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  1. Yep, bread is a thing of the past for me, haven't had any in months, with the closest thing to it being Salt & Vinegar Rice Cakes as a snack now and again. I went from 3 sugars in my tea/coffee, to none and now only drink Black Coffee, Green Tea with Lemon and Water (instead of the 2ltr of 'Zero' sugar pop a day I was having). Chocolate is also pretty much gone, with the only thing vaguely close to it being a daily protein bar which satisfies my sweet tooth, but with virtually no sugar and 30g of protein to boot, it's an excellent substution for me. Funny how I'm now eating far less than I used to, but feel far less hungry throughout the day. Frustrated at myself for not doing this years ago, as if I'd realised it was genuinely going to be this straightforward, I'd have been in far better health a long time ago.
  2. Decided I'd had enough of being the size of a small cow 6 months ago, changed my eating habits, started exercising and weight training, and pretty much cut out sugar from my diet full stop. I'm now down in weight from 24 and a half stone to 16 stone 3lbs, with another 10lbs to go to hit my target weight of 15.5 stone (98kg). My type 2 diabetes has also improved massively, with my last two blood test results showing I was maintaing my Hba1C levels in the normal range for those without any form of diabetes (38 mmol), and I've already been taken off half the medication for this in the process, so just the metformin to go really. Gone from a 52-54" waist to a 38", and t-shirts have dropped from a 5-6XL down to XL/2XL depending on brand. Pretty pleased with the changes to be honest, and looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 6 months!
  3. Reminds me a bit of the old Global Hypercolour tops (I still miss them despite how cringe they may be)!
  4. That takes me back FTW, played it first on the SNES, then again later on the Amiga. Absolutely loved that game, shame they don't make em like that anymore!
  5. 1. B. Gunn 2. Culverhouse 3. Bowen 4. Bruce 5. Fleming 6. Hucks 7. Eadie 8. Fashanu 9. Sutton 10. R. Fox 11. Goss 12. Deehan 13. Green 14. Wessi 15. Klose 16. C. Martin 17. Buendia 18. McVeigh 19. Kenton 20. Francis 21. O'Neill 22. Pukki 23. Maddison 24. Howson 25. Pinto 26. Lewis 27. Tettey 28. A. Gunn 29. RVW 30. Bassong 31. Hanley 32. Evans 33. McGovern 34. Gibson 35. Godfrey 36. Cantwell 37. Aarons 38. Oxborough 39. VOO 40. Tomkinson 41. Dorrans 42. Gibbs 43. Famewo 44. Omo 45. Springett 46. Rowe 50. Barden 56. J. Martin
  6. And if that's genuinely how we'd have to play to stay in the league, then I'd rather go down and have hopefully another superb champs season to bounce back up again. I have zero interest in watching the style of football played by the likes of Burnley (or Stoke in their better years), that would be like going back to watching us 2nd season under Hughton which was worse to watch than this one (or the last PL season during Covid) has been. The game has changed phenomenally since our heady days of the late 80's to early 90's, but we always managed to play good football despite not having big name players on our books, whereas now it appears almost impossible to do that in a game destroyed by money and greed, but the solution isn't to play like Burnley either, because it's simply not worth the trade-off in being able to enjoy the game just to scrape 17th each season...
  7. Gilmour provides a stark contrast to Skipp in this scenario (despite their differing roles on the pitch). Skipp arrived without anywhere near the fanfare Gilmour did though well regarded by Spurs fans, but put in outstanding performances week after week and it was blatantly obvious not only what he was bringing to the team but how beneficial this was for us, and we loved him for it. On the flip side, Gilmour arrived being touted as the next big thing, a massive coup for a club like us, the midfield maestro who could control the game and tempo whilst flinging passes around like the new Pirlo, instead we've got a barely average performance from him pretty much every game, there's no control, little to no great passing, and his lack of physicality means he can't even really contribute on the defensive part of the game either. Does it mean Gilmour is a bad player? absolutely not, but he hasn't shown anywhere near the attributes we were hoping to see, partially because we've been pretty awful as a side for most of the season, but conversely he's barely made an impact, and when fans are clamouring for Sorensen or Rupp to play instead of him, you do have to question what's going on. I'm sure he'd look better in a side like Chelsea or other similarly talented teams as Parma points out, where they are in control of the match and he has greater time and latitude to play his game, but outside of that, and certainly in the scenario we are in as a club, he's simply not worked out at all. Would I have him on a free - absolutely, because there's no doubt there's talent there, but I also think we'd need to make wholesale changes to the squad to develop and facilitate this, and I frankly don't think we'd look to build around him in that situation, and certainly not like we would have done for a Maddison or Buendia.
