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  1. who ever comes in.. I'd hope they keep hold of Hughes - Pelach, both seem to have made a good impact on the players. Obviously Hughes with his set plays is a bonus. I had noticed Pelach becoming more vocal with players almost getting himself in front of Wagner at times to get a point across.
  2. it was poor from Barnes.... at the game yesterday and i was really impressed with several of Leeds 'professional fouls' in and around the half way. Always just in the right spot not to receive a card !
  3. I remember applauding Zola's FA cup goal ! Some finish.
  4. Holding midfielder would be nice hahahah ??? Too Comfortable last night Became complacent made errors gave the ball away in midfield. TOOO SLOW to move forwards however to blame the defenders doesn't seem right after watching the attacking players squander so many really good opportunities we need real pace in all areas especially up top going beyond late in the game when opposition players are tired. thought Batth actually played well in defence of the defence
  5. Southampton Goal 100% sainz should track the run of their fullback ! not the fullbacks Error !
  6. https://trainingground.guru/articles/lewis-takes-new-role-as-norwich-build-up-positional-scouting-team
  7. Long Stacey Duffy Gibson McCallum Sainz Sara Nunez Dimi Rowe Hwang
  8. could be Rotterdam or anywhere ?!!?
  9. Soft Spot Oxford (like the kits) - Real Madrid - Arsenal (after watching all or nothing) - Ajax - Lazio (Gazzetta Football Italia) Dislike Apart from the obvious Coventry - Villa - Liverpool - Newcastle - Sheff Utd. - its not the players.....in most cases just a dislike for their supporters !
  10. Seemed a nasty one for Giannoulis out for 8 weeks McCallum looked the part when he came on. defended well and supported going forwards. decent delivery on him as well. I was impressed with him
  11. Tickets on the FA website. need a log in or Fan number
  12. Yep something like a goal a game on loan ! virtually nothing after he signed.
  13. David Nielsen out of this seasons bunch i'd have to say Williams.
  14. thanks for the input.....seems like Smiths playing style could suit us except balls flying into the box.
  15. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Gibson Williams Normann Gilmour Cantwell PLM Rashica Pukki
  16. Thank goodness for that.....at least he cant score against us now !
  17. Like who ? I couldn't see any of the well know continental coaches taking the job ? In Smith we have got a man with experience of the league and really importantly we have his assistant who has bags of experience.....played one massive part in keeping a team up who were in a similar position to us ! which can only benefit. imagine next year winning the Premier League 😉
  18. He wont be there long.....if they go down he'll get the sack then they will bring in Daniel Farke for a year ! if they stay up they will get someone with a higher profile.
  19. https://trainingground.guru/articles/gregg-broughton-youth-development-lessons-from-bodo/glimt Really interesting read about the club.
  20. will he get them playing a better brand of football ? yes probably if the current players are good enough. will it be enough to keep them up ? not sure ! keeping Wilson fit and depending on who they are able to buy in January is key
  21. I've got a feeling he was skipper at the time and maybe why it didn't go down to well.
  22. yep played a few games at the start of that season.....tapped up by Blackburn and their filthy rich owners. Dave Stringer has a lot to answer for !
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