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  1. What is this Leeds team in modern times you speak of?
  2. If an aggressor is telling a group of absolute bottom dwellers to stop aiming chants at them revelling in the deaths of two Leeds fans, then yes, I guess the Leeds fan may have been the aggressor. Im thinking any other self respecting Leeds fan, or fan of any other club would have done the same. You keep sticking up for them though, even though they have previous for the exact same offence.
  3. To be fair, I did say right from the start that I very much doubted a knife was used. To be fair to the lad, did he actually say a knife? think he said "slashed" or similar, but whatever, yeah it insinuated a knife was used. Maybe got a bit carried away. And whether the scrotes were asked or told to show respect makes no difference, and if they were chanting what has been alleged then to be honest they deserve everything coming their way. We've gone off topic now.
  4. I think you know what happened. The 50 odd year old father and his son who were arrested who has a previous conviction and subsequent banning order for tragedy chanting at Leeds fans over the deaths of two Leeds fans in Turkey, "allegedly" was up to his old tricks again, with his merry band of scrotes. When asked to show some respect, were set upon. Unless of course you know a different version? What a fine example.
  5. I wondered how long this would take to pop up, but yes. My point still stands, don't be massive hypocrites and call out teams for being "Dirty" and cheats, when in reality your own team is no better. We even have one on this thread wanting Barnes to stick around, so he can teach the youngsters how to time waste, sh1thouse, and cheat........ What a fantastic role model eh.
  6. I think you need to very careful trotting out that narrative after what occurred after the first leg at your place.
  7. Yeah, I like him, hes a proper gentlemen, similar to our previous manager Bielsa. (but not Marsh) I just find it all amusing, when people call Leeds out for being dirty, when they are anything but that under Farke and were the same under Bielsa - if anything under Bielsa they were too honest. But hey..... that's the way of the modern world, plenty of sheep out there unable to do research and make informed opinions, just follow the crowd and the narrative.
  8. I think you need to get your own house in order before calling Leeds out. You've got Barnes throwing himself to the floor. You've got Rowe throwing himself to the floor (diving). People in glass houses etc. It must be a fantastic view though from up there on your high horse. 😃
  9. Bingo!!! and there we go, case closed. 😃 Dirty Norwich.
  10. Yeah, like the sheep they are. When you ask them why they have no comeback.......... "errr, errrr, errr, but your team in the 60s and 70s were very physical and fouled a lot" like it has any relevance to today whatsoever. Funny though. 😃
  11. And you've got the cheek to call us "Dirty Leeds" with dinosaurs like him in your team. The irony.
  12. I hope you were all rightly ashamed by this lowlifes antics last night? Caught perfectly by the cameras for the tv audience, repeatedly pushing Firpo and up in his face, then for Firpo to push him back once and to fall to the floor like he had been hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Loved it when he got properly roasted and put in his place by the Elland Road crowd shortly before he was subbed, sweet as....... The bloke was an utter embarrassment.
  13. No, I wasn't there, and its been pointed out on various Leeds forums that the fans that day weren't at their best. Whether that's because its a long trek for a 12 o clock kick off on a Sunday for sky TV maybe has an effect? I just find it amusing that a Norwich fan is criticising Leeds fans for creating a lack of atmosphere, I don't recall Carrow Road bouncing that day either, what's your excuse?, you are at home after all. Compare and contrast to last night, enough said.
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