  8. And were any clubs actually making bids for his services, because I don't remember seeing any genuine bids made for him from 'bigger' teams despite the usual rumouts floating around in the media. Let's face it, if a genuinely better side had wanted him, he'd have been gone, but again, I didn't see anyone waving 30mil+ in Brentford's direction, so it's a bit disingenuous to try to use the "they didn't sell their best player" as a stick against the club isn't it, when the situations were quite different?
  9. I keep being told that decisions even out over a season (even if our human confirmation bias might say otherwise), so why is a bad VAR call in a single game the defining moment of a season? Would we make a similar argument that if Pukki's goal against Spurs hadn't been ruled out by VAR then the whole season would have changed? Sounds more like revisionism to be honest, and I'm sure we can all point to decisions from multiple games that if they had gone differently, would likely have changed at least a result if nothing else, but over the course of a season, it's very tough to argue that it was pure luck that a side stayed up because of a single VAR call. Villa were actually pretty good last season, had some excellent results against top teams, and finished 11th, you can purely attribute that to finances if you like (although I'm sure Liverpool and Chelsea have spent more than them, so what was their excuse for losing?), but the real problem this year seems to have been enforced changes in terms of personnel and tactics, either through sales, injuries or even board pressure to play Ings together with Watkins etc. Smith moved away from playing the way that got them results last season and it's cost him badly, there could be multiple reasons for this change, but they certainly didn't look like they were playing with the same confidence and freedom as last season, much like how we haven't either...
  10. Not in the PL he doesn't, and I'm not even a fan of Dean Smith, but let's not ignore facts here.
  11. I respect your opinion regarding the football being played, but by most standards, the PL is regarded as not just the richest, but the best and most prestigious league in world football. According the UEFA we have the top league by co-efficient: https://www.espn.com/soccer/uefa-europa-league/story/4373377/premier-league-ranked-no-1-league-in-europe-by-uefaovertaking-la-liga Point being, that the PL is a draw for almost ANY manager, and whilst we can debate the merits and internal competitiveness of differing leagues, most managers would rather take a job in the PL than in a more 'balanced' league and most would likely rather opt to go to teams lower down in the PL than teams in other countries in a similar position in their own respective leagues.
  12. Got to be looking like a better and more possible scenario after today's info hasn't he?
  13. My first point here is that the majority of the supposed candidates haven't been revealed by the club, it's based on media and bookies odds rather than confirmed information. I fully believe they may well have spoken to Lampard and also possibly Dean Smith, but nobody knows for sure what the actual shortlist looks like or what conversations may or may not have taken place since Farke was removed. Secondly, in response to the above point you made Hank, much of this can come down to multiple factors such as whether or not the new manager may already be domestically based, what contracts they may have with an existing club and gaining permission to speak to them, and the all important situation of organising the backroom staff to come with them. Some managers will already have a clear view of who'd they'd like with them, but this doesn't always mean it's a simple case of asking them and they leave their current employer the same day. Let's say we have approached Favre, he wanted time out of the game to recharge, and may also want to consider who he'd like to bring with him, and then begin the negotiations to get them if possible, and none of that is an overnight scenario. I think we'd all have liked a shorter time frame for answers here, but if we take an extra few days, or even an extra week, but it brings in the manager we want, surely that's more important than rushing to announce someone isn't it? Let's face it, most of the players are on international duty, so there wasn't going to be much interaction between them and the new manager in the short-term anyway regardless of who it may be. As tough as it is, I'd urge patience and hope that the delay is because we're simply working through complications to get the person we truly want, rather than a scenario where the club are flapping and don't know who to bring in despite sacking Farke.
  14. Then why exclude Favre from the options Ken???? Surely if a large proportion of the supporters on this board would prefer an option who's been deliberately omitted from the poll, then the results are not only somewhat meaningless, it also fails to convey a message to our club who the small minority of supporters who use this board would like to see them appoint? Chances are that the club pay little to no attention to debates on a forum, but on the off chance that someone does, why wouldn't we want to accurately show a preferred candidate? I'd argue that this poll should be scrapped, make a new one including Favre and a few of the other options listed by the bookies, and let the fans vote accordingly.
  15. It's not so much about having an open mind, we're discussing who we as supporters would ideally like in the role and giving our personal opinions and views as to why. Whoever is appointed will get my full support, and I expect the same would be true of any genuine supporter of our club, but that doesn't mean I can't state why I'd prefer option A over option B or option C, because until that appointment is made, we're free to debate amongst ourselves the relative merits of all possibilities. I'd much rather we were looking at seeing if Favre is a possibility than any other name that's been mentioned, but that doesn't mean that if we end up bringing in Lampard, Smith or whoever that I won't get behind my club and hope for the best. I'm very much a data/logic guy over emotion, and based on past records, Favre is so far ahead of everyone else it's not funny, and it's also why I'm not overly impressed by any of Lampard, Smith or Knutsen for that matter. It doesn't mean I'm right (or wrong for that matter), but the whole point of a discussion board is to actually discuss things...
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