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  1. Good old Jeff, he''s brilliant, thanks for that clip, I was working yesterday but managed to listen on the radio and watched SSN last night for ages but they didn''t show that clip. Shame. Great scenes at Charlton!
  2. Personally I would like to see him play if he''s fit to do so. He''s after all contributed so much to our promotion. I hope Lambert fields his strongest side on Saturday, maybe if we are in a good position at half time/the hour mark he could then bring others on. It''s only right as many as possible share in the team''s achievement, it was never done to just one player, but Wes in particular has been one of our stars.
  3. Totally agree Phat, and really once we hit our stride in October/November there was really only one outcome. To be honest I think thanks are due off the pitch perhaps more than for those who toiled and ran riot on it. Without the appointment of McNally I fear we would be lower mid table having had a disastrous season under Gunn with perhaps the loss of Hoolahan and one or two others in the January window. But in came a man who could do a job and he''s achieved it. Appointed a manager who he had faith in (with very good reason) and we really never looked back. The transformation has been one of dreams, and after all all football fans are after them aren''t they. We have suffered for more than long enough under incompetent regimes on and off the field with the previous relegations. Now we are rid of many of the reasons for them it''s upwards and onwards. Hand on heart I can''t say I have enjoyed this season. The effects of relegation shadowed us in many ways. Fortunately Lambert showed a way out of it all and had brought some vital ingredients to CR. Confidence, team spirt, the will to win and at times lovely football to the field and his man management has been second to none. It has been refreshing listening to him in his post match interviews this season. His constant mention of the fans and their vital role hasn''t I think gone unnoticed. Maybe we should have wrapped it up earlier, but we did ourselves proud yesterday. We indeed have hope for next year and at last I can honestly say I have confidence in those running the club. McNally is surely the man to steer us back to our former position in the Premiership and I think we will all wish him well in doing all he can to attract new investment so we can make a bid to secure a second promotion in a few years'' time.
  4. It was the first one I ever bought, luckily my musical tastes have improved somewhat since the dark ages Smithy. Remember the Jimmy Bone song too. Happy days.
  5. Totally agree Beau, not many teams storm a league these days and having seen most teams now, I can''t say any of them worry me too much. Couldn''t agree more with your points on the Leeds site. Is this what the Pink Un is turning into? This league is a marathon and there will be ups and downs. It''s nearly over for those without nerves of steel, try and enjoy, remember what happened last year and who was in charge? Just be grateful NCFC is well on the mend and on the way back to some respectability.
  6. Hi Henry I did this about six seasons ago when I moved from the centre of the L Barclay to the top row in E Block, I did know beforehand there would be a seat up there as someone I knew was not renewing. Basically the club will publicise a day and you queue up outside the ticket office (not sure if this is done by phone also, probably) you can then go and chat about where you would like to go. If you need to staff will take you to your proposed new seat. I think it''s a great scheme and it seems to work well. Not sure now of the small details, but ring or email the club and I am sure they will help. I am not sure if they can say before final renewal day where spaces are likely to be. When I moved there were several choices, but perhaps I was just lucky.
  7. Nutty, I personally think the Upper B is worth considering. I have some friends who sit up there (they have two young kids) but don''t want to go to the family area and say there is a decent atmosphere up there, well better than the South Stand or River End anyway. I might be joining you in a couple of seasons when I introduce my young grand daughter to Carrow Road! After all she''d see nothing from my back row seat at the moment would she? You could try the Snakepit, they seem to sit down all the time these days....
  8. Never again!!! I was there for the Stockport game, only as I had allowed the son''s girlfriend to use my seat (thinking ahead I want a NCFC fan as a daughter in law) and therefore was half way up the South Stand in line with the half way line. It was obvious from the start, I was the only one in my area who finished the pre match OTBC. I got strange looks for singing along to songs coming from the Barclay. Granted you get an excellent view of the game and can hear the players talking to each other (not just shouting!) but for atmosphere and vocal support, no thanks! Also the men around me (60+) delighted me with a running commentary all game with constant moaning!!! The River End of old times.
