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  1. At this point my assumptions are that we won't be in the PL next season and we will have a new manager. Could be wrong on both counts though!
  2. At the end of this season we lose a lot of veterans. The number I last heard was 8. This doesn't actually worry me as much as it should as I think the young players while maybe not fully up to speed this season, would probably fine next season in the Championship. Big Andy, McCullum, Gibbs and Mumba all look ready. Then we also have Idah, Rowe, Springett and Tomkinson that are less certain but still possible. Who knows what will happen with Tzolis. And let's not forget that Aarons, Sargent, Nunez and Sara are all pretty young as well. It could be a pretty exciting squad next season.
  3. Just took a pretty hard knock. Looks like he will continue.
  4. What's the likelihood of tomorrow's game going ahead?
  5. Not sure what your issue is, I'm watching it fine
  6. What a bunch of pant wetters you are. They score a flukey deflected goal and you start saying we're crap
  7. Giannoulis + McCullum and Byron + Mumba on the other side. Fullbacks seem like the least of our problems
  8. Was it lots of injuries? I thought it was just one big one - a hamstring wasn't it?
  9. I still think we dodged a bullet there. I don't rate Smith that highly but I'd rather him than Lampard.
  10. I suspect we'll take off Idah and bring on Normann around 70mins if the scoreline stays the same
  11. That's what I thought at the time so I thought I should post this to clarify!
  12. Maybe it was nothing: Looks like they had a cuddle at the end
  13. What was going on after the own goal? https://mixture.gg/v/61eb2681422b2
  14. Why does the canary have a monocle (in both versions)?
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