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  1. Indy_Bones

    Match Thread V ManC

    What a phenomenal performance from the lads! Nobody saw it coming (unless you count LDC ofc :D), but we played our own game, didn't give a damn who they were, and that's probably the most well-deserved points against ANY top club we'll see all season, just outstanding. To think we had ELEVEN players out injured as well, our defence with just incredible, the work rate unbelievable, just what a result!!!
  2. Indy_Bones

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Remain is already off the table if anyone actually intends to honour the result of the initial referendum. That only gives 2 options - leave with a deal, or leave with no-deal. These are the only two democratic options (again, if the initial result is going to be honoured). No matter how either side chooses to spin it, the initial referendum was the largest ever mandate given for something in the UK, and the fact that we've spent THIS long deliberately trying to avoid it happening is a disgrace of the highest order. The fact that parliament is able to completely de-rail the process either because they didn't like the initial result, or because none of them can even vaguely agree on a deal scenario, makes it even more ridiculous. The government either has to have the balls to come out to the public and state "We don't care how you voted in 2016, we're refusing to leave", or get on with actually making things happen - deal or no deal...
  3. Indy_Bones

    OT - EU straw poll...

    The problem with that Indy is that NOBODY can say with any degree of certainty what those consequences will actually be. You've got 'respected' economists on opposing sides claiming no-deal is either terrible or in fact extremely strong, with even muddier waters because nobody has any idea what the government would do in terms of tariffs, trade agreements and anything vaguely related to this if no-deal was the chosen path, nor what the responses of countries like the USA, China, India or any of the other 'big' trade options would be, should we go down that path either. You can't give the public accurate information if said information either doesn't exist, or is strongly opposed by alternative viewpoints that either could or couldn't be accurate anyway! Take into account the amount of spin, pure lies and absolute BS that made the rounds in the run up to the initial referendum (from both sides), and you've got a public that isn't even likely to trust the information that's passed out, and some would also argue that even if the information was 100% accurate, there will still be voters who oppose it out of either ignorance, stupidity or pure stubbornness, making any further referendum results also highly unreliable (again, regardless of which way it went). What I do find interesting about the whole debacle was the clear speech that Cameron made to the public, which very clearly stated that if the public voted to leave, we would leave, there would be NO re-negotiation, NO 2nd referendum, that once that choice had been made, we would LEAVE regardless. There was nothing mentioned about 'soft' or 'hard' brexits, nothing about Norway or Canada style deals, simply that we would LEAVE. Now whilst this in itself can be interpreted in different ways about what type of leave situation actually would happen or what Cameron actually intended at that point, what can't be argued is that instead of actually leaving, we've had years of attempting to prevent this from happening by hook or by crook by MP's within parliament. Call me naive, but I took that speech at face value (always risky when dealing with politicians I know), and I felt that whichever way the vote went, the result would take place, because it was a democratic vote based on a simple majority, not that whichever result happened, we'd have YEARS of arguing about it rather than respecting the result either way. I'm sure the "it was only an 'advisory' vote" line will be trotted out in response to this, but if you're going to simply ignore the result, then why waste the time, effort and finances even having the damn referendum in the first place! The whole situation stinks to high heaven, the UK parliament have made themselves look ridiculous on the global stage, and there's still no clear sign of it abating either, with Johnson looking as incompetent as expected, the opposition finding little support from the public either, and all the while the UK stagnates whilst these clowns debate incessantly, whilst still not being able to even get vaguely close to a consensus on ANY of the options available. What benefit will yet ANOTHER extension have in reality? They still can't agree on a way forward anyway!
  4. Indy_Bones

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I thought the whole point of MP's was to represent the views of their constituents in parliament, not do the opposite because they personally disagree with what their constituents democratically voted for...? MP's are supposed to be public servants, voted for by the public to correctly represent them and their views, not get into power and then do whatever the hell they feel like regardless of what their constituents want representing!
  5. Has be to Darren Eadie for me, his pace and attacking threat in this team would be incredible.
  6. Indy_Bones

    Zimbo back in Training!

    Of course it's the point. The TEAM performance was excellent, Hanley's was one of the weakest displays in that TEAM, and as BYG pointed out, was at fault for the goal, and didn't mark Joelinton for their best chance. It's not unfair to point this out and say we think Zimbo or Klose would be a better choice.
  7. Indy_Bones

    Norwich pride

    Because some people only visit the site to look at City related conversations and then unwittingly open an off-topic thread and get drawn into commenting, whereas others are just too lazy to open an extra tab rather than having everything on 1 visible page. I used to be a lot more active across a number of different forums, but time constraints and changing interests have reduced this steadily over the past few years, so I'm personally more inclined to comment on off-topic threads on sites I regularly visit rather than doing this across a number of others, and surely the opposite can be true of many posters as well?
  8. Indy_Bones

    Jamal Lewis

    Since when did pointing out that you feel a player could have done better in a situation suddenly become 'bashing'???
  9. Indy_Bones

    Which Number 22 would you rather have?

