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  1. He's way ahead of where Carlton Morris was at the same age, with a higher ceiling. After fighting through some struggles and learning his trade, Morris is currently looking decent in the Prem.
  2. As i said on another thread- we wouldn't have thrown the Watford game with Gunn in goal.
  3. If we'd had Gunn in goal we wouldn't have f*cked it up vs Watford. Probably our most important player after Sargent.
  4. We were probably waiting in case one of his major limbs fell off.
  5. Look up Rob Henderson's idea of "luxury beliefs".
  6. I watched a good deal of our U-21's against Everton and Welch was our stand out player along with Adegboyega. I was thinking "Cantwell with pace". Did make a few sloppy errors though.
  7. Adegboyega, Fisher and several of our under 21's (Kamara and Aboh from memory) were courted by bigger clubs but came here because they could see a faster route to high level first team football. Some will take the bait, that's just the way it is. Our under 21's are in the best shape for years and that's not an accident.
  8. But the other side of that coin is that our area has far fewer clubs- particularly higher level ones.
  9. Norfolk people love a straight talker.....until they start saying things they don't like.
  10. A player who has only played Brazilian league and Champs won't go for £40m. £30+ maybe. Thing is, selling him won't just be about the money, it will be as much about proving to every prospective signing in that part of the world that we provide an excellent stepping stone to a top European club.
  11. I genuinely find it funny. You guys grasp for any hint of negativity like a starving man grasping for a peanut. It's fine though, i think psychologists call it "negativity bias" in which certain personalities always assume the worst, the pay off being that if the worst happens they are both prepared for it, and can parade around pointing out how right they were. One of my best friends is like this, it's just funny when it's so damn obvious!
  12. And improved the team whilst doing so, much to your and the OP's annoyance.
  13. I remember when we went 5-1 up at Portman road and were absolutely rubbish after that. I left the ground fuming. Totally unacceptable.
  14. Fantastic left foot finish, 2 headers, then a fantastic right foot finish. Probably would've had another header too had Sargent's boot not got in the way. Real talent.
  15. Yes, Sargent has done it a few times too and always looked embarrassed having to get to his feet and jog away knowing we're all thinking "nice try son!".
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