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  1. Its not about who's better than who. Its about a thread on a Norwich forum about................ Leeds United. Started by, Norwich fans. Its about pointing out the inaccuracies and complete nonsense spouted at the start of this thread by clueless idiots who have now all of a sudden gone very quiet. Looking forward to next season, where this thread will probably get bumped again at some point.
  2. That will be the academy that has just romped to the league title by 11 points. Hate to see it when its out of order. Ignorance is bliss it seems.
  3. Thank you for highlighting your complete and utter ignorance.
  4. Stop talking utter nonsense. You sound very bitter about Bielsa. He's done an absolutely brilliant job with that squad, what do you think the end result would have been with a Scott Parker or a Steve Bruce coaching them?
  5. Its called sensible recruitment. How much would you say Raphinha is worth now? bad business? Llorente and Koch, international centre backs, missing through injury but now back fully fit and playing excellent, bad business? Rodrigo - 2 class goals today, again.... missing for large parts through injury, full pre season and he will be on fire. You make it sound as if its bad to run the club within strict financial constraints, whilst investing the TV revenue money to improve the squad with good, astute signings. The other signings were loans with an obligation to buy once promotion was sealed - £5 million for Meslier - another absolute snip. Lets see your recruitment policy this summer, should be a giggle.
  6. Bit more than "survival" isn't it. How did your survival go last time around? Better start a decent recruitment process this time, where did all that money go exactly last time? hmmm......
  7. Boring. We've had Bielsa burnout firmly put in its place. So now the new narrative is second season Sheffield United syndrome. And yes, Leeds will build on this year, and the recruitment will once again be excellent. Comparing Sheffield Uniteds recruitment of the likes of Ollie McBurnie for more than Leeds paid for Raphinha is laughable, don't even go there, its another losing argument.
  8. So, that involves not getting relegated then.
  9. Afternoon lads and lasses. Quick bump. Still waiting for this "Bielsa burnout". So many on this thread been proved utterly wrong. Anyway....... how you think you will do next season?
  10. Yeah, I think you're going up now, no trouble. Regarding money to spend (or lack of it) does anybody ever ask where the money goes? It does seem strange considering the amount of TV revenue kicking about. We have had more than our share of bad owners over the last 2 decades, Bates for example was bleeding the club dry and syphoning off the profits to offshore bank accounts in the Cayman islands, all the while using the match day programme as his propaganda outlet to keep the majority of gullible fans onside. People said we have spent a lot in the close season, and we did, but importantly it was all accounted for through the revenue streams the Premier league gives you. Our defence - We strengthened pre season - Koch £13 million, and Llorente £17 million............ Koch has been injured now for the last couple of months, and Llorente made his second start of the season against Southampton, again through injuries. We have for the vast majority of this season been playing with a makeshift defence which on paper is far weaker than the defence in the championship last season ( no Ben White). This never seems to get highlighted by the media, yet Liverpool on the other hand, its excuse after excuse about their missing players. Goalkeeper is a position that needs strengthening, the reason for that is our second choice (Casillas) is a massive liability, so all the pressure has been put on the 20 year old lad in goal who has done a brilliant job overall considering the defence crisis mentioned above, think he's just broke some record for clean sheets in the Prem for a 20 year old. Anyway...... you'll have to probably invest if you go up, if not, why not? where's the money going?
  11. Nowthen lads and lasses...... Thought I would pop back in and see how you're all doing, and get this peach of a thread bumped back up where it belongs. No offence @kick it off yours was the first one of many that popped out, nothing personal. Looks like you're coming back up for next season, going to make a better fist of it this time?
  12. This whole Cantwell/Leeds talk has been stirred up his agent, it was his agent who approached Leeds in the first place. Agent seems desperate for his % in selling him on.
  13. You weren't giving them credit when you started the thread when they were losing were you. Infact you were smugly gloating some might say?
  14. Well this didn't go the way you thought did it. Keep your gunpowder dry in future or you can look a bit silly.
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