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  1. Have you ever heard what happens to spoilt ballot papers?
  2. McNally made a statement last night, he addresses the fans at the away supporters party. He has hung his hat on beating Fulham next week and we''ll be safe. Therefore there will be nothing more coming out this week. Get behind the team and let''s see what Fulham brings.
  3. Hoops and Wes weren''t there as they were doing a post match drugs test. Hoots was there with a minder and he didn''t duck anybody or anything, felt really sorry for him. McNally was down, and hinted a few things about team selection. The Wolf was a lonely figure, a really nice guy and Pilks seemed to make no effort to talk to anyone. One thing is for sure all the lads will be at Colney today for training!
  4. I''ve just watched the game on Sky as at the match I didn''t notice this but quite clearly he doesn''t even smile. Shocking he should never play for the club again, he may have scored a great goal but football is a team game and he wasn''t on the same wave length as his team mates and showed no passion. Sorry Wes you should be sent out on loan!
  5. Let''s be fair it was a small group who we''re having some banter....... If I was on £20k a week would I care?
  6. After wasting my afternoon at Villa yesterday I''ve decided not to go to the Stoke game even though my ST is paid for!
  7. I was there for my 4th trip to Villa Park in a Norwich shirt and my 4th defeat and I must say for 30 mins the Yellow Army out sang the Villa. They supported the team throughout the game until Holty came on and he got a rousing reception from all of the traveling fans. The Elmander song was sung by about 50 in the upper tier but more in jest as by this stage the game was long gone!
  8. I for one applauded the team off at the end, if you think we lost because of Hoots you are deluded! If you watched MOTD you would have seen the football punters get behind us so why start pointless threads?
  9. Although I''ve been to the last 2 away supporters parties I didn''t get an invite this year as I''ve stopped going away, wonder why! In the past Russell Martin has always been a great ambassador for the club !
  10. I would guess pretty much all the season tickets are sold so no review needed.
  11. Is your glass half full or half empty? At the moment we are still in the PL, all that matters is we beat WBA.
  12. Thanks city4eva. Great news, I now have 2 tickets!
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