  9. I am confident, and have been so since Lambert''s appointment. Once Gunn had gone the whole club has been transformed, this has been evident in so many games, and the way the club is being run off the pitch also. I can see us being able to win all our remaining games, despite the obvious hazards as the more incompetent officials being given to us at the end of the season. Have faith people. Start booking your holidays from the 8th onwards. We are going up as Champions!
  10. It was the Jubilee for me and it was so packed you could hardly breathe (or drink) let alone move. The game may have been a bit of a let down, but our local publicans will have a welcome boost from an overflowing till this morning.
  11. Well said Rude Old, after say 20 mins it was obvious it was going to be one of those games, we have been lucky this season that more hasn''t transpired to act against us at times and if it had to happen, it happened in a game where the opposition wasn''t going to gain too much at our expense, though I worry about the other relegation candidates who must be wondering how Tranmere got all three points. My big plus was Rudd got a game and considering the circumstances of his inclusion did very well. I am not convinced we will have Forster next year so Rudd needs some games. Aside from that it was great to hear Lambert''s post match interview. What a star and also reassuring to see the team not crumble or resort to blatant cheating or playacting knowing the weakness and ineptness of the officials. I was proud of the club tonight, and a big thank you to the away support. We really are getting it back on track as a whole this season and last night summed that up well.
  12. Poor old Leeds, you have got to love ''em! Is it just sour grapes, no I think some of them genuinely believe that the rest of football is foreign to them and their way is the right way. For goodness sake, some of them think they are still European Champions! Like many contributors to this thread I have experienced football in the 70s and 80s. Whilst there is much of it I embraced (after all I must have liked it or I wouldn''t still be going!) there are many many things which have improved it, but as in all walks of life, much has improved in general. To the Leeds ''fan'' who waxes lyrically about those attending in the old days, he sounds just like a rather tired BNP candidate. Back in the 70s were plenty of kids going (most of us posting on here for a start!), older people and women - what did the women of Leeds get up to on a Saturday afternoon in the 70s I wonder! After witnessing the aftermath of last Saturday, I can only count my blessings and thank God I wasn''t born in Leeds, to be a decent human being supporting that club must be hard work, then and now. If it pleases them to behave like thugs (animals are superior in every way) then they throughly deserve their fate of watching League One forever, the Leeds fans I know personally despise these so called hard men, and the reputation their club has. There are some things precious about my memories of Carrow Road, and I am sure we can all say the same. I don''t like the sponsored names of the stands, the N and P is and always will be the River End, likewise the South Stand and I can only wonder what would happen should there come a time an attempt is made to rename the Barclay. When I look at the ground now, yes it''s changed but I will always remember it as it was on my first visit, I remember the games and the songs and the feeling of belonging. Is it one big happy family? Yes when we are doing well (more recently it''s been anything but). Are we tribal? Yes, but some of us have respect for other tribes and behave accordingly. Are we happy clappy? Yes, there are fans who go with very little knowledge of our history (we can pin that one on Leeds too). There are those who go for a ''good day out'' but haven''t we always done that, perhaps we just express things differently now. Those that know me and are not football fans cannot understand the passion and love I have for Norwich City. It''s something, if you are lucky you fall into, perhaps accidentally and it''s with you for life. While you may not accept bad and lean times, you hope for the future. Would I go to Elland Road again, not on your life, four visits over the years, all typically unpleasant experiences, though not on the scale of Wolverhampton. There you go Leeds fans, you are not as bad as you think.
  13. This is excellent news, not only for the boys concerned, but for our long term future. I have seen both of them play in reserve and youth fixtures and both are indeed impressive. Our future is looking brighter by the day, let''s hope both follow the likes of Korey Smith and Declan Rudd into the first team squad.
  14. Another great bit of exposure in the national press - could hardly be a better news week for us, also have a read of the Observer piece, linked from the Guardian article.
