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  1. If we were going down the too old and past it route I would prefer grant Holt.. I suspect our new striker additions next season will be from german 2nd tier players and young prem players on loan.
  2. The keeper had a mare but Liverpool looked beat the moment salah got injured Obviously the keeper will get blamed but Liverpool looked like losers well before the karius brace of assists. Disappointing to see some ex pros calling him the C word on Twitter especially hero''s of mine. He deserves criticism. He can expect ridicule. But that''s a bit too far for me. And bales first was a mis kick :)
  3. Can''t see the point of loaning him to any other championship club than us. Presumably man city want him to play with teams that pass from back like us and not hoof it. Altho I can see him going to stoke or someone man city think is a good bet in getting promoted as he will then have more chance of being loaned to them in the prem
  4. I think the rule is, if he was trying to play the ball it''s a caution not a red.ifvit had been a push or shirt pull then should have been red. I love the fa cup too.. it''s my one ambition to see Norwich win the fa cup
  5. I don''t think it is as simple as getting in a good goalkeeper, with the way we play he has to be good with his feet too. Gunn did very well but his best attribute was how comfortable he was with the ball at his feet. It''s like ederson at man city. I think Matthews is as good as Gunn if not a better keeper but not sure how he is withvthe ball at his feet
  6. Regardless of the likelihood of this ( and I''m surprised no one has commented that they would rather sign Cecil rhodes) , what type of striker do we think we need to score in a farke team.. I''m not entirely sure that even at their best iwan Roberts or grant Holt would score many the way we play, so what type of striker would fit our way if play?
  7. Is francis jeffers still playing? We need a fox in the box.
  8. According to Twitter (norwich dream team/HITC) we might be in for Jordan Rhodes on loan. Funding his £40k wages by selling Nelson Oliviera. Personally not sure he is the 1) the type of player we are looking for in terms of age or ability to play as a loan striker or 2) the value we are looking for in regards wages which I''m sure would pre off others on less. But it''s always good to get the rumours in early.its a long summer until we play again. I don''t think this one is going to happen but it would be great if it did and he found his finishing boots again just to upset our friends in Suffolk.
  9. I love Jerome at gutted he left but he hasn''t just become prolific with derby. I''m pretty sure if he had stayed our main striker all season he would have got almost double figures which is y u wanted to keep him. He works so hard for the team but he is still the same striker that will miss more than he scores and we can''t afford his wages
  10. Is that 3 relegations each for Olsson and Fer? Or has olssln had more
  11. To be fair it''s hard to criticise or condemn without knowing what was said or liked. Bennett was always pretty well rated here but struggled for consistency to back it up. Maybe he has had the long run of games to reach that consistency now or maybe he hasn''t had to defend much so hasn''t really been tested. I would be surprised if he was a mainstay of their defence in the premier but good luck to him. Kiely I had forgotten ever worked for us. Was that the season we had one if the worst goals against record?
  12. I think Martin has 1 year like naismith but regardless of what ppl think of his ability to defend now I''m sure Martin would happily move elsewhere just to play games and take a pay cut. Naismith talks the talk. Says he just wants to play and would play for free!!! ....as long as Norwich pays his wages. Fair enough naismith has a contract and entitled to see it out but if he wants to move he is good g to have to take a pay cut otherwise be honest and say I wanna play but my huge wages at Norwich are more important. Martin I think would be given a free transfer and be happy not to get paid off.i think
  13. Ipswich finished above us. Regardless of whether it''s just goal difference,so for this season they can enjoy it. I would expect us to be better next season. I''d be surprised if we get promoted but it should be closer to top six atleast but ipswich have over achieved this season. Next season they seem to be determined to follow our lead and go for "something different". To build from the back with a new passing style..to look for youth and young players according to M.E. but unless they get lucky with a great appointment they will struggle to adapt as we have this season.
  14. I just wish the club realised we only dominate possession because the opposition let us keep the ball in our own half which is mainly where we play! Because they know we won''t hurt them.
  15. I loved wilbraham.limited footballer but I wish our lot would show as much effort.glad hes the hero
  16. ...to go to Coventry!! Seems a bit odd as was only here a short while having worked with Webber previously..and with our current model a European scout that actual does "scour europe" is so important. I guess the majority of out scouting for summer transfers has been done already during the season with targets a, b , c etc listed so shouldn''t really cause any disruption I wouldn''t think but still surprised to see this happen..
  17. I still maintain his football was the most boring soul destroying football I have ever seen so was glad he was sacked but maybe he had no choice with the squad we had.. who knows where we would b now if we had kept him. Having said that we lost to non league Luton so deserved to be sacked for that alone
  18. Gunn.B Culverhouse Mackay jackson Bowen Eadie maddison hoolahan huckerby Fleck holt B.johnson Iwan Roberts Craig bellamy Goss Leon Mackenzie
  19. Realistically I''d be surprised if we sell for more than £15m. Which when you compare to other transfers from the championship would be one of the highest fees. But I personally would be disappointed in anything less than £21m and i would like to think we can get someone to pay £25+ if there''s a few clubs after him.
  20. Part of me would like to see Preston go up in play offs and I''d quite like Warnock to go up too, odious man mayb but I quite like him as a panto villain. But then thinking of next season is fancy us to finish above Preston and Cardiff more than villa or Fulham or middlesbro so for next season it probably better for us if Fulham and villa go up. If that''s the case then it could be a much more even league next season, depending on recruitment ofcourse none of the teams coming down or coming up scare me like when a Newcastle or villa get relegated
  21. I dont know. Scottish football seems so average I think any team coached well will do well especially if they can hand pick 3 or 4 Liverpool under 23s with qualitu which I suspect might be the case. Martin doesn''t seem to be helping too much unfortunately if today''s half time score is anything to judge him on..
  22. I agree Murphy is frustrating but I guess that''s partly because we all know what he us capable off. He is unpredictable but he does get goals and assists and is capable of having a mare then bending one in from 30yards in the last minute. Once players like Murphy stop being frustrating and start delivering more consistently they won''t be here. Maddison missed 3 or 4 good chances yesterday without much criticism, Murphy would have been crucified
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