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  1. and thats why they hide so many problimatic news stories while trivial ones to push agendas stay on the front page they do some excellent work but its hard to find at times
  2. you seem to be in a posting rut maybe something positive about anything would be good for a change
  3. the interesting stat is 4 wins in 5 games I know two are cup games but I will take anything I can get
  4. he could be done as a footballer it happens several over the years have been awsome for a couple of years 19-21 then they are dog**** either left the game by 25 or playing non league
  5. he turned down 4 other premier league teams allready and two spanish
  6. and there was me thinking Elon Musks cobolt being mined by child slave labour(work or they starve) was going to save africa
  7. I find this thread weird I cant even name a single ispwich player let alone know if one was banned sometimes I will check there results but thats it they are not even on my radar until we have a chance to play them again
  8. considering we dont have a recall clause thats zero
  9. It was also clearly documented that we have no recall clause Westbrom have paid and are paying a lot of money for Hugil so dont use that part to beat the club from what I can gather he is making up money on that deal as for if he was a waste of money he contributed to our promotion and gave us that extra opion up from to chuck on the pitch but going by the ops last sentence it doesnt matter who we sign he will belittle the club and run it down due to his own agenda
  10. they disable them with a gun now if its safe cuts the signal or fries them
  11. In General drones are a bloody plague had one flying over the house the other day and would loved to been able to shoot it down it was dark and chances are it was some old pervert looking for open windows to look in Sadly its against the law to shoot them even if they are suposed to be 50 metres horizontal away from either property you dont own or people and cars this pretty much makes it against the law to fly in a built up area because of landing and takeoff as for what the police can do they now use short range guns which disable either the drone or the signal uncertain which after the heathrow thing a few years back they sorted that part out
  12. Placheta large portions of the fanbase wanted him gone which I found weird as he has huge raw talent but then they love to hate someone Sorenson is excellent but again raw Cantwell who knows with him doubt it was just him maybe like Holihan who got frozen out by nearly every manager for a bit Idah needs to go on loan and play games he must show everything in training but doesnt have the minutes on the clock for the premier league
  13. only in football can everyone be our mate within days good old Deano dont think international players use a loan slot in effect they are classed as joining the club on a short term contract with all the paperwork being signed over for the duration
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