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  1. Assuming we get promoted, what would be your starting eleven for the opening fixture of the 2019/2020 season? I think you would be hard pushed not to start with our starting eleven yesterday. Yes we will need investment, and a new keeper is arguably the one change I would consider. A lot of lessons can be learnt from Fulham this season!
  2. I love the memories that Lambert gave us, but that's were my admiration for the idiot ends. He walked out on Norwich for a bigger pay cheque and what is believed to be a bigger club. That in itself is fair enough, he's not from Norwich and will try to better himself as he see's fit. Going to Ipswich. Why not, he has failed miserably since he left us, this is an opportunity to make himself a legend in the wee town down the road. The faith in the bloke is unfathomable from the Ipswich supporters, I must admit i don't get it? For me, the way he has conducted interviews and how he portrayed himself on the pitch yesterday was an embarrassment. Lambert has zero, nil, none, zilch, no respect from me (for what it's worth).
  3. No. The only real reason for replying to this thread is because i know the amount of Ipswich fans that come on this site to have a nosey. So before replying to this I just had a look at the TWTD forum. I can honestly say I've never seen more drivel and jealousy and biased bullsh*t in a long long time. Absolutely deluded a majority of them, i'm totally amazed at their love for Lambert, if someone dare to mention a good word about Norwich they are dismissed as being one of us. To any Ipswich fan reading this with negativity towards Norwich, GET A GRIP you pathetic bunch of losers.
  4. Any news from Bristol that they have measurements in place to ensure today’s match is on. They are experiencing a deluge of rain today.
  5. https://en.onefootball.com/🎥-this-football-inspired-christmas-song-is-so-good-its-ridiculous/ A bit of fun... I hope this loads up, it's really well done and as said in the title, Mark Bowen makes the cut... If it doesn't load I know one of you technical geniuses will make it happen.
  6. Wow, I haven't been on here for a while, I see Morty has gone, but has been replaced by a load of 'wannabes' #hogarse,LDC,Tired,Nuffsiad...
  7. They actually do have some decent talent, it’s just a broken train set, pretty much like we were when we visited Portman road. It just so happens it was our catalyst to where we are now.
  8. It would be nice to poach their best player though, if they have one?
  9. surely worth a few quid, give them Nelson in exchange.
  10. Good bit of PR and he would wear the Jamaican colours...
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