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  1. [quote user="Ginja"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Number 9"]The expression "3-1 up say" refers to the winning / strong positions we have held in games and thrown away. Scores maybe different but the net effect is the same. I haven''t time to research every game / score, you can think of those games, west ham, Sunderland, Newcastle,[/quote]I bet all fans think that about their club. Here''s an article from last March showing how the PL teams ranked then. And I guess Villa are probably up there this season for throwing away most points.[/quote]Had a bit of a google on this, turns out in March 2016 we had dropped 7 points from winning positions, the same amount as Man Utd had dropped, 15 other clubs had dropped more than us including  Everton, Bournemouth, Chelsea and Swansea who dropped 14 points from winning positions.[/quote]Thanks Ginja and NN, this is the point I was trying to highlight yesterday!
  2. [quote user="Number9"]A one off performance like last night ''in perspective'' is just one game in a very long season after several games which gave maximum points. Sadly it wasn''t a one off, many times under AN we have been 3-1 up say, and gone on to lose or scrape a draw. Its a bad habit which the management team hasn''t been able to prevent. We can all name managers whose teams don''t let leads slip like that on a regular basis.[/quote]Would you like to list the MANY times we have been 3-1 up and gone on to lose of scrape a draw??
  3. [quote user="Mr Apples"]What exactly have Moyes and Rodgers ''achieved'' in football?   Apples [/quote] Well said Apples, I was thinking the same thing!!
  4. [quote user="ron obvious"]This is a bit of a technical question, but does anyone know if, using a contactless card, you have to swipe out at West Hampstead before getting on the Overground to Dalston? If so, do you get charged for a separate journey, or can you do many separate journeys within the zones without further charges? I''ve been using London Drum, excellent for planning travel, but Dalston doesn''t exist on its site. That Lunnun''s a rum ol'' do. #confused.otbc.[/quote]You will have to swipe to get through the exits gates, and then swipe again to get on the overground. Not sure exactly how charges are calculated, but I beleive there is a maximum daily charge anyway.
  5. If you use the Circle line remember you need to get off at some point!!
  6. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Crabbycanary3"]quote user="Tim Allman"]Just to reiterate Ren''s point about Oyster cards, it is much cheaper now to use Oyster; otherwise regsiter contactless card for pay as you go. Paper tickets are much dearer.[/quote Thanks for this Tim, but can you expand on this please? Where would we register this please?[/quote]I have used my Switch debit card on London buses without any registration, you can''t actually pay cash on them anymore.http://www.tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/contactless/what-is-contactless[/quote]Yes same here, I''ve used my contactless debit card on buses and tubes just the same as using an Oyster card, no need for registration.
  7. [quote user="Mr Angry"]Purple, correct me if I''m wrong but ST holders or PMs who got extra tickets could only get them for other people who were ST holders or PMs?[/quote]I know I''m not ''Purple'', but no, ST holders and/or PMs only had to use their own numbers yesterday and could buy the tickets for who they wished!!
  8. 9am tomorrowhttp://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/bolton-wanderers-v-norwich-city-april-11.-2345109.aspx
  9. [quote user="splutcho"]Why should somebody that has been raped stay indoors and live in fear? To say she can''t go out and get drunk because she might get raped is ridiculous. Do you know what rape culture is Tim? It is not her responsibility to "not get raped", it is men''s responsibility to not rape her.[/quote]Spot on Splutcho; I can''t believe the lengths some people are going to on this thread to defend a convicted rapist!!
  10. [quote user="Brienne"]He hasnt been sacked because he is succesfull! It doesnt matter which club he goes to, if he cant motivate the players he will fail. Dispite all the media tears, I await with interest to see how quickly he gets snapped up. It wont be by a prem team thats for sure.[/quote]You''re probably right......When QPR sacked Mark Hughes there wasn''t any other premiership clubs willing to appoint him!!!
  11. Rob Butler is not really my cup of tea, and his opinions seem to swing like a pendulum, but he''s only doing his job, and most radios come with an off switch these days!!
  12. It''s a sad day when I have to sit here in Essex hoping for a West Spam victory, but hey ho, needs must!!
  13. Jim Smith I believe I have commended you in the past for attempting to debate issues in a sensible and rational manner, and I wasn''t really making any comment regarding my own opinon. I just felt it was rather ironic that someone with a user name of ''HootonOut'' should critise another poster for not having a balanced opinion!!!
  14. [quote user="HootonOut"]Funny how you give credit to Hughton for all the wins, yet when we lose it''s either the players, fans, bad luck or whatever carp excuse you can find. If you''re going to have an opinion, at least make sure it''s balanced, or you will come across as an insufferable know-it-all.[/quote]I think you forgot to end your post by writing "Consequently I give Hughton a lot of credit for the victory on Saturday"!!
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