has taught me never to bet on Norwich, otherwise I would!!
  5. Reading, Stoke, Villa, WBA - It''s not out of the question. A win against Reading will lift the players and give them a much needed boost before going to stuttering Stoke. The players have got to be up for the villa match with Lambert being involved, enough to do what it takes to get a win! On the back of 3 wins, WBA is winnable. So chill out everyone we can and WILL stay up!!! Lets make Carrow Road a cauldron on Saturday!
  6. It seemed like we were certain to score again (and win) if we just maintained the tempo shown leading up to Turner''s goal! Oh well, another point towards the magic 40! Perhaps the team could work on 1 on 1 shooting next week
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