  15. I have never met the famed Bly or Mr Carrow Nutty, as far as I am aware and they are of course entitled to their opinion, but I think we have to all agree after the fiasco of last season and the appointment of Gunn in the summer something had to give. Some of us gave our opinions and this was reflected in the media (ie in the press and local radio, not just on internet messageboards). I don''t think any of us claim we made a difference individually, but come on the rebate, public meetings etc had no impact at all at board level? I think they did. The first game of the season and thousands leaving at half time, to say nothing of the season tickets thrown at Gunn also must have had massive implications should he stay. I say again the appointment of McNally was our turning point and Lambert''s managerial stewardship has been remarkable. I dread to think where we would be today had Gunn stayed. By the way there''s an excellent piece about our game yesterday and on NCFC in general in the Observer. Sorry I can''t do a link to this, not but a WHOLE page about us, not just Leeds.
  16. Best, easy the goal and resulting scenes of joy from the city fans. It was like being released from a stretch in prison for the past five years. Worst, Can''t think of any, but I suppose anyone caught up in any incident with the away support who only came for trouble. Funniest, quite a few bits of banter between the fans was funny, but Leeds singing champions of Europe was a classic.
  17. The Gut, yes it does matter, it served as a barometer of supporters'' feelings towards those running the club at the time. Do you suppose the departure of Munby and Doncaster and the emergence of McNally and the other Board members to be merely a coincidence?
  18. Completely agree Pete, I may have to have a season or two in the family area with my young grand daughter in a couple of seasons but desert my beloved Barclay to sit under a rug, I think not. I will be carried out in a box first.
  19. In response to The Gut. I was in the Barclay during the 70s/80s, and still am today. Too right, I do understand the sentiment about the changing nature of football support, but in essence the post from the Leeds ''supporter'' on a Leeds forum is just sour grapes from a bad loser. He would do well to look at himself as a supporter before decrying others and their supporting habits. I would imagine from his thoughts he remembers the time when Leeds meant something in the football world. Let''s face it, we were more successful than we are now during that era, but as many have said before football has changed. Some of us can see it and embrace the changes, personally I don''t like some of them, but applaud others, as in much of life, it''s all about what you make it. Yesterday I was proud to be a city fan, I love my club and show my appreciation in my way and have done all my supporting life. However yesterday the atmosphere was good, if Elland Road has equalled, or bettered yesterday we have to wonder just why Leeds'' season has faltered. After all, if the Leeds support is so great, just why are they where they are? Or do they consider they have played no part at all in their downfall, yes, it''s simple to blame their current plight (status) on the modern world of football. Certainly some of their behaviour was straight out of the 70s, particularly on leaving CR. Is Carrow Road a prime example of sanitised football? I think not. A suggestion to the Leeds fan, take a look at some of the empty stadiums currently playing to Championship crowds, and indeed closer to home - is Elland Road full of passionate ''real'' fans supporting their team to the end? Like it was on Monday v Millwall? Norwich City cannot be alone in having supporters in his quoted middle age and middle class bracket, I have visited practically every ground in every league and there are marked differences, certainly, but most fans want the best for their team and some clubs I really worry about. Leeds is one of them. Giant chips on shoulders need urgent remedies, it''s not NCFC and their fan base which really matters to Leeds, but the reasons why they are still in this division, despite their supposed superiority. Yesterday for this fan it got just about as bad as it can get, beaten well and truly, in six short months by a southern middle class club. Leeds, you are the new Wolves.
  20. For goodness sake, we are top of the league, leading by 11 points, nearly at the end of the season and what do we get, week by week a player is picked on to be this week''s turkey/donkey. We don''t know yet how tough the Championship will be, we are not there. By good management (Lambert) and steady progress from the whole squad we will get there and hopefully put them to the test. Are the squad we have now good enough? I would say, yes, with a few quality additions we are. What has Wes done to atttact this negativity, he was marked out of the game, aside from making a few well worked contributions. Why was he man marked (again)? Because opposition managers regard him as one of our best players and therefore a threat to them. To sell him would be a disaster, he''s one of our great hopes for a serious rebuilding of the whole club. I doubt Paul Lambert would want to sell either him or many of the players featured yesterday and thank God he''s manager and not some of the posters on here.
