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  1. [quote user="westcoastcanary"]OP [:D] Has there ever been a NCFC manager who wasn''t a cheap option then? Can''t think of one![/quote] Don''t think Bruce Rioch would have been that cheap, having been at Arsenal in his previous managerial appointment.
  2. Nobody including Tettey v Sunderland? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Auo5dbsHug
  3. Didn''t really look like a pen. Oliveira should''ve been smarter by a) making it look like a definite pen and b) not then punching the guy. Holt was a master at winning free kicks by making simple challenges look worse than they are.
  4. Try this League Cup draw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRMJ3ftUtnw Sorry no clicky
  5. Say hello to Michael Nelson, first choice centre-back for Barnet.
  6. He got some stick and gave some back. Don''t see the problem here.
  7. Rogue Baboon, I claim you are Macheda''s agent and I claim my £5.
  8. Could do worse than getting Crouchy back on loan, hat-trick tonight.
  9. This is barrel-scraping journalism of the highest order. "No bids received for player, player stays at club" is an exclusive?
  10. They all look pretty much the same. Not sure about the snug fit, don''t think people would want to see me in that!
  11. Norwich City must be up there in terms of ''goals per club side'' in Euro 2016. As far as I''m aware: Real Madrid 6 Atletico Madrid 4 Bursaspor 3 Fenerbahce 3 Inter Milan 3 Juventus 3 Norwich City 3
  12. David McNally did destroy a fair bit of the community spirit around the club by letting go a number of workers who''d been there for ages on a decent wage and replacing them with cheaper youngsters. For example, if you look at the programme sellers around the ground, pretty much all the regulars have gone and been replaced with kids who probably couldn''t tell you who plays in goal for us.
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