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  1. Kane and Rashford must be covered in lint, from spending all that time in Hanley's pocket
  2. Yup Stand still and waving arms occasionally No movement, very poor I suspect we wanted a draw
  3. Krul would have saved it
  4. Krul would have saved it
  5. I suspect that this was probably in part a financial decision. There would likely have been reduction in shirt sales and further damage to the Norwich City brand. There would be a cost associated with this. I wasn't planning on buying a shirt this year but now I likely will.
  6. Good news. Well done to the club for recognising a mistake and rectifying it.
  7. Great news. Can push Krul and probably learn from him too.
  8. Absolutely this. Especially this: "I’m fuming that our star player is going to a team that we should be aiming to compete with next season." Anyone but ducking Villa. Joke.
  9. Yeah agreed. The real issue is why aren't other teams getting more money not that a few yo yo clubs get a bit more.
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