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  1. Indy_Bones

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    We massively overpaid for Wildschut and it was an obvious desperation move. Nelson clearly had the ability, but something else was going on with him that finally lead to his demise at the club (I wonder if we'll ever know?). Both RvW and Hooper were good players who were simply mis-used, and it was their misuse that caused the inevitable value drop. All that aside, the point stands somewhat, you can't just assume a player will hold or even increase their value just because we want it to, and there's a similar chance that they will also lose value if they fail to live up to expectations/promise.
  2. Indy_Bones

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Not sure how that's not even a yellow card for the challenge on Aarons there, if VAR can't see that the ref made an error then there's something badly wrong with the level of interpretation tbh. Saying that, the earlier blatant shove on Lewis got away scot-free as well, how many times do we need to get fouled before a ref actually does their job??? Defence is all at sea apart from Godfrey however, which is not unexpected in the current situation, but boy are we looking weaker than ever there, good job Godfrey and Krul have been churning out top rate performances to keep things from being ridiculous. Need to see more of the old Buendia though, and for god sake, give Pukki something to work with, he's been starved for the past 5 games ffs.
  3. Indy_Bones

    Steve Morison Retires.

    I'm not, as he really wasn't a very good striker, his pace was decent (although he spent too much time on the flanks instead of centrally despite being a striker), but his finishing was often poor and aside from that 1 purple patch in the champs promotion season, he was pretty rubbish for the rest of his time with us. He managed just 4 in the first 12 games of that season (with 2 of those against Bristol), then went a further TWENTY games without a goal, then managed to find "Billy's Boots" for the final 8 games and then promptly lost them and never found them again. It was a miserable return of 3 league goals in 22 games the season after in the Prem, and an even more miserable 1 league goal in 13 games the season after that, at which point we finally got rid of him, and he went on to dire season after dire season after that. One of those players that ran around a lot, apparently 'bringing others into the game', yet in fact, was just a poor striker who you'd more likely bet on to miss than finish most of the time. To think we kept him and signed players like Kei Kamara over keeping Chris Martin still baffles me to this day tbh. The ONLY time he was ever a 15+ goal striker was at Gillingham, and that says it all really. Nice enough chap apparently, but NEVER a premier league striker, and questionable if he was even Champs level most of the time...
  4. Last season I didn't think he was great either, but he seemed to contribute better and scored some important goals, but I'd still rather have had Leitner, Vrancic, Tettey or Trubyll selected ahead of him, just like I do now.
  5. That's because he's done virtually nothing in almost every game. Been totally anonymous most of the time IMHO.
  6. Indy_Bones

    Match thread

    Yes, but Tettey rarely played last season, Vrancic has been in and out of the side for months, although we are missing Trybull in the middle. I don't think Cantwell is doing much wrong and not sure Hernandez would be in ahead of him at present.
  7. Indy_Bones

    Match thread

    Klose and Zimmermann both out, along with Hanley, Godfrey carrying a Hernia problem and Amadou doing the best he can in a CB role, with McGovern behind - there's no f**king wonder we're struggling defensively ffs. What is worse for me however has been our non-existent midfield presence and composure, never seen Leitner misplace so many passes, McLean anonymous as usual, and yet again Steipermann struggling for about the 5th game in a row. Injuries are killing us at the back, but we need to be so much better in midfield as well. Man City seems like years ago.
  8. Indy_Bones


    Probably akin to the disbelief I get regarding my views on RvW!
  9. Indy_Bones

    Match Thread V ManC

    What a phenomenal performance from the lads! Nobody saw it coming (unless you count LDC ofc :D), but we played our own game, didn't give a damn who they were, and that's probably the most well-deserved points against ANY top club we'll see all season, just outstanding. To think we had ELEVEN players out injured as well, our defence with just incredible, the work rate unbelievable, just what a result!!!
  10. Has be to Darren Eadie for me, his pace and attacking threat in this team would be incredible.
  11. Indy_Bones

    Zimbo back in Training!

    Of course it's the point. The TEAM performance was excellent, Hanley's was one of the weakest displays in that TEAM, and as BYG pointed out, was at fault for the goal, and didn't mark Joelinton for their best chance. It's not unfair to point this out and say we think Zimbo or Klose would be a better choice.
  12. Indy_Bones

    Norwich pride

    Because some people only visit the site to look at City related conversations and then unwittingly open an off-topic thread and get drawn into commenting, whereas others are just too lazy to open an extra tab rather than having everything on 1 visible page. I used to be a lot more active across a number of different forums, but time constraints and changing interests have reduced this steadily over the past few years, so I'm personally more inclined to comment on off-topic threads on sites I regularly visit rather than doing this across a number of others, and surely the opposite can be true of many posters as well?
  13. Indy_Bones

    Jamal Lewis

    Since when did pointing out that you feel a player could have done better in a situation suddenly become 'bashing'???
  14. Indy_Bones

    Which Number 22 would you rather have?

    Sutton was an excellent goal scorer and incredibly strong in the air, but Pukki's all-round game, work rate and clinical finishing take it for me.
  15. An extremely decent and honest individual who came at one of our worst periods in recent years, and who I have a lot of time for despite whatever else can be said about that season. I really hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. All the best Ricky.