  21. Where I was standing it was great, loved every single second of the day which will be a treasured memory for years to come. Crucial match, opposition with something to prove, players from both teams up for a win and a tactical match between the league''s top two managers (though would credit Millwall as the form team at present!). It was like the CR of old, the goal celebrations took me back to the 2001 season when we realised we had made the play offs and the resulting tension of the Wolves play offs. To be singing and dancing at the back of the Barclay and looking over to see and hear the joy and celebrations in the other three stands was simply a top moment. We have suffered for the last few seasons, let''s bottle this weekend and be joyful and remember what it''s like to be fans again. And yes, hugs and kisses from those around me and bruises aplenty from the pesky seats! Don''t think too many were in use today in the Lower B!
  22. Poor old Delia, she is never going to make certain people happy is she? I think Mr Chops sums it up best, she''s made some simply disastrous decisions over a long long time as majority shareholder, much of that time fans who have felt aggrieved by her actions have suffered with their thoughts (and posted great debates on here). I have never been her greatest fan it has to be said, though I realise she does genuinely want NCFC to succeed. I agree with others who say the appointment of Doncaster was her greatest folly, to let this man have absolute control of the day to day running of our club almost destroyed it. The days following our relegation, the shock felt in the city and beyond and the outcome and media attention devoted to the NCISA public meeting surely had some significance to her appointment of McNally. Also the rebate season ticket fiasco has to go down as a great PR own goal showing the old board members the scale of dissatisfaction amongst city fans. Having heard McNally and Lambert at two forums now I have to say I have absolute faith in them. At last we seem to have a competent and relevant CE at NCFC. So now we have someone competent running the club and dealing with the debt and its consequences I think it makes sense for Delia to work in her own way towards bringing in money for the club. Whilst non foodie fans may mock her ads for Waitrose etc, it has to be said Waitrose are at present enjoying a surge of new customers and the new ad featuring Delia and Heston Blumenthal will ultimately bring in much needed money. Delia has also recently completed a series for the Beeb which hopefully has pocketed yet more cash. It''s not football granted, but if all her contacts with the food world can generate income and help keep us afloat all well and good.
  23. It''s not often I have been completely at ease with what a Norwich City manager decides is best. Let''s face it we have had a run of incompetents in charge of our team and at long last we now have the real deal - in fact I find it impossible to find anything to say about him in a negative sense. Tactically he is almost always spot on, his substitutions have almost always worked in turning round a game (if needed), he handles the media well and is obviously respected by his players. His motivation is second to none and let''s face it, someone who has played at Celtic who is always admiring and praising our support is something we must not overlook in significance. The man loves it here and that trickles down to the players and the results speak for themselves. The downside - that he is wanted elsewhere. How long we keep him is the ONLY negative I can find. Paul Lambert, we have you to thank for transforming this club from a sad reflection of our former selves into something approaching a credible team to be proud of once again. I am confident now in every game he leads us into. Fellow city fans, we hit gold and soon will get our reward, yesterday was another satisfying 90+ minutes on our road to the Championship. Thank you Paul Lambert and your team.
  24. You can speak for me too Ascent, mixed feelings which are I have to admit, only personal ones. Of course this is pure speculation as we are not promoted yet! We have all had our say regarding the fall from grace (Championship), though even that standard is IMO not where we should be aiming, but rather somewhere to stay while we build a solid team (and NOT just on the pitch). However, the players who stayed behind, and to give them further credit, the ones who had faith in Gunn I feel should have some celebration. Since Lambert came in as manager they have achieved great things. After all they can only beat the team they are playing at the present moment in time. Open topped buses may well be a bit over the top, but if the Council wish to participate in funding this I can think of far greater wastes of our council tax money. For the younger fans I think it''s important to mark the achievement, though for us old miseries, celebrating winning a third division title would be nothing compared to say remembering what we won 25 years ago. And yes, whatever celebrations are planned I will probably go along and enjoy them. We have suffered a good few years of mediocrity, pain and pure incompetence both on and off the pitch. We have a new start and I suppose have to go on from here, upwards. Though come next season (hopefully in the league above) I trust lessons have been well learnt and thus we can only go onto greater things in building for a better future for NCFC.
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