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  1. Preston have Soton and WBA away, us and Leicester at home - really cant see them getting enough out of those but we sure need a point against them
  2. We lose We drop out of top 6 Wagner goes New manager comes in and gets rid of the deadwood and old lags Sara and Sarge get sold We start again with the younger players and build for a promotion push in 3 years
  3. According to the BHA Cant see how the third breach applies. Of course it has been commonplace in Cricket for players to be paid to throw a game not that I am suggesting anything of the kind specifically here of course If an individual is charged with a serious breach of the Rules of Racing, including, but not limited to, corruption, improper use of ‘inside’ information or administering a prohibitive substance, he or she is required to appear before the Disciplinary Panel of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). After a fair, impartial hearing, the Disciplinary Panel decides if there has been a breach of the Rules of Racing and, if so, on an appropriate punishment. If the charged individual is ‘warned off’, they are excluded from any premises licensed by the BHA, including racecourses and training establishments, and restricted from associating with other licensed or registered persons, including jockeys, trainers and owners, for a length of time stipulated by the Disciplinary Panel.
  4. I see that Poundland is on the Anglia Square site which could tie in with our transfer policy when the parachute funds go
  5. Sorry about that - make it 74 points then
  6. Our run in compared with Hull (and I know there are others in contention but they are our nearest on points) Hull have H Stoke A Leeds A Cardiff H Middles H QPR A Watford A Coventry H Ipswich So maybe 13 points ? puts them on 71
  7. Shame that Rowe cant play the 10 role (or could he) for when Barnes doesn't
  8. Thanks YF - my 'larger' point is that we are basing our assumptions on our science knowledge and if there is other life out there they could have a totally different science based on their existence. I am no scientist or have any knowledge in these matters but it does seem highly improbable, given the scale of the universe, that we on earth are unique in sustainable life and it would be wrong to base this on our experience of needing water as we are, as you rightly say, mostly carbon based. Could be very different elsewhere?
  9. I have to question why we are assuming that water has to exist for life to be sustainable. I know its essential for us on our planet but that isn't to say that its needed on others with different life forms with different chemical makeups. Even now on planet Zogg the inhabitants maybe look down and thinking there cant be life there on Earth - they have water
  10. I agree that a reliable Yo Yo club is a much better business model than an unreliable one. I would also suggest that part of the problem for the last 2 promotions (I know we blame Covid but everyone was in the same boat) was that the team and playstyle were all about Pukki. Once he wasn't getting chances there was no plan B. At least with this squad (if it could be retained) we have goals from a number of sources rather than just one.
  11. City win 2-1 Hull dont beat Leicester and we go sixth Game on
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