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  1. How about our sponsors getting involved. Each letter of Dafabet being the different colours of the rainbow? They do change the colour of the dafabet on different teams.
  2. White shirt very similar to our home design. With the neck and sleeve trim in rainbow colours.?
  3. 35 years this year since our milk cup win. The new kit must be a nod to that kit? Surely
  4. It’s been 35 years since the Milk cup win. I think it will be a nod to that kit. Two tone yellow top.
  5. Didn’t we have yellow and green nets before? I definitely remember the yellow ones. But sure we had stripes before?
  6. Yellow for me... but thinking yellow and green would be cool. Just think yellow would much better
  7. If true, maybe they will use him to announce new deal and new kit?
  8. Why the delay.? Have all the shirt Sponsors Been announced? E.g. back and shorts?
  9. Must be announced before the kit is revealed . Any ideas?
  10. Obviously Dafabet will still be our main sponsors. But has it been announced yet about our other ones yet? Back of shorts and shirt? As we don’t have sleeve sponsors in the championship I presume best fiends will stop?
  11. I have many friends who are Villa fans. They were gutted when he left.
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