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  1. And the moment on TMS when Jonners did this
  2. Perhaps I am missing the point but I thought the shares were owned privately by Foulger, Smith etc? I dont want to waste anyones time on this but what actually is the 100% fan ownership then @nutty nigel ( I ask as an interested supporter )
  3. I dont pretend to be any sort of expert or legal beagle so this is a very simplified scenario ( no doubt @BigFish and others would now better than I) but my own Company are going through an Employee Ownership sale currently which allows shareholders to sell their shares back to the Company and the Company then owns those shares for the benefit of the Company and in effect the employees, who then 'own' the rights to dividends. The period of time taken to complete the buyback depends on profits made which are used to fund the purchase. It is how John Lewis are set up - Go Ape is a more recent example. The shares are managed through a Trust during the transfer period and then subsequently. The trustees are able to sell individual shares back to investors (fans) and the club ends up in employee and fan ownership. In the case of my Company, the sale proceeds does not attract tax and as a result the shareholders would sell the shares at the value they would have received after tax. It doesnt provide the immediate cash injection of course but does allow existing shareholders who wish to retire an exit route where the sale to an outside third party is not possible (for whatever reason) and places ownership back to those that have the best interests of the Co/Club going forwards i.e. employees and fans. Of course not a viable option unless shareholders wish to sell which isnt a given, but might add to the debate
  4. Did anyone else pick up on Jonathan Pearce's little commentary gem on Saturday MOTD. On the lines of ' The teams have dedicated the score to the late great Bishop Desmond - its 2 - 2' Has anyone got recollections of similar gems over the years? I like Murray Walker - The lead car is absolutely unique apart from the second car which is identical
  5. Does the (very well spotted) reference to the palindromic Kabac means he plays the same way going forwards and when going backwards?
  6. If we sell Aarons and Cantwell it would be interesting to see whether those fees are used to cover what we have already outlayed rather than fund new signings. It would suit the self funding model perfectly
  7. We are being held back by that complete lack of vision and ambition. They have done a good job in stabilising our finances and have improved many aspects off field. Perhaps that is the limit of their ambition rather than lack of it due to the 'self funding model' mantra - they they have done a good job in off field and finance improvements and perhaps to the Board that is their measure of sucess. We wil never compete in the PL without huge investment or a whole bunch of talent coming through who could play at that level. Not sure either is realistic
  8. No hope at all - plan for the Camps with a team that has the backbone needed for a PL effort in a couple of years time would be a good finish to the season. How you protect the 'losers mentality'' for next season will be the key to DS management IMO
  9. I would imagine that given the way we played last season with open passing and link up play, we would have been seen as a good fit for a player like Gilmour and we would help his development. However, now we are playing so poorly I would be very surprised if we were seen as an attractive proposition for any 'development' loanee. At best we would end up with a getting past it type whose club wants to lose the salary until they ship out permanently. -
  10. Indeed it is but if we look at those that went up and stayed up in our 'pomp seasons' Leeds, Villa etc they got a shot at Prem because they had a team that were less flamboyant than us and had a nucleus to build on. Sheffield also but lack of investment saw them down and I would think this year Brentford will be OK. We need a team that gets us up with a core that's worth investing in to stay there and I wonder where that comes from with our current squad - Pukki and Hanley (great players but surely aging?) Who do we blood?
  11. Lets be realistic and start thinking about building a team that can hold our own next year in the Champs and be developed into a promotion push later with a nucleus that can be built on as a Premier team in the next few years. There will no transfers in Jan to keep us up so from the squad we have, who would cut it and who would go?
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