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  1. Mr.Carrow


    We have been selling out the stadium and hitting the cap on season tickets virtually every year for (I think) 12 seasons. No other club outside the top six has that record. Both Doncaster and Bowkett stated that there was demand for 35k per game at City and Webber has stated that the main reason he came here was that we had clearly bigger potential than Huddersfield. So people are saying that we sell out a 25-26k stadium in League One and during poor seasons at the lower end of the Champs, but we could only expect a couple of thousand more in the Prem?! Incredible. People need to get it into their heads that having a handful of casual tickets available in areas of the ground where people don't particularly want to sit, completely changes the culture of attending football matches. If people try and fail to get 3-4 seats together for friends or family in an area you like and repeatedly fail, people stop trying. Also I see the old "we're not a large centre of population" argument has cropped up again. Again, ridiculous. Large centres of population have corresponding large numbers of professional clubs (and other sports) competing for the same pool of people. We have over a million people in Norfolk and Waveney with no competition- an enviable situation and one clued up people like Webber will be well aware of. The caution regarding expansion and how to go about it is commendable and warranted, but if you gave a neutral a break down of demand/demographics etc of clubs outside the top six and asked which had the most obvious case for expansion, City would be top every time.
  2. Mr.Carrow


    £20m plus for a 29year old has got to be considered unfortunately. What if the club feel they can bring in an under 25 player for half that who they see as the next big thing? I don't think it's gonna happen, but it's possible.
  3. Mr.Carrow


    From what I've seen and read both were good but inconsistent- which was what Todd was before his injury. Arguably you could say he had hit consistency before his injury as he was our best player in several games. I think most championship clubs will be salivating at the thought they may be able to get him on the cheap, however I'm confident he'll be staying.
  4. Mr.Carrow


    Nobody has mentioned that attacking players normally carry a premium and it could be that the agent actually wants more than Aarons, Lewis etc. Of all the hyped young players on loan in the Championship last season,who was clearly better than Cantwell? Harvey Barnes and maybe the lad at Wigan?
  5. Mr.Carrow

    Style or Survival

    Style and support for the current model even if we finish bottom for me. However,I see no reason why we can't have a mix of both. Let's face it, we're gonna have to be more pragmatic in many games next season, but that doesn't mean we have to regress to boring percentage football. I think the club will be looking at defensive midfield as the key signing. Trybull- love him but just don't think he's got enough for the Prem. Tettey- totally love him but at 33?? Thompson- can't see him being ready after 3 years out, so will probably be loaned. Leitner- possibly the most likely of the current crop, class, but not really a ball-winning dominant midfielder that we may well need to shield the defence when we're regularly under the cosh. Semi Ajeyi has been linked and I can see it happening. Has all the qualities we need, will be cheap, right age and should be well up for a crack at the Prem. We'll have no idea whether he can make the step up but we can say that about any signing we make and we were saying that this season and look how they've turned out!
  6. Mr.Carrow

    Tim Krul

    Krul got stronger as the season went on and was one of the cool heads when the pressure was really on when we hit the final ten games. You can't underestimate that cool calmness and experience when you have such a young defense. I'd be happy to have him as No.1 next season.
  7. Mr.Carrow


    I think there's a bit of disrespect for Rhodes on this thread. "Just a poacher/goalscorer"? Yeah that's what I thought too until I saw him coming on winning headers both defensively and upfront, hassling defenders, buying freekicks, slowing play down ... plus of course scoring some vital goals. Let's face it, if he's desperate to come, he'll almost certainly come and I think taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture he'd be a great signing.
  8. This has almost certainly come from Lambert. It's pretty obvious that with his constant bs about "incredible support" etc he is trying to replicate what he did with us- turn around and enthuse a club in the doldrums. Unfortunately for him, our support was present and correct just waiting to be enthused, whilst the binners is nowhere to be seen. I actually love this offer. For all there supporters Billy big bollox attitude finally the ball is in their court to put their money where their mouth is. If they scrape 10k as I suspect despite this pretty generous offer it will just heap more embarrassment on their misery. Shame
  9. Mr.Carrow

    You won’t get a ticket says Paul

    Incredible delusion. When we went down we were still getting 25k despite several seasons of dross and Doomcaster constantly talking the club down. There is simply no evidence that they have an extra 13k or so just waiting to flock down if they are in the top 3. They've been getting 23-25k even against us and even seriously struggled to sell out the play-off semi-final, with tickets being available the day before. I would say our fan-base is at least twice the size of theirs- we have several times the amount of Twitter and Facebook followers than them.
  10. I think the binners are rapidly becoming a Blackpool or Preston in footballing terms, but with the added noose around their neck that they simply cannot accept it. Both of those clubs had glorious histories, but neither of them exude the deluded Billy big bollox attitude that you find with 1p5wich. Leeds are a hard club to like, but you have to hand it to them that when they bang on about being a sleeping giant etc, at least you have to accept (despite their highly flakey support...) that they have a point. For the binners to claim the same is laughable to anyone in touch with modern football, yet they regularly claim just that. If you want to claim such things, at some point you have to have something to back it up, but the binners have nothing. Even their play-off season they averaged about 10,000 less than us and they can't even sell out against us! They are a small club with a limited fanbase sandwiched between a much bigger club to the North, and much bigger clubs to the South in the London area, who overachieved for a few years a long long time ago. It's a bit like when you end up with the drunk pub bore who bangs on about his illustrious boxing career 40 years ago and you walk off sadly shaking your head thinking "and just look at what you've become now...."
  11. Mr.Carrow


    [quote user="daly"]With a fan base of over 1 million people they should be playing in TP if managed correctly.[/quote]

    Bristol is a two-club City and large swathes of it prefer rugby to football.
  12. Mr.Carrow

    Article on investment.

    You need to rethink scot-e-dog. Ask any Watford fan why they fail to sell out their ground even in the Prem and they`ll bang on about big clubs just down the road. The London conurbation is 10m, yes, but now count the clubs.... Football is tribal- whole families tend to stick with one club. City have over 1 million people in Norfolk and Waveney to draw from with no competition- that represents enormous potential.
  13. Mr.Carrow


    Another example- South Yorkshire, population 1.3m. Two big Sheffield clubs plus Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley. Look at most big conurbations you will see a similar pattern, not to mention much more competition from other sports and leisure pursuits.
  14. Mr.Carrow


    Leeds is one of the few big cities in the UK with only one team. Both Doncaster and McNally stated that demand was there for 35k per week at CR and Webber has come out recently and stated he didn`t realise the clubs potential until he got here. We are seriously under-achieving crowd wise given our catchment and potential. How we increase the ground to fulfill that potential in a practical and cost-effective way is another matter entirely!
  15. Mr.Carrow


    Broadstairs, the catchment thing is a red herring. Norfolk and Waveney have a combined population of over 1 million. Yorkshire has a population of over 5 million but has 10 (i think...) league clubs and some well supported non-league clubs all vying for the same audience.