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  1. I've always found it hilarious that the Champions League features so many teams who weren't champions...
  2. If they were all on 25k a year, then it's the equivalent of 1 months wages for Ozil to cover all of them for that year (and still have 25k spare)... If that doesn't show how disgusting the situation is, nothing will.
  3. I think the biggest problem they'd face with that setup Haus is one of deciding exactly what classifies as 'local' in UK terms. In the US they often cite being within 100 miles of the place as being local, yet for most of us here, that represents a significant journey and absolutely isn't local in any shape or form. I'd argue that within 20-30 miles is local in UK terms, which would put our boundaries as far west as Swaffham/Thetford way and wouldn't even include Ipswich if so (is this a bonus or setback based on our geographic location?). I certainly don't see travelling for over an hour as 'local', and just to get to Peterborough you're talking about nearly 2 hours which is around 80 miles away from Norwich (which would count in the US system), so sensible decisions would need making about exactly how far outside the radius is deemed reasonable.
  4. Pukki showed in the first half of the season that he absolutely was good enough for the PL. You don't score 11 goals in half a season if you're rubbish, and had his scoring continued at that rate, he'd have been challenging the likes of Vardy for the golden boot ffs! What happened in that second half of this season was very reminiscent of the relegation season under Hughton, in that good supply to the striker simply wasn't there most of the time, which then put pressure on the striker to try to make something happen, and it all devolved into a downward spiral because that supply issue was not resolved. I'm not saying his toe injury didn't play a part, but you only have to look at the difference in how we played as a side post-lockdown (and after the Jan transfer window) to realise that Pukki's dip in form was primarily caused by the support he was getting from behind him, rather than him suddenly failing as a footballer. I have no concerns that he can easily score 15-30 goals a season in the Champs if we get back to playing how we did before promotion, what does worry me is the lack of options should he be injured and we're then having to rely on a still young Idah (who may do well), or a completely unproven Sinani (assuming that Drmic is leaving of course).
  5. Do you really think we need more wingers at this point TJ? Our priority has to be replacing Drmic with a geninuely good striker who can challenge/replace Pukki, and ability to play on the wing doesn't factor into this equation for me. Not saying Roofe wouldn't have been a decent consideration, but role flexibility has to take a back door to performance in the key position, otherwise we end up with a team of McLean's and Rupp's instead...
  6. Pukki may not have been at his best since the New Year, but in truth, neither has been his supply either, so is it any surprise that his goals dried up at the same time as we did as a team? He can't play as a target man/hold up player, if he drifts to the side we don't have the players pushing up to give him passing options, and without the likes of Vrancic giving him wonderful through balls to work off, he's simply been left as a lonely figure who's constantly having to drop deep to try to make something happen. Pukki hasn't become poor overnight, but unless we can restore his supply levels, he'll continue to struggle for goals, and I don't blame him for snatching at chances on the rare occasions we've managed to give him something half-decent to work with.
  7. Shackell was vastly underrated for us IMHO, and compared to many of the other players we've had since he left, he'd have been better than a large majority of them.
  8. Surely that depends on how any deal/service is structured though Kenny? I don't disagree that we'll never see the sort of TV deals in the Champs you get in the PL, but as a pay-per-view, high quality tv/streaming service, I think you'll find far more takers than you might expect, and thus a possibly strong additional income stream for clubs at this level to help bolster their finances. The ITV deal was a mess from beginning to end, and technology and interest are both far better now than it was then, so I don't think we should use that as a real yardstick to judge by. A better version of iFollow is absolutely worth discussing at this point.
  9. Wouldn't be disappointed if McLean moved on for a sensible price, although I can't see Rupp going anywhere at this point. Both can probably do a decent enough job in the Champs (jury still out for many on Rupp), but neither excel nor excite in their respective positions.
  10. I'd still rather have Ruddy here as cover for Krul than I would McGovern as at least he's shown he's able to play at the top level at one point, whereas the likes of Rudd and Steer just haven't. As for the rest, the only ones worth considering are the ones we could never afford e.g. Mads, Kane etc.
  11. I disagree on this point Cap. I'd happily pay a reasonable sum each month to watch our games live each week, particularly if attendance isn't allowed at grounds (or is highly restricted for distancing etc), as the argument it would prevent ticket sales would be a moot point. I've always maintained that fans who aren't relatively local to their club should have the option to pay to view games, with a fair share going to the club as part of a specific tv/streaming deal. I stopped paying for Sky Sports as they only managed to show 5-6 games a season for us, which absolutely wasn't worth £20+ per month to not see us play, whereas I'd happily pay £15-20 a month just for access to watch our games in good quality, without buffering each week. Like many fans who live a few hours away from the ground, it's not financially viable for me to attend home games (and I can only manage away games at places like Barnsley, Sheffield etc, and that's only if I can manage to get a ticket), so they aren't losing any income from me in terms of ticket sales, but they are losing potential income from what I'd pay to watch us each week. If there was a sensible radius around a club (much like how they do in the US, but on a MUCH bigger scale), then local fans wouldn't be able to watch unless they had proven reasons (disabilities etc) and thus maintaining attendance and ticket sales, but also allowing more income from outside the area to contribute to the club in the process. Complete Win-Win, especially in the current situation.
  12. Seemingly they can pay 350k a week for Ozil to do nothing though....
  13. I think it's insane we've got actual fans thinking selling Godfrey for 20 million is a great deal. At what point he has had a top class, experienced defensive partner next to him for any length of time to learn from? He has all the attributes of a modern day, ball playing central defender, the comparisons with Rio Ferdinand are for more than just having him as his agent, and it's blindingly obvious that a number of very good sides are genuinely interested in him, but apparently he's not good enough for us... I'd argue that in many ways, we're not good enough for him, as we've never given him a top quality partner in the heart of the defence, combined with weak support from the midfield and fullbacks who can often be caught having to rely on their pace to even get back on a counter. Given the right support and better coverage from team mates, Godfrey could easily develop into a regular in the England back line, and play for any of the top 6-8 clubs in not just the Prem, but across Europe as well, but hey, let's rush him out the door and hope that Ryan Bennett will prove to be a stronger option.... Pure madness.
  14. Wasn't good enough the first time around, still isn't good enough now, and a complete waste of wages if we brought him back IMHO. Mawson was well regarded previously, but what damage have those injuries done (I'm sure a stringent medical will help with this)? I'd rather have him out of the two, but frankly I'd rather we looked elsewhere entirely tbh.
  15. Come on guys, we've done the RvW situation to death. Whatever your views on him as a player here, it's great to see he's made a full recovery from such a dangerous problem and I wish him nothing but the best going forwards.
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