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  1. Let’s hope they are all feeling sick after the game.
  2. Play offs, unless something changes we have no chance of getting to Wembley. Look at our record against the top 4, we’ve played 7 games and haven’t won any……
  3. After 7 consecutive home wins I think we may may find it hard to make it 8.……. watching the live games today we are so slow by comparison and don’t share the same intensity
  4. Did you watch the game, his team played Leeds off the park for long periods
  5. If I was running the club I wouldn’t comment, no win situation, he’s left the building and has apologised to the individuals that he mentioned. Why drag ourselves into the situation, keep focussed on the next 8 games!
  6. The fact that they budgeted to finish 12th is amazing, basically they thought fxxk the rules we will stay up and pay a fine for bad behaviour. Getting exactly what they deserve.
  7. Anything more than a point is a bonus, still a tough old ****e hole to go to on a Wednesday night, the key here is to score first and keep them locals quiet, they still have a huge grudge we did them at Wembley in 2015……..three points and que sierra sierra
  8. The football model is bust unless you have a multimillion pound backer. The problem is if you go up you’re guaranteed one season so you can’t build a business model or sign any decent players other than foreign mercenaries on loan or top young talent from the Premier League. This is where the issue is, by signing top kids on loan all you are effectively doing is making the bigger clubs bigger and developing their players faster! if it was my game I’d ban loan signings, doesn’t happen in any other industry, imagine HSBC lend Barclays their young talent. The game is broken time for a radical change.
  9. Can you imagine buying a new Range Rover and being told unless you do 10,000 miles a year we won’t sell you another one? End of the day you have paid your money and as far as I know my money is worth the same as the guy in the next seat……..well actually mine might be worth more if I pay for my ST in one lump sum rather than by direct debit! Oh and by the way what happens if I buy 2 new shirts every year and my mate next door doesn’t buy any?
  10. The article is bang on the money, proves football is all about money.
  11. He’s changing the team to try and get us to win 3 consecutive games, something we will need to do to get in the play offs!
  12. What a man, such a lovely chap and so loyal to Norwich, all the best Ken. It’s time for another trip to Wembley…….oh wait a minute!
  13. So there you have it in his EDP column the wise man has spoken. The man is well respected and connected in the national media and is of course a club legion. That will do for me, I’ll join the 80% now until the end of the season……..won’t boo anymore and see how the journey goes.
  14. I think we could end up with 74, will that be enough?
  15. That’s how l feel too, lost the passion and don’t even celebrate the goals like they matter, we have lost our identity and connection under first Smith then Wagner. Don’t forget we have had 2 relegations and 2 terrible Championship seasons in the last 5 years so we are feeling fragile.
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