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  1. Indy_Bones


    My respect for this guy just goes up and up. Was a pleasure to watch on the pitch, and a total gent off it.
  2. For men - no, for women, children, the elderly or similar - yes. Men, in general, take action quicker and more decisively than Women - particularly in times of danger (this has been demonstrated in a number of studies btw), Men tend to have greater physical strength as well, which means they are more likely to be able to do what is necessary to get someone out of the way if a problem arises also. Being fair, in 40 years of being on this planet, I've only had to react a handful of times to these type of situations, but in every occasion, the person next to me was thankful for my actions, rather than feeling I was being sexist or condescending.
  3. Therein lies my major contention, why is it now considered patronising to do things for the potential safety and security of someone? When walking at night, I've always made the effort to cross the road if possible when a female is walking in front of me, so as to not make them worry they are being followed and possibly attacked, this is purely to make them feel safer and not in any way threatened - especially if they are alone. Similarly, if I position myself on the roadside of the pavement, odds are that if a car, debris or anything else comes towards the pavement, I'm likely to be first in the firing line and can actively work to get the other person out of the way if necessary. This doesn't mean that a woman cannot look after herself or anything like that, but seriously, what is actually wrong with acting in a way as to show you're looking out for their best interests in order to protect against possible danger??? Why does genuine consideration for another human being now have to be constantly analysed to look for potential offence, instead of it just being taken in the manner intended, which is respectful in its entirety?
  4. It's all part of the same point King. Many stay-at-home dads are ridiculed for doing so, being described as 'unmanly' and 'turning into a woman', rather than being respected as a loving and responsible parent who isn't bound by gender stereotyping. My statement about chivalry and similar is that we live in a society where many claim that respect has gone out of the window, yet often when performing actions that have always traditionally conveyed respect, instead many men are painted as being chauvinists, or treating women contemptuously for daring to offer to open a door, pay for a meal, or even walk on the side of the pavement next to the road (the final of which is something I've ALWAYS done, and will never stop doing). By trying to be the 'nice guy', we're instead vilified as an unwanted throwback to a bygone era, then told in the next breath that men have no respect for women any more... Simply explaining something politely and clearly is now 'mansplaining', purely sitting comfortably (bearing in mind we do have something between our legs that does get in the way) is now 'manspreading', and it appears that there is a concerted effort to make men behave as though they were, in fact, women, leaving many men utterly confused as to what their place is supposed to be in the new world order that feminism created. There should be no debate about which gender can or indeed should be the 'breadwinner', both options are equally viable, as it's equally viable for the father to be the parent who stays at home whilst the mother is out at work, yet this is not readily accepted either. To give a perfect (and personal) example, about 5 years ago, my wife and I decided to switch round in terms of being the parent at home, and she went to work in a school whilst I left my job as a team manager to stay at home to deal with childcare, housework and all the things my wife had been doing previously. Interestingly, during this period I received a lot of VERY disparaging remarks from people claiming I was a lazy dole bludger (I wasn't claiming JSA, Disability or anything outside of a small amount of tax credits), that I wasn't a 'real man', as a 'real man' goes to work so his wife doesn't have to, and numerous other comments which were in no way supportive of the choice we'd made together in regards to bringing up our children and how the work arrangements were made. Yet when I tried to point out how 'old-fashioned', stereotyped or ridiculous these views were to other people, it made not a blind bit of difference, as apparently, I should have been at work, doing DIY at the weekends, and expecting my wife to provide the happy home on my return from said work. That was the view of society that I experienced personally, and I wonder how many others are getting the same response when they try to adapt and develop to a modern relationship, when society itself still views this area in the same way they have for the past few millennia, yet I open a door for a woman and I'm some sort of sexist scumbag...
  5. It doesn't, but the key problem is that in many cases it's extremely difficult to afford even a relatively simple lifestyle if both parents are on minimal wages. As pointed out, childcare costs verge on exorbitant at times, and I know many years ago when my wife and I were looking at this, we found that the childcare cost alone was basically the same as a day's wage for someone on the lower end of the wage scale, so in essence they are going to work almost purely to pay for the childcare needed because they're not at home, which is utterly pointless. Current figures suggest that childcare averages around £242 per week for full-time coverage (which is approx £48.40 per day), the current minimum wage is £8.21, so on an average of 7.5 hours per day (37.5 hours per week, which is normal) that's a daily wage of £61.58, take away tax and NI of around 20% and you get £49.26 per day, minus the £48.40 for childcare and you're left with an actual wage of 0.86 pence, so £4.30 a week left after childcare costs... I wouldn't choose to basically give up parental responsibility during the day and have someone else looking after my kids in exchange for 86p a day, it's utterly ludicrous. As the article I linked pointed out, this was a family of 5 living on a single wage, who could happily afford a house, car, TV and live quite comfortably, this is a complete pipe dream in the current market, as even couples with BOTH people working can struggle to even get on the housing ladder, and thus we see the ever-widening gap, with no sign of abatement either. It doesn't make a difference if it's the man or woman staying at home (apart from limited situations e.g. Breastfeeding where the woman can't express enough at night to cover the man in the day), but the fact that finances these days make this impossible instead of personal choice is the sticking point.
  6. Indy_Bones

