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  1. With Maddison and Edwards behind Oliveira.
  2. Gunn Pinto Klose Hanley Lewis Tettey Vrancic Edwards Maddison Murphy Oliveira
  3. [quote user="JF"]What’s the point in playing him? The season is effectively over so why should we blood another teams player who won’t be here next season?[/quote] You don''t know that he won''t be with Norwich after the summer, bringing him in early may have been in preparation for next season. DF has said he''ll be involved soon so I guess it depends on how the next 7-8 weeks go.
  4. [quote user="king canary"]So a sweetener for selling our best player is a 6 month loan of player with an attitude problem who is apparently now fit but hasn''t even made it into the u23''s? Colour me underwhelmed.[/quote] He hasn''t come to Norwich to play for the U23s, he did enough of that at Spurs.
  5. Maybe as a favour to Pochettino who just wanted to bring him down a peg or two, creating a good relationship with Spurs might pay dividends in other ways in the future. I think the whole bad attitude thing is overplayed, he''s just a young player desperate to get playing and if he really was an issue behind the scenes then I''m sure Farke would''ve sent him packing, likewise Spurs can''t be too upset with how it''s gone so far as otherwise they''d probably have recalled him. He''s such a talented young player though, as you can see here https://streamable.com/3rgxv or here https://streamable.com/dd9t5 or here https://streamable.com/5yb6p .... These small technically-gifted players always find it a bit harder to break through in the English game but hopefully this one can get the chance soon.
  6. transferleague.co.uk says £93m spent and £73.5m sold over the past five seasons. Obviously this is just transfer fees, not wages or anything else.
  7. Give this kid a chance: [url]https://streamable.com/3rgxv[/url] [url]https://streamable.com/dd9t5[/url]
  8. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]Of the final eight, Arsenal are through, and it''s either Chelsea or Spurs for another spot, so we''d want to avoid those two if possible. Interesting to see that a lot of teams are already out, Man City, Man United, Liverpool etc.[/quote] Home to Bury or Birmingham in the quarters.
  9. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Struggling to see the logic with this one if true. We’ve got Hoolahan and Cantwell as cover for Madders. No doubt this kid is a decent player but really feel some proper pace up front and on the wings should be a priority.[/quote] He typically plays wide right, so basically the position Pritchard just vacated. He''s an outstanding talent though so if Norwich can get him they should.
  10. Alex Pritchard - man of the match with two goals in a 5-1 win, dropped and never to be seen again.
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