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  1. Guys some very pertinent points made by Wolfie, with regard to the OSP the biggest challenge is around peoples expectations on all fronts, from within the club, the OSP members themselves and of course the wider spread of supporters. As Wolfie has intimated, the OSP have a desire to have a positive impact where possible, at this moment the panel is a collection of supporters (voted by fellow fans) who are invited by the club to be a sounding board on a range of non footballing (thankfully) topics. We as group have done our own work and are currently presenting this to prepare the way for a productive 3 way relationship between the club, supporters and the OSP. We have looked at a large number of clubs (personally over 30) who have similar in place, and there are many that are resisting, and while there are a few we can admire at the progress made, Norwich City are actually one of the better, and in the top 3 when it comes to its intentions, we would anticipate our next couple of meetings sees and agreed blueprint to take the panel forward. The Crouch report as has also been alluded to by Wolfie, is a vehicle that if all clubs embrace in the correct manner will open the way for much better supporter /club relationships, and as we know this is very early days, but again our club is actively taking the initial findings with the right enthusiasm. Would think that in time as the club gets used to having a supporters panel, and the panel has a clear blueprint it works to the more obvious it will become to all. I feel any off field concerns are going to be a lot easier to address than our on field are at the moment, having said that we looked better last night than we have done since the Man Utd game, and Idah had his best game yet, so i think we will score on Saturday and poor old Everton will be on the receiving end of a 1-0 thrashing. OTBC
  2. Surely it must be Barca ? does Barrow even have a professional football club ? (Sorry Barrow)
  3. No but they will utilise focus groups to gauge the direction they wish to take and what reactions may be, the big one locally a few years ago was Norwich Union and the change to Aviva, at least the club didn't feel the need to employ Bruce Willis in a yellow cab to announce the change.
  4. Smith said on Tuesday Cantwell missed out on Newcastle for COVID reasons, so could be 10 days of self isolation for Todd.
  5. We could start a crowdfunding page, or if it is old like mine the colours will have faded and look crap anyway.
  6. @TIL 1010 think that's unfair, probably what wasn't clear is that when we "sat round the table" there was representations from other fan groups as well as us. So a large group of people not a small minority, we were asked to keep it confidential (not unreasonable from the club to ask that, as final decision on how and when it would be launched had not been agreed). The question of it being a justifiable expense is something as a shareholder (which you are) might want to raise at the next opportunity.
  7. @ncfcstar makes the point, yes the OSP were part of the consultation process via a presentation, and also right at our beginning we took part in a focus group which touched on all the points in the questionnaire as already mentioned around what the club stands for etc. When we had the presentation made to us, we were able to see how the new crest performed on all digital media (including the digital signage in the stadium, and for the minor enhancements the difference was night and day. We live in a digital world and we have to move with the times, we have retained the crest with minor adjustments / improvements (subjective) ? that's the rationale for the change,it is logical and not to upset supporters by introducing change for change sake, hopefully we won't have this debate for another 50 years.
  8. We thought the use of a shire horse was a touch genius, think we will grow to love it
  9. I expect / hope we will move the ball forward quicker, with purpose and use wingers (we have players with pace to burn) !
  10. Don't get too hopeful, they have to get past Barrow next and not sure they will
  11. I have completed the survey, hope you have to @Greavsy & @TIL 1010 very important bit of information gathering for the club
  12. I can confirm i have seen the wall of fame, and as well as "hall of famers" and every player to represent the club, pretty sure there is a section showing all managers in their own right.
