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  1. Now I know what you find on Google isn't necessarily factual but surely the salaries mentioned next to names like Godfrey, Aarons and especially Cantwell can't be correct? Apparently Cantwell gets less for playing a season of Premier League football then someone like Jesse Lingard gets paid for sitting on the bench at Man Utd for a week. Aarons and Godfrey also, are noted as being on approximately £5k per week. Which is barely a League One players weekly take-home, let alone a Premier League players. Over the Summer both Godfrey and Aarons were apparently linked with moves away and I find it very hard to believe that Norwich have managed to keep bigger club away with pitiful wages like this for Premier League players. If NCFC players have got proper football agents, I'd be very surprised to see NCFC keep hold of lots of their talented individuals come January or the summer. Teemu is apparently Norwich highest earner, with a rumoured £2,000,000 a season
  2. Lewis DW

    Salaries / Wages

    I'd like to think decent release clauses would be in those new contracts King Canary - NCFC have a lot of young talent. There must be a number of clubs frustrated that NCFC picked up the likes of Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey for next to nothing. Top scouting.
  3. Lewis DW

    Salaries / Wages

    It says... "Aarons and Godfrey also," - NOT "Aarons and Godfrey ARE ALSO" Some people on this forum like trying to pick arguments for no reason. Read it, constructive comment if you like or ignore it - this is a post not a direct message to you
  4. Lewis DW

    Salaries / Wages

    The discussion starts... with info I found via Google, hence the apparentlys and rumours as Google isn't factual. Back in your box.
  5. Lewis DW

    Salaries / Wages

    I never said Cantwell got £5k. Considerably less if you believe what you find on Google.
  6. Lewis DW

    Cantwell for England

    The club will start to see an increase in Match day Programme sales, as the skeptical fans search for a new scapegoat.
  7. Lewis DW

    Home friendly k.o. Times

    I'm not sure it's worthy of 'very strange'. It's not on TV, 7pm should avoid any rush hour traffic. It's just a time. Not all football has to be 3pm and 19:45pm.
  8. Lewis DW

    Pukki gone off injured after 12min

    Just awaiting Pukki to confirm that he''ll be out for less time then Jarvis.

  9. Lewis DW

    Max Aarons

    Maddison played because of injuries! Farke would never have played him as much, especially not earlier in the season... his goals and form may have helped him keep his place.
  10. Lewis DW

    New Striker Ideas

    Based on Pukki''s work rate and goals/assists recently, plus the assumption that Rhodes is our main no.9 - where do you see another striker coming in, and if this is to be as a super-sub type player, do you really think a Solanke, Wells or Abraham would be up for this?

  11. Lewis DW

    Canary call love In

    If Tettey''s job is to pass sideways and backwards, then he is doing a wonderful job.
  12. Lewis DW

    Next £10m+ Sale

    Godfrey would be my bet - he''s still got to wait for a manager/brave enough to play him in place of Tettey though.
  13. Lewis DW

    Tettey a liability

    Like Maddison’s inclusion last season, it will take a series of absences for Godfrey to get a game. Tettey is Norwich most overrated player, “he’s great at passing sideways....” yawn....
  14. Lewis DW

    Draining the Club

    I hope the likes of Webber, Jarvis and Naismith are able to sleep at night. How we have sold in excess of £70 million poounds worth of players in recent seasons and are still ''struggling financially'', i will never understand. I for one really do not trust Mr Webber, I wouldn''t be surprised if he''s getting a cut from any incoming transfer fees.

    Brady - £13

    Murphy - £12

    Murphy - £11

    Pritchard - £14

    Maddison - £20

  15. Lewis DW

    Are we attractive anymore ?

    If you were a footballer would you want to play for Norwich City?

    Personally, I would not - the club at the moment stinks of mediocrity. Dress it up how you like ''transition this, transition that'' - the fact is Norwich City''s nucleus is now made up of average homegrown and average foreign imports, that were clearly acquired because they cost less then the UK counterparts.

    Assuming Maddison goes, NCFC will have clearly cleared out most of there attacking talent and replaced it with some sideways passing specialists.

  16. Lewis DW

    McCarthy gone

    Cowley is a great fit for Lincoln atm - but seriously did you watch the Lincoln VS Shrewsbury match? It was all long hoof ball!
  17. Lewis DW

    Oh woe is me...

    Seeing goals scored is what excites fans and Norwich just aren''t doing - so i fully understand the disappointment.

    We''re gonna smash it next season! (Sorry attempt at optimism)
  18. Lewis DW

    Oh woe is me...

    Why am I on the wrong board?

  19. Lewis DW

    Oh woe is me...


    I''m just disappointed by the negativity currently being aimed at Webber.

    Norwich City fans as a generalisation love picking on individuals or making someone a scape goat!

    I hope Webber and Farke prove there doubters wrong next season.
  20. Lewis DW

    Oh woe is me...

    Having read all the drivel about Webber this and Webber that I decided to listen to the interview on BBC Radio Norfolk.

    I can''t believe how many people are twisting this in to a massive negative against Webber?

    He says that the first half of the 0-0 game with Bolton was one of the best performances he has seen by NCFC! He then says if fans don''t agree with that then they should go watch another team... personally I would suggest a change of sport. The performance in that half, although there were no goals - was brilliant. And he says if you don''t like that - you clearly don''t like football!

    So Norwich aren''t in the play-off/promotion race and they are clearly not scoring enough - this is a time of transition that is expected to take at least 2 seasons of building. People need to stop being so expectant - no club has the right to expect to win cups/leagues every season - it is simply not possible.

    Little old Norwich are adapting and evolving - if you''re not with the club and the new vision then as Webber says - go find another club.
  21. Lewis DW

    Did Alex leave too soon?

  22. Lewis DW

    Age Limit at Carra Rud

    wow, just wow.

    Most of the under 18''s that sit anywhere near me in the N&P are practically mute - it''s the smartphone generation, they don''t talk - they just stare at their phones.