    The Champions

    I think McLean is going to be one of those players that it's often tough to really see exactly what they are bringing half the time, yet when you analyse the underlying data, it shows a very different player than mere observation alone allows. I'm probably one of the only people who never rated Roy Keane, thought he was an overrated, bad tempered, frequently dirty player, who wasn't a patch on people like Vieira in a similar role, but you can't argue with Man Utd's trophies or SAF's belief in the guy.
  7. Alan Dzagoev would be an interesting possibility however...
  8. Indy_Bones

    £13m for a 20 yr old Championship Defender

    If we had mega-rich owners then it would already be done, but instead we are being managed sensibly and within our financial constraints and with that in mind it's VERY tough to justify that level of spending on extra seating, particular when we have no idea what league we'll be in the year after next (here's to hoping it's still the Prem), or if in fact we'd even consistently fill those seats either.
  9. Indy_Bones


    I can guarantee you're right about that HIWEM! I can't handle anything that employs 'Death Growling' or similar to convey lyrics, it just hurts both my ears and my sensibilities and offers zero musicality to me. It's kind of tricky when you work alongside someone in a truck all day and they thoroughly enjoy that sort of thing as well! 'Classic' screaming such as Ian Gillan from DP is no problem (Child in Time is just amazing), but the more modern sound which appears to be someone strangling a bear just doesn't cut it for me tbh.
  10. Indy_Bones


    No way was it the worst song on the night though, and that's the point that sticks in the craw somewhat. I have no problem with accepting our entry was very run of the mill and absolutely not deserving of a win in any shape or form, but to suggest that many of the other entries which were pretty dire as being significantly better than our entry is a complete joke.
  11. Indy_Bones


    Were they the ones that clad themselves in bondage gear, whilst screaming into a microphone all while some guy in the back swung a hammer from side to side? Worst song of the night if it was them for me, don't even know how that can qualify as music tbh, but hope you enjoy the show, Reykjavik is a great place to visit.
  12. Take a look at this article from the Guardian which for me explains one of the biggest problems we currently face in the UK: 60's to Now The comparisons are stark, with only a single wage coming in, a family of five could not only afford to get a mortgage on a nice 3-bed semi, but also own a nice car, and even have the relative luxury of a TV as well. Compare this to now where even families with 1-2 children (sometimes none) and with BOTH parents working, are STILL struggling to get a mortgage even with TWO wages, never mind just one... Political correctness, the right to be offended at pretty much anything, and a growing sense that our own government are so far detached from the average man or woman that they have no idea how to represent us accordingly only add to the mire, and have thus led to situations such as where many parents feel completely at the mercy of their children who now apparently have the right to just tell you to f**k off, and there's not much you can do about it other than put them on a naughty step (but not for too long as they have rights you know), all for fear of being hauled up on child abuse charges should you dare to do anything more stringent. Respect for people in positions of authority such as the Police has gone down the drain (not helped at times by their own behaviour, or the crazy amount of paperwork now needed to accompany every single incident), schools are increasingly teaching in ways that favour female students, suppress competition whilst promoting the ridiculous "Everyone's a Winner" motto, and all whilst teaching more and more things that bear frankly no relevance in the real world (After 40 years I have yet to discover the value of knowing that Wat Tyler was the leader of the peasants revolt outside of a potential pub quiz question), and even what were previously viewed as unarguable facts of science such as gender, are now open to full interpretation, with Women saying they are Men, Men being Women, and still others stating they are in fact aliens or attack helicopters... Climate change is speeding towards us like a Bullet Train, with natural resources depleting increasingly by the second, accompanied by massive overpopulation globally, yet instead of diverting the necessary time, money and effort into dealing with these issues, instead the Ostrich routine takes front of stage, or even worse - flat out denial of facts despite all evidence to the contrary, but hey, some rich guys are still making billions right? Celebrities used to be actually famous people that pretty much had done something to earn their fame, whereas nowadays 'talent' can be anything from cementing your head into a microwave, not knowing which country borders England to the West, or simply from posting incessant photos of yourself in more and more meaningless situations for the apparent gratification of others. Dogs have gone from "Man's best friend" to being a fashion accessory, modern cars have all the fluency of design shown by a 5-year-old with a box of lego (they're all basically the same shape with 4 wheels), and there is more interest shown in a cat with a grumpy face than there is in people actually bothering to attend a polling stating to decide the future of the country. The whole thing has gone to hell in a handbasket, for all our technological and scientific breakthroughs, common sense has been ditched along with the bathwater (and probably soon the babies as well), selfishness and the "right" to act like a complete a$$hole are favoured over decency, integrity and simple honest morals, and sadly, nice guys STILL finish last even though half of woman kind regularly complain about there being no decent men anymore, yet get offended if someone dares to display chivalry and traditional values in front of them as a mark of respect. I'm not even sure things CAN be saved, because it would take a GLOBAL change to have any sort of real impact, and after thousands of years, we can't even stop arguing over which fictional sky deity is apparently the right one, never mind look for a common consensus on a way forward which not only stops us from destroying everything, but which brings back simple, basic respect and decency to ALL others, regardless of Gender, Sexual Orientation, Skin Colour or preference over what colour the ideal slice of toast should be... Still, I keep getting told that "We've never had it so good", so maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe I'd rather live in the past that face an increasingly sad and pathetic looking future?
  13. Indy_Bones

