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  1. The talk is that the NHS app itself could be used as proof of Vaccination, so would require another NHS app download (although i already have it). Not sure how this would work for those without smartphone, guess they would need to show a physical card or something. Just looking forward to life getting back to slightly more normal
  2. Last Season I honestly found Kenny really frustrating, when we extended his contract I was shocked and thought it a bad decision, I couldn't see how he'd fit into the squad this year as Leitner and Vrancic looked to have more class about them. That being said, when he isn't playing (FA CUP) we miss him, I don't think we appreciate how much he does until he's not there. He reminds me a bit of Howson, who never really wowed me, but I'd never willingly take him out the squad as he did a lot of mopping up and was a pest to the opposition. Do I think he is a leading Prem player, no, but he is probably one of the better midfielders we have at the moment
  3. I saw Klose Sunday...... @ CO-OP . I think he has been out so long, that he won't be an answer at all this season. Maybe a few minutes unless desperately required for more, but I guess he'll be reviewed for next season.
  4. Handy when they have conflicting information isn't it!! https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/faqs/FAQ104 Do I need a TV Licence to watch subscription services like Netflix, Amazon or Now TV? You don’t need a TV Licence if you only ever use these services to watch on demand or catch up programmes except if you’re watching BBC programmes on iPlayer. Remember, if you watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV, on any channel or TV service, or download or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer, you need to be covered by a TV Licence. Live TV means any programme you watch or record as it’s being shown on TV or live on an online TV service. It’s not just live events like sport, news and music. It also covers soaps, series, documentaries and even movies.
  5. Seems I'm the only one who wouldn't mind us going down. Don't get me wrong the riches and stability of the premier league is very welcomed, and I've enjoyed watching some of the brilliant football against arguably some of the best teams in the world! however, another season of VAR as it is currently I'd find frustrating. At least if we were down in the Champs we'd be able to celebrate goals again and not have "offside" goals given when onside (Pukki @ Tottenham)!! I really hope that VAR is sorted next year regardless of the league we're in as it is ruining the game! That being said, I'm going on the feelings of last year season to this years. A year of Euphoria compared to a year of frustration. It'd be naive of me to think we'd go down and walk the league due to the quality of some of the squads. I also try to forget the seasons of finishing mid table championship, or the pain of losing play offs. So two answers - Bournemouth, Villa and West Ham to go down Or Bournmouth, Villa and Us
  6. I have a lot of time for Mario, when he was first in the champs he really was off the boil, he even said so himself. To recognise this fact publically and to make changes takes a lot and he became a very influential player. I'm not sure how influential he'll be in the prem as he relies a lot on his passing due to his pace being a little lacking, I'm not sure he'll get the same space as he did in the Championship but I'm hopeful he proves me wrong. I'm excited to see him back from injury and lining up in the Prem. I honestly hope he is one of the missing pieces of this season. I think with him in Midfield alongside Tryball/Tettey/Tryball and behind Steips we'd have a good enforcer, distributor and target man throughout the spine. I'm also counting down the days for Zimbo to get back in the line up, I think, whilst being an OK CB himself, he was brilliant at organising the whole defense which brought the best out of Godfrey, Aarons & Lewis.
  7. I think Hernandez is due back in training, so opens up a bit more width if he gets some game time. For me and guaging who is and isn't likely available. Krul Aarons - Godfrey - Amadou - Lewis Leitner & Tettey/Steips Buendia Cantwell Hernandez Pukki Dropping Mclean as Leitner and Mclean just doesn't work Dropping Steips from CAM as he hasn't made the step up yet, although would be interested to see how Steips does as a CDM, maybe a good role for him especially as we have seen him cover defensive duties! - Sit him covering the back 4 and let Leitner push forward... Bit harsh on Roberts, but would look to bring him in at half time / 60mins dependant upon how affective Hernandez or Buendia are
  8. I'm torn on him. I don't think he has hit the ground running this season. By the end of last season, he was absolutely phenomenal. I ended up stating he doesn't look like a football player but shows others up! He is definitely not a traditional #10 but does have a good vision and does more for the team in his defensive duties and the like. I think he set the bar high last year by his performances and hasn't made the step up as quickly as some others. I don't think he is a scapegoat, I don't think there is anyone else currently more suited to do role but I hope to see him get up to speed as he was clinical last season!
  9. Wouldn't mind seeing Harrison Reed back for a bit of cover!
  10. The likes of Sheffield and Aston Villa may have spent more but I wouldn't say that relates to anything. We don't need to spend the money and still have a quality of squad higher than they have. If we valued our squad to AV or Sheff i'd say our team is valued more. We don't have to worry about the settling in process either!! They talk about buying Mings.... I'd say extending the contract of Aarons is better business. Far better player, who I think is worth more! Investing is only worth it if you're improving and to improve the Norwich squad would take fantastic scouting and finding hidden gems OR splashing the cash and taking the risk that a "known name" would improve but there isn't any guarantee and could ruin the team spirit we have. In short, if we don't get anyone else in I'm not too disappointed and quite pleased with the contract renewals and signings we've made (especially the youth) regardless of the league we have an exciting future!.
  11. Would be a good loan signing, I agree he's one of those players who always seemed to have "potential" but never seemed to make the grade for Man City (which is stupidly high admittedly) If we can get him on loan, 22 years old and we get him playing to his potential as we have with other players we are on a win/win, we get the benefit of him for a year, plus he's homegrown. It also puts us in good lights as a place to send other young talents! Fingers crossed we'd negotiate a buy clause that is reasonable (unlike Rhodes' reported 7million) but even if not this is a good option to challenge Buendia my only concern is whether this opens the door for Cantwell to go out on loan again. I will trust Webber and Farke to do the right thing as I am one of the doubters who said Pukki would never amount to anything when he signed. Just goes to show what I know!
  12. All the names flying about. I see that Saido Berahino has been released from stoke after his drink driving ban, used to have a lot of potential. Would he be a decent free signing here? someone for Daniel Farke to get on the straight and narrow?
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