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  1. Paul101

    The Murphy twins

    Prefer prefer what we have ATM But do want them to do well for resale and add-ons
  2. Paul101

    Another Krul Clanger

    I will adding know some of you are desperate for the next Martin or Whits you can crucify for every mistake while your favourites will be bullet proof ala Olson who could make all the mistakes in the world but walked on water
  3. Paul101

    Another Krul Clanger

    After watching the highlights he made a couple of top notch saves and the clanger as you put it was not that bad and one of the defenders should have cleared the second ball , Pete the blue scummer
  4. Buendia impressed me last night up until now I was just meh on him but he growing into a little tenacious handful

    very strong for his size
  5. Paul101

    Biggest attendance by far on Tuesday ?

    [quote user="BroadstairsR"]"we are starting to sound like the lot down the road going about attendance"

    Ah! But we''re talking about how big the gate will be whilst they are talking about how few they get into their ground on a regular basis.[/quote]

    very true
  6. Paul101

    Todd Cantwell

    nothing like Wes and his little turn on doom to slow down the play
  7. Paul101

    Todd Cantwell

    the one thing I have noticed about cantwell ishe doesn''t look so slight and when on the ball looks a real presence going forward
  8. Paul101

    Biggest attendance by far on Tuesday ?

    we are starting to sound like the lot down the road going about attendance

  9. Paul101


    don''t forget the classic TWTD comments like

    I never seen a team more nailed on for relegation than Norwich
  10. Paul101


    they had the second coming of baby jesus yesterday Dozzel was supposed to rip this league wide open once he set foot on the pitch

    but its not his fault no one passed to him or made runs
  11. Paul101

    Half year ST’s

    I do have something in common with you Vince that was my first year but had to give it up when we had children

    when your missus works every other weekend and weeknights games start to be hard to go to
  12. with Pritchard it could be the signing on fee split over the contract and the weekly wage combined

  13. Paul101

    Sam Allardyce

    do you think someone thought stone was the manager when they scanned the football news
  14. but if we did go up and played it smart the money would secure the future of the club for a while