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  1. Be fun if we made the final. Unlikely of course, but fun never the less.
  2. He was part of that successful loan trio and I for one was bitterly disappointed we did not sign him up. Usual moronic comments at the time from those who never went to games stating he was only good in a long ball team when he was superb with the ball at his feet in the penalty area. I believe he was another who was snapped up by Southampton for a low price when we could have made a bit more effort to have him back. One we missed in my opinion.
  3. Be good business if they received £30m for him. Can't see it happening, unless they really hype him up!
  4. I remember him well. After a rather unimpressive start he warmed to the crowd and in fact if I recall correctly he became a bit of a fans favourite. A player who tried hard and put the effort in when others appeared to take the easy option. His piece reads that he felt he was underappreciated here a smidgeon, but I'm not sure that was actually the case?
  5. I remembering it being free and busy, as my younger son and friend use to love playing their before a game. It is very disappointing that the price is now so much considering the weather, less home games and it not being open during cup games (I may be mistaken there) makes that opportunity much more limited. Very disappointing indeed.
  6. If this is a true statement by one of the deluded that follow them, then they have a shock coming their way. Look at our brief stop in that division. Had the Colchester result not been dealt with swiftly we could have suffered a very uncomfortable ride that year. Despite us having several 'championship standard players.' I suspect their season will depend a lot on their pre season team gelling, or not! Upsets galore to follow for them...….. Anyway in spite of my comments, who really cares about them anymore, apart from a cursory glance now and then. Is anyone really going to look at their result against Fleetwood/Rochdale hoping they have lost when we have just struggled a draw against Arsenal? Envious is not a word I would associate with ipswich right now! There are other words that would be more appropriate for them I'm sure...…...
  7. I would be surprised as we need 4 CB and he is quite capable. Had he managed that tackle better against Portsmouth, we may have seen more of Grant Hanley last season. However, he is certainly 4th choice at the moment
  8. Has he rather cryptically uncovered you as a secret Train spotter Tilly. And you're just in denial, trying to throw him off the scent? Does the Trans Siberian Express pass through either of those stations?
  9. Spot on. When I started going many, many years ago, we could all go as a group and rock up and in we went, apart from the big games when we had to go in the away part of the Barclay and ask to be allowed through . Whilst I would not wish to see parts empty and do understand the supply and demand aspects here, our support is getting older (including me) and younger ones are needed. We should as a club look to do the modern equivalent of the kids of a quid with the expansion plans or target the extra season ticket holders whilst the going is good. I suspect in all honesty it will be a long wait.
  10. I had the pleasure of meeting them both together in the City by chance a few months ago. Both very pleasant and polite, albeit a very brief chat. Congratulations to them both and here's hoping his luck and performance continues
  11. I heard Ipswich had requested for a preseason game, their first team play our U21s. However, the club pulled the plug on it stating "a crushing defeat would potentially ruin the season ahead for some of our young players." NCFC have so far not responded...….
  12. Good letter Lakey. I too have made a slight adjustment (in red), for balance purposes only, to your letter. My advice would be to print it out, shred it and send as it mentioned by Fuzzar. That way, they will not only have to pay postage, but will be spending all day gluing the strips together to make head or tail of it.
  13. I think some were from our youth teams. Prior to CAT A of course.
  14. Given the age of them it looks like our back four during their after parade party.
  15. Would not be surprised if we are the first Premier team to be given an advantage / positive decision because of it. I'd rather go to Anfield with it than without it.
  16. Ha, ha, ha...…... This remains one of the most amusing, smug inducing, self afflicting pictures they have ever made public. It is like a rotten bad smell to them and more the funnier because of the timing of when it was first shown and the subsequent continued fall of them since. The loudest laugh will be if heavens above, they manage to finish a league or several places above us one year (I know very unlikely) and they repost this photo. They have history for that type of behaviour after all.
  17. Quite possibly. More likely is that if we manage survive in 16/17th position this season, they will be paying us the £50 incentive to attend away matches next season as it probably means we have lost most of those this campaign.
  18. Are you saying that entertainment in the gents at half time, is more satisfying than watching the marching band ruin the half time run out for the subs? It is certainly an option I hadn't considered, but we can add it as a possible if you wish?
  19. Actually that is not a bad spread of games over the season. Good first home game, and with Chelsea coming early as well may give us a chance against them. The first game away to Liverpool is what promotion was all about, as is the last game. All our games are going to be unbelievably tough. The only fly in the fixture ointment during the early stages is Man city at home. By then they will truly be in their swashbuckling, team crushing stride...…..brace yourselves
  20. "It all went wrong after their forward, Dennis someone, scored his hattrick. I blame VAR"
  21. I did wonder if each section of the ground could have a game each where during HT they had to come up with a skit or song related to their area of the stand or ground. For example:- the River End upper tier, middle section, first few rows could do a rendition of On the Ball City by tuttering, with the occasional 'Stiepermann, you're fuc&in$ sh1t ' shouted out very loudly as a chorus?
  22. Some of that entertainment is over 19 years old! We need more premier level fare
  23. Now we are back in the big time. Should we be wishing for a more appropriate half time entertainment package. Perhaps a band or a clown even? What would YOU like?
  24. This reply reminds me what my mother (RIP) once advised me: Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. You win.
  25. It may certainly be a 'challenge' to increase or build at Carrow road, but if you really believe 'it is merely pie in the sky, wishful dreaming,' then consider that every part of our ground had been demolished and rebuilt in my supporting/attending lifetime. Merely standing still because something appears too difficult is not what progressive types do (the planners / owners / etc) It is therefore quite possible to be done and better minds than ours would in all probability have solutions or ideas to the relocation issue. My point was purely to do with future planning on todays goodwill Let us hope the only thing that gets 'issued' next season are results and progression.
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