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  1. Was originally due to be last night with fireworks too, but understandably postponed.
  2. They are dimmable. They were at 100% on Tuesday as a test run I believe.
  3. It's still Woodforde's internally. They signed a 5 year renewal in 2020, unless they've had a get out...
  4. Stock levels were so ropey the past 3-4 months anyway, I can’t see this happening. They will have been designing the new kits over the past 10-12 months anyway, I can’t see it going down that route.
  5. A being the important letter highlighted indicates to me more than one, so all 3 kits maybe.
  6. Not that I have history or anything… it’s pretty easy to work out when it’s gonna happen
  7. https://twitter.com/norwichcityfc/status/1541451293914546176?s=21&t=ANA8hl6kANA-_n-D9E75oQ
  8. Yep, supposed to be done last summer but ran out of time. Finished Barclay https://twitter.com/drg__tweets/status/1539309403001585665?s=21&t=58wRVC2qjG3PL07zSUarxg
  9. The club kindly gave the Norfolk Combined Youth Football League a signed home shirt a few weeks ago. We have decided to raffle the shirt off in aid of Finnbar’s Force, a charity based in Hethersett. More information about the work Finnbar’s Force do can be found at finnbarsforce.co.uk Tickets for the raffle can be bought from TicketSource.co.uk/NCYFL and the raffle will be drawn at our league AGM on Monday 27th June.
  10. We knew that was happening as part of the rebrand
  11. Spoke to them this morning, any paper tickets due for delivery by the 17th.
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