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  1. the whole group is garbage I think the staff sit in norwich and just use AI to scrape in stories suprised it wasnt just a top 5 list of the best air bnb to stay in
  2. there will be lots of empty seats , four of the people I know with season tickets only go to one game in 3 and let friends use it when they dont go
  3. when I had my season ticket they would have had an empty seat the whole time I was ill refused to let the club resell it for the pittence they offer
  4. they should be liable for all loss of earnings to everyone involved if it went to a small claims court
  5. protesting peacefully is on the side of the road , blocking the roads and costing people on min wage and zero hours contracts the money to feed themselves is just middle class priv
  6. bloody pointless I like to leave my phone behind every now and then
  7. these protests cost people £100's of pounds someone I worked with got stuck for 5 hours on his trip to hospital for his cancer checkup in london then had to come back to norfolk without seeing anyone His views at the time involed a hammer and hitting them a lot countless people would have lost money for not being at work not every buisiness is understanding they should be held liable now in civil court for all claims against them and the just stop oil organisation
  8. for most of the season the players we started with was it you would look at the bench and think we cant change anything from there it was so threadbare
  9. No fan of farage or his politics but the other extreme is just as bad if not worse the extreme Left would rather shut people down with violence momentum love the bricks through windows tactic they have no place in a democracy which they want to end
  10. mm dont we place kings lynn or dereham at this stage so makes a change to play a champions league team as for the score is that what this is all about
  11. Pretty much players Develope at different speeds some peak at 20-22 and then fall away into oblivion the other extreme is players who potter around like Puki and then bloom for the final years
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