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  1. Gary O'Neil lost his licence for speeding, kept his place and even had it cemented into a song! I think the club will not bother by his drink driving too much, i fully expect to see him in the next two games. If given the nod I can see him giving 110% to show he is fully focused on the game, so could be a win. Please note I dislike drink drivers, loathe them, but driving misdemenours and football should be seperate things.
  2. HITC Sevens seems to like what has happened in recent years, a lot to do with their manager and also their american owners. Not a bad watch, I quite like his videos.
  3. Is there any substance as to why he hates Ipswich has he muttered something about them? Or has it just been put in for the benefit of those who sing it?
  4. Personal life[edit] On 25 June 2023, an unidentified user on the social networking service Instagram accused Hwang of gaslighting her and other women, alleging that he had intimate and sexual relations with multiple partners without formally establishing a relationship due the prospects of returning to his football club Nottingham Forest in England.[28] She also claimed that videos on his cellphone with these women may have been taken without consent or by hidden cameras; she posted private conversations and recordings on the social media platform. Hwang's management company UJ Sports denied the allegations and stated that it would take legal action against the distributor of the contents.[29] In November 2023, he was suspended by South Korea pending a police inquiry into the claims.[30] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hwang_Ui-jo
  5. I'll likely renew, not because I am in support of the board & current management. Nor am I happy with some of the dross the squad is producing. That being said I will be there, I will support, I have faith things will get better. It is my own time that I can get away from everyhing for a few hours. That being said an increase in prices wouldn't be welcomed, our current prices are high as it is. Surely just getting Gibson off our wage bill will do far more than offset a 3% increase for all season ticket holders.
  6. The one thing that confuses things for me is that each time he gets the ball he runs out wide instead of cutting inside or going down the middle. I'm not sure if that is being coached or whether instinctive but it makes his job so much harder! I'd love to see him bullying defenders about and playing off the shoulder of the last defender! He is a big boy and clearly has some talent, just needs better coaching to unlock it. I'm sure he has a big future in football and seems to enjoy the squad getting behind him!
  7. Not by a long shot, he is one of the few forward thinking players we have, he is always trying to run the ball forward rather than playing back to goal. granted his end product is a bit lacking, but the work rate and passion is there. I found he was most effective when he was brought on for the last 20mins of a game, when he would just run at the defence; definately not the answer for a 90min player!
  8. Thats exactly how a rolling contract works. He has a renewal date that will be hit in January, and it will continue UNLESS one of the parties chose to terminate at that point. So if we chose to part ways in January we don't owe him any pay off, we just part ways and his contract never rolls over for another year. Here is how it is defined: "The 12 Month Rolling Contract This is a contract that is often mentioned in relation to managers and coaches of football clubs and is favoured because it allows a person to be employed for one season during which the fortunes of the club may change; promotion or demotion may, in the club’s eyes be tackled better with a new person in charge, for instance. The 12 Month Fixed-term Contract is well understood by most people to be one that ends automatically when the season ends but many are confused when the word “Rolling” is included. Many users of social media have said that they interpret a 12 Month Rolling Contract to be a standard Indefinite-term contract as defined in the first section above and the notice period for either party is 12 months, rather than a more normal 30 days. However, this is not the case: a 12 Month Rolling Contract is a 12 Month Fixed-term Contract, as defined in the second section above, that includes clauses under which each party can ask the other to renew it, or “roll it over”; either party can decide not to renew and there is no obligation on either side to pay compensation in such a case. Thus, a typical Fixed-term Rolling Contract will normally include a date at which both parties should indicate whether they wish the contract to roll over at the termination date; this will often be set some months earlier than termination rather than being something like 30 days and allows each party sufficient time to find alternative employment or employees. There is no limitation to what clauses can be added to such fixed-term rolling contracts and it is perfectly possible to add events such as promotion or relegation to the rollover decision. Of course a normal Fixed-term Contract can be renewed when it ends but the benefit of the Rolling Fixed-term Contract is that both parties declare their intentions well in advance. Many a football manager/coach has been left in limbo until late in the season by indecisive club owners and Chairmen; the rolling contract helps to minimise this by allowing discussions between both parties to occur early and plans to be laid." So as mentioned, if we wait till January and choose not to roll over his contract, he leaves in Jan and we're not out of pocket compensation wise.
