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  1. Did anyone else have the displeasure of being near the utter bell in the upper tier on Wednesday night? Effing and jeffing about not being told what to do when asked to sit down then starting on people who pointed out that there were young kids behind him who couldn't see.
  2. For me it''s Buck Rogers by Feeder, Acquiesce by Oasis, Bartender and the Thief by Stereophonics and more recently Can''t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  3. I''m trying to put together a Carrow Road playlist. Basically just songs that are regularly played pre-match or are used as the basis for chants e.g. Give It Up or Just Can''t Get Enough etc. I''d be grateful if any of you could list any songs that remind you of Carrow Road over the last few years. Cheers
  4. I''ve sent a photo. If you haven''t done so already check out this guy''s video. He is very talented.
  5. Depends on the circumstances. Tragedy, untimely death or event that warrants quiet contemplation = silence. Death in old age of a former player where their contribution to our history should be celebrated = applause.
  6. April 1989. 1-0 loss to Liverpool. River End.
  7. Are the 11 pages of this thread worth reading? Can anyone give me a brief synopsis?
  8. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. Hughton. If you''re going to bit(h about him at least get his name right.
  9. Given that the second scenario you have proffered has us not even making the play offs I''m guessing we are supposed to pick the first one? Did I get it right? What do I win?
  10. After the weekend we''re all hurting. The players, the management, the directors and us the fans all have a part to play to turn our fortune around. Whether you''re a ''Hughton In'' or a ''Hughton Out'' let''s make sure no one can question our loyalty and passion and make Carrow Road rock on Saturday.  
  11. Thanks for the update Mushy and sounds like your dad did a great job. Fingers crossed he''ll make a full recovery.
  12. A guy was taken ill in the Jarrold stand during the match on Sunday. He looked in a bad way. Does anyone know how he is? Really hope he''s ok.  
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