    Nelson Oliveira

    The truth is that unless you are a Messi or Ronaldo level player (and even then there are still limits), you HAVE to play in the way that the coach/manager is asking you to, and players that are unable or unwilling to do so will soon find themselves on the sidelines no matter what their ability level may be. Nelson is clearly a talented player with real ability and if the stories from teammates are accurate, then he's also a popular guy, but all of that means nothing if you're not willing to work with your coach and teammates to play in the way required on match days. Farke is one of the best man managers I've seen in modern football, he's instilled self-belief and true team ethics into this squad of players, and if he doesn't feel that he can get Nelson to contribute in the way needed for the team, then all else becomes moot. The fact that we already had a sale clause inserted into Nelson's loan deal to Reading speaks volumes, but we can never say never, and I'd agree that although from a talent aspect, he's well above Morris, Srbeny and Rhodes, from other angles they appear to offer more of what Farke is looking for from his players. Reading may not be able to afford to sign Nelson however, which means we're either doing a fire sale on him to get rid, or maybe (just maybe), there's a crazy outside chance he could return and still have a part to play in his Norwich saga, but I'd still put my money on us bringing in 1-2 other strikers instead over his return to playing for us.
  14. The first ever time I got a players name and number on a city shirt, it was Darren Eadie. I remember him breaking onto the scene and watching in absolute joy at this somewhat diminutive winger (later a striker at times), that would seemingly have given Road Runner a tough challenge in a foot race, look like not only an outstanding young talent but potentially England's answer to the left-side dilemma they'd struggled with for too long. I was absolutely gutted when he got sold to Leicester, much more so than when we sold Sutton for a record fee, and truthfully, even more gutted when I saw he'd had to retire due to his ongoing knee problems. It's really hard to truly explain to younger generations of fans the speed and potential Eadie actually had. He may not have had the pure foot skills/dribbling of a Huckerby or Ronaldo, he may not have had the pure finishing of a world class striker, but there was something exhilarating in watching him play at times, and sadly YouTube footage of Eadie during his 17 goal season in 96/97 is seemingly nowhere to be found either. What's he's done since then in being open and upfront about the mental health issues he's struggled with for so long, is critically underappreciated, and the fact that like many people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and similar issues, he's put on a brave face, tried to remain professional, all the while being friendly and honest with fans gives him great credit. I certainly hope that he continues to be able to deal with his issues and that he remains a beacon to not just fans, but others in the sport and in truth in ANY field, in addressing the often horrible reality that mental health problems pose in even simple day to day life, and keeps spreading the message that it's not just ok, but often ESSENTIAL to ask for help, from both friends and professionals regardless of who you are or what you do. All the best Darren.
  15. Indy_Bones

    Kit nerds assemble

    Ever thought that sizing should be sensible and not way off, rather than making snide remarks about someone that you've probably never even met??? Imagine if you bought a medium size but when you tried to put it on, it was the equivalent of an extra small in other clothing brands, should everyone tell YOU to go on a diet?, or would you expect people to understand that there was clearly a sizing problem and try to get this info back to the club for future shirt production? Funny how society apparently won't stand for racist abuse, religious abuse, disability abuse, gender abuse and homophobia and numerous other similar issues, but mention someone is carrying a few extra pounds, and people feel entitled to make fat jokes and spew weight-related abuse around...pretty sad really...