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  1. I'm hoping for a strong start and get a goal or two so their heads drop and we can dominate and have a strong performance and get a decent win. OTBC
  2. I like the idea of going back to how things were and shirts lasting longer back to 2 years would be good, I would like it to be the same for the international shirts too some of those shirts are used for a few games and the new one is advertised.
  3. Of course the first thing the new manager has to do is get some points, and yes getting the team playing, he and his backroom staff can determine who is part of their plans and who is not. I do wonder what sort of financial backing they will be given if they want to make some signings in January?
  4. Maybe Smith interviewed better and Lampard knew he had done badly so withdrew.
  5. Let's hope he does a decent job
  6. We shouldn't need to pin this to the wall, it's the same with Alex C from talk sport, the club should not require any outside motivation to want play some decent football or get 3 points.
  7. According to what was mentioned on the radio the Argentine players have been locking the health officials out of areas over the last few days and they have been avoiding calls etc, they knew the rules and they broke them.
  8. We were told lessons had been learnt and that we would do things differently..we have We were told this would be a great transfer window...it is Now we have players for every position and they creates competition, and we have the players to change things up now, when I used to look at other premier league teams in comparison with ours I could see areas we were light or may struggle, now I feel other teams will eventually look at our players and worry, they won't do that yet because they don't know how good we can be yet after our first few games, but I'm sure they will. Obviously the bigger teams will always think we are little Norwich, but I think there are enough teams around us that we can survive this season, but there is a long way to go, and all we can do now is enjoy the ride.
  9. Who doesn't love Onel, he fell in love with the club and city and yes even got a tattoo, I know we are out growing him and I wish him well on loan. I would love him to develop into something special and come back to us, but that's probably just wishful thinking.
  10. At first I thought how old is Carvalho he has been linked with clubs since around the time we were bringing in RVW and I thought he was older, but he is a player who has been linked loads of times and never signed by an English club, I don't typically watch much of Sporting Lisbon but I'm sure between Webber and Farke we will bring in the right man.
  11. With Dennis Normann I am surprised with what has been allegedly said about relegation, and this is why Normann is a Norwegian player and they generally know a lot about the English football leagues and the Russian league does that really compare to the championship? And he has previously been at Brighton's under 23s.
  12. Are yet to receive any concrete offers, so no offers then.
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