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  1. I personally think we won't get too many clubs sniffing at him. 1 goal and 2 assists in a relegation season he played a huge percentage of the games in. This is 2 relegations in 2 years - if I was another club I wouldn't be interested in that type of player. I also don't rate him any higher than most previous wingers we've had in the championship.
  2. Had a Newcastle fan sat behind me the entire game.... singing along with the away end, jumped up and screamed when they scored. I was split between rage at how we were performing and controlling myself from standing up and telling him to f off whilst he would continuously talk about Newcastle the entire 90 minutes. Still considering emailing the club to say the person who usually sits there gave his ticket to an away fan. Thoughts on this?
  3. Webber has done a good job. Just remember we've had worse people in and around the club. The negative in all this is the up and down spiral of one great season and then the next absolutely dire. Each season in the prem we are one of the bottom spenders and we never seem to invest in the correct players. The CM position is never of premiership standard with most of our creative hope given to unproven wingers and 1 striker. I am firmly of the belief that despite being promoted (if we do get promoted again soon), we might need to have an overhaul and try to begin a prem season under a different team of coaches who come in with a clear idea of how to stay up. I would rather this than what has happened the previous 3 attempts at staying up. I read his comments and I kind of sense Webber might be going soon. Its a shame as on paper he really has stabilised the club. We, as fans, unfortunately have higher expectations than what we've proved we're capable of.
  4. It is quite difficult supporting this club in the premiership. More than half the home games are not 3pm on a Saturday, We lose about 80% of them and then when you watch the away games its exactly the same if not worse. For someone that works in retail the absolute pain in the **** to have to switch shifts or get to the game in time is verging on pointless. A 7.30pm kickoff on a Thursday is a total nightmare for me (and lots of people) to get to, let alone mustering the enthusiasm to watch us lose to Chelsea. I can't be the only person feeling like this?!
  5. The Colchester 7-1 was a low point for any Norwich fan. Don't need to elaborate. Last prem season I actually left a game early for the first time ever due to rage. The Villa 5-1. Mainly due to a child kicking the back of my seat constantly throughout the entire game making me get up and leave directly as the 5th entered the net. The one player I deem our nemesis, Suarez, has probably caused more pain than any other so I also class him as a painful memory. The Van Wolfswinkel ghost pass at Fulham... I was there and in that moment I can safely say we all gave him some abuse. Overall his entire City career was painful. But realistically Birmingham playoff was not a nice drive home followed by the Italy final... was gutting when I had to tell people in the pub we lost when Saka's pen was saved. Thank god I was around 6 pints deep by then.
  6. I can say I trust the club more now than ever with their youth loans and intake. The only thing I would want to see more of is loans to a higher standard club or more perseverance with ones who return. But again I think we've seriously nailed the transition into first team for a number of players and doubt there is much room for more in the short term future.
  7. I had some time to kill as, you know, covid. So I read the match thread on the Huddersfield forum. It was quite a funny read knowing the result and their fans as you can expect were far from happy. The really baffling thing for me is how even myself not knowing too much about the current Huddersfield team knew they had set up all wrong formation wise, selection wise and their tactics were pretty much perfect to give us the 7-0 result. Before the game their fans were furious and predicting worse scorelines than they already had been after the team sheet came out. Makes me realise how lucky we are to be in this position with the management, staff and players all performing at such a high level. We could have played our youth team and not lost that 7-0! They have Rotherham next and I will probably look at the odds for another loss after this result... their fans are saying it was 4 points lost as their goal difference suffered so badly. The other side, I think we were unbeatable for a championship team last night and it has been a highlight for my week which has been extremely boring. Buendia put in one of the best creative displays I've seen supporting this club. I'd go as far as saying he was better than Wes at his best last night and probably improved his transfer value. Overall good vibes after our International hampered team at the weekend!
  8. We've not lost a game this guy has played in. Says a lot really. I would argue though on the defence front we've had a consistent starting lineup and Skipp has been that good the team now has the backbone sorted allowing our attacking threat to really shine. The correct people in the correct positions. None of this Tettey at cb or playing Stiepermann up front. One added thing is we don't make mistakes which I think crowds can have an input on - so much less pressure.
  9. Needed a bluff runner from us. I always like to think that puts the keeper off just slightly.
  10. Maceo Rigters, RVW, Jason Jarrett, Harry Kane, Hartson, Husband, Hughes... I could definitely fill a team of absolute dross we had from 2005-2008 though. Saw someone mention Carl Robinson. I actually didn't mind him. He wasn't good but we've had worse - Jarrett never deserved to play for a championship team! Who on earth scouted him?!
  11. It didn't look the best but it was good enough for a perfect Buendia pass onto Pukki. Get down Sloughbottom Park for a Sunday league game after heavy rain and you'll realise you can play on anything.
  12. The defending is that bad I don't know what to say to describe it.
  13. Piazon isn't someone I want us to sign as we don't need another squad player. We all know this squad well on here and I think its strong enough? Even if we lost one or two I can't see us signing anyone. Just how I see it.
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