  13. I got sent this, not sure what it means
  14. Sad news, he was a great man, also anyone who likes reading Autobiographies have a read of his "Silversmith" and get a great perspective on a great human being and sad loss. RIP
  15. Hi Greavsy Im not sure why you find the current silence from OSP members astonishing. I think maybe you see the OSP as an action centered fan group, which has never been its intention, as we all know there are fan groups which do offer a channel for supporters who want to issue with the club via a particular channel. Since the inception the club have been clear that they wanted a panel that was representative of the fan base, and that is what they have, supporters who live outside of Norwich, some outside the UK, a mix of age and gender, to "act as a sounding board for the club’s initiatives to gain genuine supporter feedback on a range of non-football related issues". The idea is that the panel is the sounding board, not that the panel take initiatives to supporters groups or forums, not that OSP take every issue raised via forums such as this to the club, the plan is that OSP meets Quarterly, to infrequently if it was intended to be an action group. We are certainly not gagged by the club in anyway, there will be items that are discussed, that cannot be shared, as they are simply in the formative stage and may never happen, the club will present such items to the panel and gauge their response, which may or may not influence their decision in the likelihood of said item coming to public consumption. Those items wont appear on any minutes, simply because they are very long term or unlikely to get any more airtime. At the last OSP meeting we had over 20 various items from supporters wanting us to raise matters with the club , some were able to be discussed some simply didn't have the time, those that were discussed were the ones considered most pressing, the others will be looked at possibly at the next meeting, which is scheduled for January. There are lots of fan groups set up that have the ear of the club, from Capital Canaries, to the Trust and the supporters social club, all who are afforded different levels of access to the club owing to their relationships built up over time. I have to say without exception, that every OSP member is enthusiastic about the opportunity to be a sounding board, all are regular attendees (apart from Ryan in New York) at home and away matches, all have their own strong views, and will if they can take issues to the club, and equally will try and direct those supporters to contact the club via the appropriate channel. The club is experiencing a lot of change of the pitch, the departure of the 2 Ben's, BK in particular being very open to various fans groups, and change while a challenge, should never be a threat, although the increased workload will undoubtedly make it challenging for a period for the remainder of the staff. Finally, i rarely post on here these days (i stopped after a family bereavement 2 years ago) but still enjoy having a read, but resist commenting on topics, and i enjoy seeing the fortunes of the PuP's in the Ray's Funds thread, which has been testament to all who have supported and kept it going for so long and had such a positive impact, proving that football forums can be incredible places, of which you are great supporter. Myself @Feedthewolf and @ncfcstar want to support the club by being the sounding board, we are fans the same as everyone on here and most other SM channels, and the desire to help fellow supporters is there, but we cannot be all things to all people. Most of the OSP have been approached to take up something, i have had quite a few personally, and when i speak to people at the club, i find they have approached myself as they maybe didn't like the answer they had been given by the club, a classic being someone who was very forceful in an argument around Chelsea tickets not being available to him, was then offered some that had been returned and then declined the offer from the club as couldn't make the match. Long winded, so apologies for that, but wanted to try and shed some light on the overall picture. OTBC
  16. The minutes have been signed off, and are due to be published for public consumption any time now @TIL 1010 the eagle eyed i may have noticed that the previous minutes no longer appear on the new website! this is being rectified, and as soon as we know we will ensure it is communicated.
  17. No Problem, they can, and her line manager will have them signed off and hopefully published by the end of the week.
  18. @Greavsy unfortunately the person who would sign them off is temporarily out of the business (football club) , hope to see them go public as soon as we get the club sign off asap,but unfortunately cant give a date right now, hoping will be soon. Cheers
  19. Communication is always key in any business, and its obvious the club are having issues with that at this moment, which is a shame and it is something they are keen to improve, and hopefully they will. I agree with @Feedthewolf and along with @ncfcstar we should pick up on issues raised via supporters on this forum, our role is to look to to present the views of all supporters and not address issues of a purely personal interest, and will do that as best we can, and a pinned thread may well be a good way of collating genuine feedback, and with 2 regular contributors of the OSP on here everything should get seen, as already mentioned we should not get involved in historic goings on between an individual and the club. I hope that the OSP delivers in helping present the views of all fans on matters that impact, we all want (hopefully) to have the best match day experience possible and feel a connection with our club. On my part i visit this forum, a few times a week and keep up with discussions, but don't post so much these days. This is still the best NCFC forum for fans, and a great amount of work is achieved by so many on here, PUP's do an amazing thing, raising money week in week out and the Rays Funds thread is so well supported, it has to be the envy of so many forums across the country. If we can harness that positivity and support to help improve communications with the club then we will make real progress. OTBC
  20. Back then it was about 2k, now its 3k plus VAT and they have a players / sponsors dinner at Carrow Rd, back then it was a lunch at Colney as the players finished training! its an expensive dinner, but nice, if you can link it to a company website may get a bit of mileage from it. We are now a community partner and that feels like far greater value, all depends on budget and what you want from it i suppose.
  21. Yes is have done this, sponsored Craig Fleming in his time at the club, and also sponsored his testimonial match, the player has no obligations in the deal, other than attend a lunch once a season with his "sponsor" at Colney, and sign a match shirt which is given to the sponsor, the company can refer to it in their marketing but few do, mostly done as someone wants to support their club.
  22. Easter Road is in Leith, where the sun always shines Still the Capitals wee team tho.
  23. Such sad news, Lapps was always a voice of reason, a great man and a great supporter of Rays Funds and a true canary. Thoughts go out to his family, RIP Mick.
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