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  1. Would be understandable if he wanted to protect his investment with his own people put in place
  2. I really hadn't heard this before. Off to get my dunces hat sorted
  3. According to BBC - OTBC is oldest chant still being sung today https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0dx5znm
  4. True Lakey but at least they can be miserable in comfort
  5. According to a sneaky peek at the Rangers fans forum - Cantwell impressed and some had him as MOM
  6. The chance of developing a youngster (or even a loanee) within the negative Smith team wasnt a very attractive option for player or agent was it. If Wagner is keen to deveop, and surely the club would want to try and maximise on bringing people on - either to play or resell and the positve environment should help
  7. When I was playing I strictly followed the Stan Bowles regime. Couple of pints before the game, fag at half time, 10 pints after.
  8. We would hope to maximise on his value when the buyer has loads of money. Good win all round. Much as I would hate to see him go - puts some much needed cash in the pot to strengthen the squad
  9. According to William Hill Everton have reportedly made the decision to part ways with Frank Lampard... Who would be the best fit for the role? __________ #EFC
  10. Top man - some here would do well to follow your lead - quality rather than quantity OTBC
  11. Playing a blinder today DDJ - this following the GOAT image PS obviously got a bit of time on your hands!
  12. Whats often missing from a flat pack Ikea self assembly cupboard?
  13. And it may be one of those 'offers' that is designed to push up his value or need to act quickly Rangers
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