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  1. andrew norwichcity

    East Tuddenham Sunday Team Looking For Players

    East Tuddenham are looking for players for any position to join our squad. We currently play in division 2 and due to a mixture of injuries and other commitments we have space for new players.

    We play our home games at East Tuddenham Village Hall and train Wednesdays at the UEA 7-8. Anyone is welcome to contact us on our twitter @ETuddenhamfc or message me (Andy) on 07969237597. We have regular socials and try to have as much fun playing as possible! Everyone gets game time.

  2. andrew norwichcity

    Grant Holt hangs up his boots

    Will be a while before we have a striker who can score like him. Rhodes might have a good season but I genuinely don''t see us getting someone capable of scoring 20+ goals in a season with the way we play now. Holt will always be a legend after his goals against Ipswich.
  3. andrew norwichcity


    I share the frustration at his terrible performance but now I''ve calmed down and think about it I hope he can crack on and improve. I''d definitely want him on the ball less though.

    Away from him, leitner also had a terrible game. Perhaps both were tactically not playing to their strengths or, perhaps Preston were good at forcing mistakes. Either way I''m hoping for a different pairing come Saturday.
  4. I''ll give them credit for last night''s performance as they played a lot better than the majority of our away performances. However, they caught us on a very very bad day so you could argue that''s why.

  5. andrew norwichcity

    'Consuming alcohol in view of the pitch'

    I don''t find it difficult to get up. I do find it difficult to understand why people think its ok to make other people get up every game so many times. Which would be added to if you could freely get a beer at any point and bring it back out into the stands. If this was a sport which had stoppages etc I wouldn''t really care.
  6. andrew norwichcity

    'Consuming alcohol in view of the pitch'

    I sit on a row in the upper Jarrold in line with the half way line and the amount of times I get up each game is a complete joke. I estimate I get up during the game about 10-15 times at least. There''s one guy I get up for EVERY game 4 times. Late to the game, leaves before half time, comes back after we''ve kicked off again and leaves early. The row I sit on is a total joke randomly getting up before half time if we''re playing rubbish. If we''re losing near the end there''s about 6 or 7 seats empty to my right! EVERY game when losing. Even if we''re looking to equalize.

    I like a beer as much as anyone but I have manners and I think it is great that people can''t drink in the stands. I dread to think what my row would be like if people could go and get a beer. I would say who sits on my row... but everyone knows them ha.
  7. andrew norwichcity

    Team for West Brom?

    Oh and I forgot to mention Husband. When he signed the way boro fans spoke of him was slightly worrying and we''re seeing exactly why. He''s capable in a more forward area of the pitch but as a left back or full back I''m seriously unconvinced. I wouldn''t risk playing Lewis against such a tough side considering his lack of pre season. We''ll just have to hope West Brom have another off day like last weekend and don''t exploit Husband. I know I would!
  8. andrew norwichcity

    Team for West Brom?

    I think as the season goes on we''ll see Thompson and Godfrey get minutes but right now it could just be a case of putting out our fit first team players. They''re backups for injuries, rotation when we have a number of games and cup games.

    As it''s our first home game I''m expecting a similar lineup with leitner coming in for Steipermann. I''m excited to see Pukki and Hernandez! I said before Birmingham this is the perfect opportunity to get hernandez consistently playing and proving he''s more reliable in attack than Murphy. His attributes could lead him to being a very valuable player for us.
  9. andrew norwichcity

    Harrison Reed

    I really liked Reed as he always tried hard and put in plenty of strong performances wherever he played. Unfortunately the chances of us spending money on him would appear to be unlikely and we don''t need strengthening in that area.

    I wouldn''t be disappointed if he returned at a point in the future, maybe not now though and would be happy if he got a chance at Southampton.
  10. andrew norwichcity

    Low Mileage Recruitment

    Just one comment here... work permits.
  11. andrew norwichcity

    Teemu Pukki

    Vydra has more than one season of success in his record... Let''s not be silly here.
  12. andrew norwichcity

    My Players Out

    I was thinking about who I wouldn''t mind seeing leave this summer and I''m left wondering how we''ll get much money outside the Maddisonn sale money.

    Franke - Not seen much of this guy but it would appear potentially not the right level for him. Minimal fee received

    Husband - Probably will stay but I wouldn''t have him starting and I personally want is to get an experienced LB over Lewis who''s form wavers despite some great performances.

    Jarvis - Nothing needed to be said here.

    Jones - leaving or already left.

    Martin - end of contract but I thank him for his commitment.

    Mcgovern - time to move on.

    Naismith - Please someone buy him and take on all his wages.

    Oliveira - woeful second half to the season. No wonder he hasn''t made it at a higher level.

    Stiepermann - Unsure on him. Could be a squad player.

    Watkins - Words fail me if we rejected bids in January.

    Farke - I don''t like his style and would be happy if we got a payout for him.
  13. andrew norwichcity

    Van Wolfswinkel allowed to leave Basel.

    It is very straightforward... He didn''t fit in with our team or the style of football in the premiership. He got injured, couldn''t hit a barn door and was far too weak.

    I''ll always list him as one of the worst buys we''ve ever made and so will many others. He''s not good enough against teams who are in form or have solid defences. After the stray pass he made at Fulham away I gave up all hope he would improve at all. I was there and that was one of the most lame things I''ve seen as a Norwich fan.

    I''m done slating him and his weak physicality, constant poor form and general uselessness wondering around a pitch up front on his own. Klose would have done a better job up front.
  14. andrew norwichcity


    [quote user="Clint"]Anyone bar Maddison Andrew?[/quote]

    Of late, how many goals has Maddison assisted our strikers? I think Maddison is next level but he has a tough job with the inconsistency of our attack.
  15. andrew norwichcity


    Anyone would struggle to assist our strikers at the moment.