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  1. It's sad that no pro footballer in England has come out yet, there are obviously plenty and I'm sure within clubs players are open about their personal lives. It's clearly a fan issue and I understand why nobody has opened themselves up for the abuse they would inevitably receive. Hopefully things are changing and it won't be too long before some players decide to come out, because representation is very important and (men's) football is one of the few high profile areas with zero LGBTQ+ representation. I would like to think if a city player came out they would receive overwhelming support from our community. It would be something to be proud of as a club in my opinion. I don't know much about it but the club do seem to be really supportive of the Proud Canaries and I remember the Justin Fashanu banner that was unfurled a couple of seasons ago, that was brilliant.
  2. Never been a fan of betting sponsors (especially the dodgy companies that nobodies ever heard of that turn up on PL shirts) but after a while I got used to both Leovegas and Dafabet and kindof 'tuned it out'. Lotus though I think will look really great on the kit and expect there will be a few envious looks our way from fans of other Prem sides. Looking forward to seeing the new shirt now. And I enjoyed the video, thought it was quite funny.
  3. It's going to be gutting to see Emi leave, especially if it's to another side in the Prem. However from recent press it seems City are trying to sell him, and early on in the window to get the cash in to strengthen the squad. Happy to reserve judgement until the window is closed and see what they come up with. If it works out and we end up staying up it will prove to be the right strategy, that's a big 'if' though. I really hope they have somebody lined up to replace him, it'll be the achievement of Webber's career if he manages to replace Emi.
  4. I think they started the City View videos when we played Liverpool at home last season so hopefully they will continue next season great content, especially with not being able to attend games it's nice to be able to see a bit of 'behind the scenes'.
  5. I don't like the idea of changing the crest, the current design is simple, instantly recognisable and pretty striking. As has been said, it doesn't need any text or the year we were founded or anything, simple. I didn't like what they did with the third kit, I understand that the current trend is to essentially have a monochrome badge where the colour can be changed for away and third kits (Liverpool, Spurs, now everyone is doing it) but I don't like it. The yellow and green are as important to our crest as the Canary is in my opinion, and should always be there. It's what makes our kits unmistakably Norwich.
  6. Those sound like good recommendations, thanks. This season I've been listening to Not The Top 20 podcast which gives a pretty in depth look at the whole EFL. I like it as they are very enthusiastic about the leagues and seem in touch with what the fans of different clubs are thinking too. Lots of discussion about and praise for City as well of course! Listened to a couple of episodes of 5Live's 72+ EFL podcast too which is good. Specific to Norwich, I like the Along Come Norwich podcast a lot. Michael Bailey's Athletic podcast On The Ball is quite good too although I don't listen to that every week. The Pink Un podcast is decent. And of course the Scrimmage on Radio Norfolk is a good laugh. I listen to quite a few podcasts because I work alone at home haha
  7. We drew away at Brentford in it, don't remember winning in it however. I think it's an okay kit, probably better than that McDonalds one last season, not as good as the white one last time we went up. The grey third kit last season was nice.
  8. Fair play to Wycombe, we are in a different league to them in terms of resources, they don't have the quality that we do so they are paying the way they have to. Frustrating us so far, hopefully they will start to tire and we can push on. OTBC
  9. If you don't have sky you can get a Now TV pass to watch it, £10 I think
  10. The lack of goals and chances is worrying. Trying to be optimistic, Pukki, Dowell and a lot of our attacking players have been out of the team through injury so I would hope that they are going to get better again and things will click (as we all know they can). Would be nice if things started to click again offensively on Friday! Also being optimistic, it's pretty amazing how we seem to have improved defensively this season. Gibson has been a great signing so far, and I think we are playing a bit more conservatively, which hopefully will stand us in good stead if/when we go up again.
  11. It seems likely Barden will be going out on loan next season if we go up, but I think we will be okay with him as 2nd choice for the rest of this season if we don't bring anyone else in. Maybe the minutes he's had so far and a couple more appearances might help get him a really good loan deal for next season. Could be the difference between whether he goes on loan to a National League club or to an EFL club. He's done great so far but at his age I don't think it's fair to expect him to consistently perform so well.
  12. Crosby isn't the same place as Everton or Anfield, but I wouldn't expect somebody who makes sweeping generalisations about people from a particular area to understand that.
  13. A lot of ignorance and prejudice on this thread, didn't realise there were so many readers of the Sun around here... If you're saying that you wouldn't go have a look outside if a top 6 team bus pulled up outside your house, I don't believe you. And I'm pretty sure anywhere in the country you'd have seen the same response. It's not just Merseyside where teenagers/young people aren't sticking to social distancing rules and are going out with their mates, it's happening all over the country.
  14. I remember a while ago there were discussions about bringing in safe standing at some point in the future, I think Wolves were converting a stand and Spurs new stadium has areas that could be converted to safe standing if the rules change. Maybe some changes could be made at Carrow Road to allow for bringing in safe standing in the future, cheaper than building a new stand I imagine but could increase the capacity a lot. Obviously in the current climate I think safe standing is probably on the back burner but in normal times it works well, they do have it in the Bundesliga. It would make games accessible for more casual fans and fans who might want to come to games in large groups sometimes.
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