    Sutton was an excellent goal scorer and incredibly strong in the air, but Pukki's all-round game, work rate and clinical finishing take it for me.
  10. An extremely decent and honest individual who came at one of our worst periods in recent years, and who I have a lot of time for despite whatever else can be said about that season. I really hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. All the best Ricky.
  11. You rang? I think most posters on here know my views regarding RvW, and I really don't want to get into yet another pointless debate about the whole thing, as some people will only ever look at his poor scoring record after coming to us, or indeed the infamous 'ghost pass' and claim he's the worst striker ever known at the club which is clearly nonsense. In short, he had ZERO supply, ZERO support, was asked to play a totally unfamiliar role, and was badly affected by both the injury and a confidence crisis caused by the Hughton approach and teammates who simply weren't on his wavelength. Just watch his movement from the first part of the season before the injury and you'll see he was making runs and looking for balls to get onto and the rest of the team simply weren't providing them. Most of our play was focused through Snoddy on the wing, who'd spend 3 minutes trying to beat the same man 15 times and then finally provide a ball that was either 3 feet above RvW, 4 feet behind him, or he'd simply shoot himself or pass to a different teammate. What can your striker do with absolutely no supply unless he's someone like Ibrahimovic or similar who has that all-round game to compensate for the poor supply, and can drop back a bit more etc? RvW HAS to be played in a specific way to get goals, and there's absolutely no denying that he's a very limited striker in this respect, but you don't sign a player like Crouch and tell him to rely on speed and technique, you don't sign Zola and then sling in constant high balls for him to challenge the 6ft+ monster CB's like Van Dijk, and you don't sign RvW and ask him to play like Andy Carroll and then wonder why he's not doing anything. The most frustrating part is that Hughton had scouted RvW well before coming to Norwich, almost everyone in football knew what type of player he was and how he'd need to be used to have a chance in the Premier League, and yet instead he played him as a lone target man in a highly defensive and restricted tactic, and somehow we still have fans blaming the player rather than the idiot who totally mismanaged the guy...
  12. Indy_Bones

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Sorry, but which McLean were YOU watching??? Utterly anonymous for most of the game, and when he did appear he was either giving the ball away or making weak passes. That was probably his worst game since joining us and you think he did ok???? The fact that you've removed him from next weeks suggested side tells me you don't think he did ok either...
  13. Indy_Bones


    Krul 8.5 (MOTM) Aarons 7.5 Hanley 4 Godfrey 8 Lewis 7 Trybull 5 McLean 2 Buendia 6 Cantwell 7 Stiepermann 5 Pukki 8 Leitner 7 Hernandez 6 Drmic 5 Talking points: Krul was great throughout, I know it's hard to justify a high score when you've conceded 4, but he had pretty much no chance with any of them and his other stops prevented a possible cricket score, with the save from the freekick by TAA a real standout. Was a tough call between him and Godfrey for MOTM as Godfrey was strong throughout (having to cover Hanley half the time) and he improved even further 2nd half, a real superstar in the making. Hanley was unlucky with the own goal, but his overall defending was pretty poor. Bad marking, far too static and although he won a few strong headers towards the end of the match, I'd argue that he's the reason we conceded at least 2 of the goals. As a backup against weaker opponents he's fine, but boy did we need Klose or Zimm there last night, and boy do we need one of the back ASAP. Trybull struggled to contain them, which was not helped by the utterly useless/anonymous performance from McLean either. I think Amadou will likely take the spot when he's up to speed, but considering the situation, I don't think TT was anywhere near as bad as some made him out to be, and he was still a 100 times better than McLean who I struggled to even see on the pitch most of the game, and when I did see him, he was either giving the ball away or playing a weak pass. One of McLean's worst games since joining and he should have been subbed were it not for Trybull's cramping issue forcing Farke's hand. Buendia was quieter than usual, Cantwell did nothing to suggest he deserves to be dropped and was probably the best of the 3 behind Pukki, Stiepermann really struggled to get into the game for some reason. Pukki was Pukki, endless energy, some great runs and movement, and was unlucky to only get 1 on the scoresheet. Leitner the best of the 3 subs and made me wish we'd had him from the start instead of McLean, with Drmic barely getting a touch, but some good play from Onel in his short time on. Considering the quality of the opposition, especially away at a place like Anfield, I think we did ok. Without the defensive blunders and a bit more control in the middle and we'd have given them a real game, as at times we looked as good attacking as they did. No shame in losing to a side like Liverpool in this scenario, and gives me real belief we can go out next week and spank Newcastle.
  14. 1st goal is just unlucky from Hanley, most times that would be hoofed clear. 2nd goal they got lucky with the pinball effect and of course when Salah is the recipient you're in trouble. 3rd and 4th were just poor marking. We can't forget that Liverpool were fantastic last season, have world class players and that it was ALWAYS going to be a bloody tough start to the season. We just need to keep the score respectable and maybe get 1-2 back if vaguely possible and not hammer the players for struggling against a side of this quality.
  15. At least he's actually done something, I'm struggling to see McLean do ANYTHING, at first I thought the teamsheet was incorrect because he's been THAT absent I wasn't aware he was on the pitch ffs...