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  1. Are you trying this at work or over a VPN? If so, I have the same issue here. Soon as I try it at home or on a phone, works fine. Just being blocked at work by firewalls etc.
  2. This is for US/Global coverage, you won't see this on Sky/BT etc.
  3. As per December 2020 - https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/december/city-to-launch-new-website-and-app-in-digital-transformation/
  4. Biggest they do in Teamwear for grassroots is 3XL-4XL.
  5. It’s travel wear not training kit
  6. The Hibs kits are smart too...
  7. This was posted on that website on the 23rd March.
  8. The previous year, they used a website called norwichkit.com to host the launch. I merely went on the site on the night before the kit was due to go live for the new season, right clicked, inspected elements, viewed sources and all the images were there
  9. I think the initial tweet went out around 12-1am from what I recall. My Mum came through to my bedroom around half 4 with the landline phone saying it was Norwich City on the phone wanting to speak to me. I think it was Will Hoy at the time. They asked me how I got the images, I explained how and they asked where I'd posted them. By that time they were on the pink'un message board and WOTB too. He was pretty pissed off and asked for them to be removed pronto. By around half 5-6 I'd manage to get in touch with the guys on WOTB and they were dealing with Archant I think. I had been off sixth form for a few days with flu, and the following day we had a knock at the door from two police officers. (Prior to that, BBC Look East had been on the phone to me too). The police officers explained why they were here (club complained under the Computer Misuse Act), and they then asked how I did it. So I showed them, and they laughed at how simple it was. They said they'd be in touch over the next few days. The club announcement then happened, and McNally made his comment about being 'guardians of the football club and protecting our property', which sort of fuelled the fire with the press. The following day I went back into sixth form, and my phone rang non stop, BBC, ITV, Sky, Press Association etc. who I gave comment to. The BBC ended up finding my Mum at work, and she gave comment there. 2 days on, the police called and said I was invited to Carrow Road for a meeting that afternoon, and they'd come pick me up. So after sixth form, they came and picked me up, and we went in one of the Carrow Road meeting rooms with the legal team, the Police and some others. Ended up signing a letter and apologising, club apologised for being OTT, and then invited me to be in the 'Pass it On' video they were making and were going to give me a free shirt (neither of which ever happened ). and the rest is history And on a non-kit leak front - this is quite standard procedure when the club are meeting a new (potential) sponsor for the first time. They'll light all the pitchside boards up, and display their logo on the big screen. They did it for us when I worked for the now sponsors of the Barclay.
  10. All the tower lights are being replaced with LED, and some of the recently installed ones on the South Stand are coming down.
  11. Club moving away from the EFL Digital platform this season - https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/december/city-to-launch-new-website-and-app-in-digital-transformation/
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