  9. Wagner won't go till January when his contract is up. We won't pay to get rid when we only have a few months left. It is also difficult to find someone else who would want to take on the job with us sat in the bottom half of the table, an aging demoralised squad and 0 funds to improve our position in January without selling one of our few assetts. I also fear that if we rush we'll end up with another terrible journeyman like Dean Smith with the owners telling us "Well you asked for it" I think January will at least give the new man a few months to hopefully make the right choice of replacement, stamping his influence on the club. but it does ultimately leave us in a bad place till then
  10. I think Idah has more to offer than Hwang at the moment. One thing I don't understand is his insistance on running wide, he does the hardwork dropping the defender then instinctively runs wide towards the corner flags then finds himself alone. He needs to realise he is the striker and needs to be getting central or towards the box! Let the wingers or full back do the wide work! He also seems to be played as the big target man, being asked to hold it up, yet when our def/mid get the ball they don't look for him yet push it back to the keeper instead. I don't think the squad has worked out he isn't pukki, he's more a Jordan Rhodes, He isn't going to do the intelligent runs driving towards the goal! he needs to be in and around the box, drawing fouls, and getting his noggin on crosses. He needs the squad to be giving him the ball more often and letting him take a few chances. Watching yesterday I would have been so frustrated playing upfront or as an attacking player. every time the play turned over, the forward thinking players start running for the break, only for gibbo to slow it down and pass it back to the keeper. Our forward players wasted so much energy on those pointless runs! Whatever you think of Idah, he is a better option than Hwang who brings nothing!!
  11. I am in the Wagner out camp. Not purely on results but on two things, he can control, which cause the results. The first is fitness, we seem to be lacking it, at one point i'm sure Wagner promised us the "fittest team in the league" - the majority of the players are knackered from 60mins, was a massive difference between the Farke Norwich team who were scoring late goals due to being much fitter and could go for 100 mins+.- we saw this against leeds, they still had legs when out team was dead on their feet. The second is Mentality, we have gone from being a collective unit to a team that points and moans at each other, when we lost the goal, there was no collective "Ok its happened, lets work to fix this" there were about 6 players shouting at each other blaming one another. When a team has no cohesian and just passes the blame around, it doesn't bode well. I am sure there is a proverb about a house divided and its very true. These are two sections where Wagner is in control, but is failing miserably
  12. I don't hate it, but not overly sold on it, think its the neck line and the lines. Tis a shame as I really liked last years away kit, personally think that was the best away kit in years! - it is all personal preference though, not everyone has the same tastes! Can't complain that Joma make "samey" off the shelf shirts though like some providers.
  13. I am coming to the end of my current provider, the guy who ran it has also done a runner. Happy if someone can provide me a PM with some weblinks or a decent provider so I can weigh up my options.
  14. I feel the odd one out, everyone seems excited with this signing but I can't get my head around why. Here is a player who has only scored 10 or more goals in the championship or above twice in his whole career, who will have no resale value yet presumably quite chunky wages and a signing on fee etc. When we take this season alone into account he is no better than Jordan Hugill statistically speaking whom we sold as he wasn't good enough. It is such a weird signing for Norwich to do and I can't get excited by it. Maybe my expectations are too high for Norwich and I need to accept our policy of signing younger players who have yet to fulfill their potential like Maddison, Buendia, Tzolis, Dowell, Placheta, Sargent, Sara, Nunez etc is over. I guess its not worked every time on the pitch but it gives a bit of sparkle and excitement of what might be when you hear of the younger players joining us! **Disclaimer, I slagged off the Signing of Pukki too as "he is never going to cut it having failed in the SPL"... maybe this means Barnes becomes a legend of our game too.
  15. its a win win for me tonight, Heart says I want Norwich to Win, Pocket says QPR. I invested in the QPR bond after doing well with the Norwich one, I really don't want them to be relegated! After Boro I have resigned to watching Championship football again next season, and I am ok with that! If we get to Playoffs I can't see we've enough about us to get out of it. In my opinion it is all free hits now! I'd like to see Wagner blooding in a load of youth to get some game time before next season.
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