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  1. tricky974

    Transfer rumour ..

    That's what I thought I wonder if we will either sell someone or send someone out on loan, or maybe Ralf Färhmann is sent back if there is any truth in this rumour.
  2. tricky974

    Talk Norwich City - Webber Podcast

    Fantastic watch and a real insight into the man driving Norwich forward, webber is a down to earth guy and is doing a great job, great to have an open and honest interview.
  3. tricky974

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    He could have had the opportunity to play in one of the most competitive leagues in the world, or could win every week in the best team in Scotland. It may have been too soon for him, he may not want to move from his home, he may have realised that playing against some of the worlds greatest was something he is not ready for. I want players who want to be at the club proud to wear the shirt, are talented, but also have to right attitude.
  4. tricky974


    I hope that there is interest in him and he can move on, there have been times where he has been great but they haven't been enough of those occasions, it does make me smile a little also that he can't be disruptive as he has been previously.
  5. tricky974


    My mate who is a villa fan says the club are running at a 5m a week loss and that Tan has the money but cannot just bail them out as it has to be money generated by the club, to meet ffp and they owe the 4m tax bill on top of that.

    I hope the club struggles as most villa fans seem to think they have a god given right to be playing premiership and European football.
  6. tricky974

    He's done it again!

    The EFL have fallen in line with the premier league so clubs are assessed over 3 seasons rather than 1 as they previously were.

    Birmingham were after Grabban until he went to Forest, but they have also signed signed Kristian Pederson who is currently not registered, and that leaves him in limbo currently. They were also looking at Bartosz Bialkowski from the binners, he is there keeper and been their player of the season for the last 3 years and think we should be in for him as he is decent and this would really p**s off the binners.

    Bournemouth are currently in talks with the EFL and look like having a percentage of earnings being the imposed fine.

    Other clubs having problems are Villa, Bolton and Cardiff who are in talks with the EFL.

  7. tricky974

    He's done it again!

    Agreed. What''s the point in having the rules unless there is punishment if they are not adhered too.
  8. tricky974


    Less than a days pay, but at least at least he helps out those less fortunate.
  9. tricky974

    Jordan Rhodes

    He is here for the season so lets get behind him and maybe he can be great for us this season, he wanted to be here by all accounts and we don''t know but Hooper may have said things about the club whether good or bad, but he is here regardless still only 28 so a good age and the better he performs the more it will wind up the binners, this could be a real coup.

  10. tricky974

    Pinto off ?

    always seem to try his best for us even though better going forward than defending, i can understand moving him on, this is a player who is loved by the fans funny how Oliveria is still at the club and divides opinion.
  11. tricky974

    Ben Woodburn

    Ben Woodburn seems to have been highly rated by those at Liverpool, but i just think we would be better off with either developing our own players or bringing in a player from the lower leagues, he has not played much for Liverpool''s first team and i do understand that with the players they have that may be difficult but there must be better options.
  12. tricky974

    Rhodes v Marriott

    Would like Marriott replacement for Maddison. I am unsure about Rhodes a number of years ago thought he would be worth signing...if we do get him either loan or terminate hope he proves me wrong and any others who feel similar.
  13. tricky974

    City Summer Transfer Thread.

    McLean may get a look in
  14. tricky974

    The sale of James Maddison

    20+ million and add ons and Reed would be a good deal IMO
  15. tricky974

    Returning loanees

    Agree apart from Morris he is not good enough the centre forward that does not score according to the Shrewsbury manager.

    Matthews I have no idea if he is ready and if he is not then I would like to get the binners keeper he has been there player of the season for the last 3 years and is decent, and it would really **** off the binners.