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  1. I assume BP is talking about Richarlison
  2. Brandon Williams is potentially going out on loan again, maybe that's a possibility.
  3. Antonio would be more their sort of player I would have thought, and has be suggested that he will move on from West Ham.
  4. I hope he does well whilst with us, he has to be better than some of the players who have left or who have been touted as leaving, if he can help us gain promotion then fantastic, with Rowe coming back, and Tzolis returning it gives us more options and also keeps players on there toes to work hard to be in the team.
  5. Tzolis arrived at Norwich with the wonderkid tag, and has clearly not delivered he is young and think that training with our new manager would be good for him.
  6. Makes sense to trim down the squad with the players that are surplus to requirements, save money and free up space.
  7. Agreed Kenny for me, but it maybe that Wagner may look at keeping it as sit is because its more important to get them fit and playing his style, and may have an idea of a player he wants doing the job.
  8. Good start on addressing what is required, a breath of fresh air.
  9. I would say frees, Loans possibly from either his mate Klopp or someone who we could get in who has played his system from one of his previous teams, there may also be the opportunity to grab a player from a club that is struggling financially.
  10. The problem we have is that a lot of our players are going out of contract and they have not been playing well, some of this is down to the previous management team, but the value of our players would have fallen, Aarons is probably one of our most valued players and he is not at the same value he has been previously, and is there anyone out there that is interested in our players where we can get the money in. The players that teams may want maybe the ones we don't want to get rid of.
  11. I wonder what sort of finances would be involved, I would think we would try and get as close to 2.6m as possible.
  12. They are only saying he is valued at that price, we will not get that, if we did would be amazed £10 million for a player who can sign pre contract agreement and go for nothing in the summer.
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