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  1. Something I’ve noticed and I really don’t know why but why is the Joma logo backwards on all their shirts on the sleeve?? I don’t get it. by the way. Joma have done amazing since taking over.
  2. Noticed this the other day. Josh is finishing his goals like Teemu did. Especially the 2 against millwall. Definitely pukki style strikes.
  3. Has the other sponsors for the new kit been released yet. Obviously LOTUS. We don’t have a sleeve one in the championship do we? So back of shirt and shorts to be named.
  4. Love that. I like the lotus being like that as well. And not round
  5. I actually think it looks great. Definitely an upgrade. And the Barclay is written on the sides near the top aswell
  6. Does anyone know when this will be released. My son’s birthday is coming up. Was just wondering if it will be in time. Thanks
  7. Was just thinking as the new crest don’t have a border. That actually rules out any green blocks of colour on the shirt?? Or would you think a border would be added if the design needs it too?
  8. Would we be happy with Kieran Davis?? Just thinking he used to play at Villa with smith. Could be a loan deal? Strong frontman. But not many goals in him. Thoughts??
  9. Can’t be Villa or Newcastle they have British managers. Can’t really see Leeds wanting him. wolves or us??
  10. He said on talksport this morning he is staying in premier league. Signing on with a non British manager and the team don’t play in red… he was asked if he would have to move house as a result of a transfer. He said probably yes! And it’s above Watford….. maybe us you never know. Would certainly expect to see him stay in the prem. is he 28? Or 29? I think he would add to our squad for sure
  11. Some rumours flying around Twitter. I know you can’t believe everything you read. But actually was thinking about it. He would need to take a pay cut I think this would be a great signing. Thoughts?
  12. Pukki was also rubbish and not very good for Celtic. That turned out well!!
  13. Any idea who this is going to be. Last time we have that awful gaming logo. Maybe war paint or Badu again? Don’t think it’s been announced yet has it?
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