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  1. In regards to the diving/simulation situation, how many times have we seen players valiantly try to stay on their feet despite being blatantly fouled and nothing is given by the ref? It's almost become self-destructive in these situations to NOT 'dive' because that's seemingly the only way many players actually get given the foul leading to the pen, as their sportsmanship, grit and perseverance usually gets them nothing. The whole situation has spiralled out of control, and unless stricter measures and better interpretation of the rules are implemented, then this debacle will continue week after week, but sadly it's part of the greater sign that a lot of honesty and sportsmanship has gone from the game, and it's purely about money and results these days...
  2. Because it wasn't. I said in that post that Nani was unlikely at the time, and take out Ter Stegen, Auba and Isco, and the rest were all possibilities, and certainly not 'insane' suggestions. We even went on to sign Klose ffs!
  3. By that sort of logic, everyone from West Brom downwards had been in a relegation battle that season...
  4. Bear in mind that this would have been before that god awful season where we went down, when we finished 11th and had already agreed the deal to bring RvW in, so not a relegation battle at all at that point. Would he have turned down Leverkeusen for us? Possibly not, but we might have agreed the deal before they came in for him (like we did with RvW).
  5. Shame we didn't look to sign him when I suggested it 7 years ago...
  6. All online delivery slots for the next month were gone in the Rotherham area within 30 mins of the announcement. Luckily my wife has planned ahead since the last lockdown and already had the next 3 weeks covered, but I really do feel for those who struggle to get out and now can't get a home delivery. Get ready for panic buying yet again...
  7. I'm one of his biggest critics, I don't rate the guy at all, but he did have a good game today, and that was a great pass for Buendia. I'd still rather have Rupp or Tettey over him, but credit where credit is due today.
  8. Pretty much similar PC, it wasn't until someone actually mentioned Darts about 6 posts in that I had a clue what was being discussed! When you have to use Google to try and work out a thread, you know a clearer title would have helped!!! Last time I genuinely watched anything dart related it was Phil Taylor who was the man to beat, no idea who Chisnall is.
  9. Never, it's become a pointless competition that pales against the riches of the PL (either being there or getting there). They should bin the league cup completely IMHO, and I couldn't care less about the FA cup either as most of the big sides simply play reserves/kids.
  10. Probably also because their fans weren't happy with the appointment to begin with, due to dreading the type of football he'd play, and as we saw against us, I'm not sure a 7-2-1 formation did anything to encourage their watching fans differently. I Also heard a rumour from a Wednesday fan that Pulis had issues with some of their players (including Rhodes) who are apparently not happy with the way Pulis has behaved towards some of them and that he'd already lost the dressing room! Again, this is just a rumour, absolutely no confirmed source or proof but it would seem to fit the situation that's developed, but it could just as easily be numerous other reasons as well.
  11. Big name players almost always demand big name wages, and most who've done very well at PL level are likely to be asking for at least 60-100k a week (or more in cases like Costa for example), which would destroy our wage structure, disrupt unity and also not really fit in with our current approach. IF a deal could be done for a player to accept sensible wages in-line with our top earners AND they can still offer ability as well as experience, then great, but the likely options will either be over-priced or over-the-hill...
  12. I'd say he is, but as I don't rate Morris at all, that's hardly high praise...
  13. There's plenty of supporting evidence for my viewpoint, for example this article from 4-4-2: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/whats-point-crossing Or this one: https://spielverlagerung.com/2015/06/22/an-ineffective-tool/ Both show data which demonstrates how ineffective crossing is overall, and particularly with a side like ours with smaller, more technically gifted players, it's even less likely to work than it would for a side with an Andy Carroll or similar targetman.
  14. I don't think anyone has been claiming that Idah is that, but simply that on what many have seen on the pitch, alongside his youth, pace and potential, he already looks a better option than Hugill. This may well change, but at present I'd put Idah ahead of Hugill, and neither are close to Pukki.
  15. It's called "Chris Hughton Syndrome", a sad condition whereby a club will purchase talented players with good scoring records and then have the manager use them in a system that was never going to fit their style of play. I assume Webber found an old memo from 2013 in a dusty filing cabinet, describing the entire process and decided to replicate it on a cheaper scale to see if there was anything in it (or maybe just for the banter). We only have to wait another 7 years to see if this is part of a repeating cycle and can look forward to us signing a lightning fast striker who makes runs behind the defence, only to see them asked to go play as a target man against the new Virgil Van Dijk each week...
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