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  1. My comments are based on what I see and I make no claim to know him. I would have thought that a fan would know that the conversion of the South Stand to seats was not from the 1990s (electronic scoreboard? segregation?). Clearly I was wrong. And as I stated, there is a difference between a clear on-screen credit (every image from "Norfolk County Council") and one buried at the end (Plunkett). If I had messed up dates (or just used online materials without diligent checking) I would insert a correction or edit the video. Mr Atken's response is to point to the things he got right!
  2. The guy is clearly not a football fan. He does a good job of editing & presenting but - IMO - is taking the **** with his liberal use of the George Plunkett library (gives Norolk Records Office an on-screen credit but not Plunkett) and his research is not all it could be. Plus, looking at the comments, he LOVES praise but doesn't respond well to criticism!
  3. Forever trying to fit a square argument into a round hole
  4. £8.4m (base sum) + live games fees = £9.351m My point was that the figure for non-PL tv income is hardly newsworthy.
  5. It is widely reported that the Home side gets a substantially bigger fee for live games than the visitors, so your Sunderland Echo figure ("£75,000 to both home & away") is unlikely to be accurate. If you had looked at the 2018/19 accounts you would have seen that Non-PL tv income was around £8.4m. From August 2024 the new EFL tv deal is "a 50% increase on the value of the current rights agreement", but the split of cash among the clubs is unlikely to guarantee that all will benefit to the same percentage.
  6. Once you include Directors (+ guests), players (+ guests), other football people (scouts) and Press I can easily see 200 comps being allocated for each and every match.
  7. Be under-17. EFL are not obliged to pay any TV fee for PO Semi-Finals.
  8. As ticketing income last season averaged out at just £15 per-fan per-match, your £1m figure would require some horrific price increases
  9. "According to their forum, they beat up a few of our lot on the way to the ground from the Townhouse pub. No coppers around." "...looked like Ipswich fans were able to walk all the way from the town house pub, past the fat cat and canary (presumably full of Norwich fans) and to Carrow Road before seeing a police officer…" There is zero truth to either of these. Police escorted their fans from the Town House and took them on a detour (Teleraph La/Cotman?) to avoid walking past the FC & C.
  10. No, no, and NO. The vast majority of new share purchasers saw this as an altruistic transaction, and had no interest in any ROI. Your constant & continued push for personal gain (at the expense of the football club you claim to support) marks you out as truly one-of-a-kind.
  11. To balance things out all young players start on a three-year 'rookie contract', which can be fixed as low as just $14,000 per week. Only the very best get improved deals in the first three years. Meanwhile minor league players (where young players gain experience) are paid peanuts, the minimum being just $1,200 per week
  12. The salaries for this year's MLB (baseball) teams are now being picked over. The Milwaukee Brewers are in the bottom third of payroll, somewhere between 20th-24th on the list (out of 30). They are spending less than they did in 2023, 2022, 2019, 2015 & 2014. They have only one player whose salary is in the top 100 in the league (Yelich) and the ESPN piece ranks them among the "Cheap and should spend more" category. "The Brewers are entering the season with their weakest roster in years and project to have a lower CBT [in short, their salary cap] than each of the previous two seasons even after guaranteeing $72 million in free agency and locking up top prospect Jackson Chourio..." Maybe MA is saving his dimes so he can spend $150,000,000 building a new Main Stand at Carrow Road ..... 😀
  13. I have named (a few of) the outlets that reported Zoe's restart at Norwich as being early 2017 - specifically, pre-Stuart. What evidence do you have to contradict this version?
  14. If you are sticking to your position then you are suggesting that Archant, Michael Bailey and the Financial Times (to name just a few) have been printing untruths regarding Zoe's timeline as an NCFC employee. She was a 'consultant' under McNally; went off and had a child, and returned to NCFC in early 2017. Which bit of this do you say is false?
  15. Two points: 1 - Let's hope this MoU is taken more seriously than the one with the Supporters' Trust (e.g. lack of consultation re the Membership scheme) 2 - I wonder if some of the proceeds of the (Old) Trust shares sale should have been diverted to the Historical side of the club? The history of NCFC is vitally important and we need custodians to maintain facts & keep artefacts in a safe place.
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