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  1. I don’t understand this whole need to sell players before they buy, especially in the LB position. If we sell a player for big money, clubs are going to turn round to us and demand more money as they know we have just sold that player for X amount of money. Just for eg it has been mentioned that if Celtic sell Matt O’Riley they will then have the funds to up the Idah bid. Knapper will know by now who is generating interest and a rough guess of money they can get for them. Should definitely try to sign players before we sell.
  2. Pretty sure it’s 17.5% of any future fee unfortunately. Seem to remember it was one of the things that was taking time to get the deal over the line.
  3. GK. Gunn LB. McCallum CB. Gibson CB. McLean RB. Stacey LM. Rowe CM. Nunez CM. Sara RM. Sainz ST. Barnes ST. Sargent
  4. There is a high possibility Wagner has had some influence in Rowe’s latest injury, not direct obviously. If Rowe had started I don’t think he would be injured right now.
  5. I could potentially see Idah leaving and us telling Aboh sign a new contract and this is your path to the first team. Would be a way of making/saving money for the club too.
  6. We wouldn’t be able to afford his fines for all the rants he goes on!
  7. Yes you are correct, I’m not saying it would be easy to entice him here but you never know. Would fit the style of play Knapper wants from his Head Coach. Doubt Liverpool will give him the main job, big job for someone to go in after Klopp.
  8. Got to start somewhere. This is a great place for an up and coming Head Coach or someone at a big club starting their journey as a Head Coach for the first time. See McKenna……
  9. If we are waiting until the end of the season to replace Wagner which it looks likely, I would love to see him replace Wagner. With Klopp leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, he is going to pursue his own career as a head coach in the summer. Been at PSV, Porto and Liverpool as a coach and Assistant Manager. So many Liverpool fans rate him very highly and he is very much in the Klopp mould.
  10. With the right coaching and game time I think he could be our defensive midfielder as he has all the attributes.
  11. How is that throwing the towel in, no guarantee that you play our full strength team it wins. What’s our priority League or FA Cup? For me it’s the League all day long. We need to see how Lima performs if we want to make that deal permanent. If the players I picked perform to their capabilities they would have too much for a mid table league 1 team in Bristol Rovers. Do you think Liverpool will play a full strength team against us or will they play a mixture of first team, squad and youth players if we get through? If you want to know the answer have a look at their line-up against us at Carrow Road in September 2021!
  12. Long is awful, Barden was competent and assured when he has played for us before. Not much difference in McCallum and Giannoulis defensively. McLean at CB is better than Gibson and Batth and he will be able to dictate play from there as we should have more of the ball. Warner deserves a chance as he didn’t put a foot wrong when he has played against higher quality players than Bristol Rovers. Fisher stays at RB. It was a horrible team selection in the home game against them to play Gibbs and Forshaw (holding midfielders) and 2 strikers. That puts massive pressure on the 2 wingers to create something. Could play either Welch or Forsyth, both deserve a chance as they have been playing well in u21’s. If you’re not going to play players like Lima, Welch, Forsyth and Aboh etc in a cup game against Bristol Rovers when are you going to know if they can cut it? You will basically end up in situations like Matos all the time. Still got players like Hernandez who has got a couple of assists lately and was our best player against Bristol Rovers and Fassnacht who scored in his last game. I also feel it would be the perfect game for Idah as well, no point risking Sargent. Not really sure how this is a 'drastically’ weaker team.
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