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  1. Goss Volley

    Yanic to the binners ?

    Bolton are the only ones who have matched the valuation of Yanic if todays rumours are to be believed.
  2. Goss Volley

    Jordan Rhodes

    '''' why don''t we ever spend money? we need an established striker!''''

    ''''aaaah no not that one! why are we spunking all our money?''''

    repeat ad nauseum
  3. Goss Volley

    Jordan Rhodes

    Agree LDC, I think a lot was being made of Farke''s tactics but with the right personnel being less wasteful we may just see the upside to his style of play
  4. Goss Volley

    Jordan Rhodes

    I bet if he does join the fees are considerably less than the figures that have been floating about.
  5. Goss Volley

    Jordan Rhodes

    I''m excited to see if we can get him firing, definitely has a knack of popping up at the right place in the box. People who want experienced champ quality rather than unknowns shouldn''t moan at this, he may have had a dry spell but there''s a decent poacher in there...
  6. Goss Volley

    Felix Passlack

    On loan from Borussia Dortmund. Right back/ wing back...
  7. Goss Volley

    Marcus Edwards?

    Any news on the lad? Wondering if he is likely to feature soon or anyone knows more on this rumoured attitude problem?
  8. Goss Volley

    Wildschut to Cardiff on Loan

    Spot on Bethnal.
  9. Goss Volley

    Russell Martin


    I feel you are implying that DF has frozen out Martin and Naismith based on their stance on some issue within the team hierarchy and as a way of stamping his authority on a situation. Is that in the ballpark? Allegedly of course!
  10. Goss Volley

    Huddersfield after Pritchard

    norfolkngood, is that your guess about Pritchard and Maddison or is it based on some knowledge behind the scenes? Thanks
  11. Goss Volley

    How long does Farke get?

    I must be in the minority then as I think he''ll do a good job given time and more options as people get back from injuries. He needs reinforcements in Jan but I cant see that happening unfortunately
  12. Goss Volley

    Any more for any more?

    Do you think we''ll get any more players in before deadline day?
  13. I seem to recall in fairly recent times that some people felt we didn''t have enough songs and repeated OTBC too much. I thought the atmosphere last night was good and enjoyed the variation
  14. Goss Volley


    haha Van Wink he''s ideal for televised matches. Well, highlights anyway..
  15. Goss Volley


    Thanks, yeah I''m quite intrigued as he seems like he might offer something a bit different. Last person I said that about was Canos though!