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  1. By that logic a Murphy twins, Pritchard and Oliveira frontline was better than Buendia, Stieperman, Hernandez and Pukki. Absolute nonsense.
  2. I think that for each sale the goalposts will move slightly. We'll need to sell less therefore will probably play hardball more. The club hopefully already have targets we can go for if we sell for big money and the those targets will affect the attitude of the remaining players. If, for example, we bring in Van Der Hoorn and Larouci with the Lewis money, the remaining players may even see the squad as stronger therefore more likely to get promoted. If players genuinely think we'll be top three this year they're far less likely to be pining for a move.
  3. We only have those valuable players in the first place due to the people and policies put in place by the board. Or do you think they just magically happen? How many clubs right now desperately wish they had one player to sell for £20m, let alone five?! We already have exciting, highly rated replacements and the incoming funds will enable us to push our recruitment level up significantly (particularly with Covid).
  4. Out of all our young players I think he's the most limited. Great athlete and very tidy on the ball, but frankly a bang average defender with little attacking instinct. £10m does sound crazy cheap though. The only way I can make sense of it is if Larouci is included and maybe McCullem looks amazing in training and we regard him as just as good/better.
  5. So an England under 21 captain who's played a full season in the prem is only worth a couple of million more than the Murphy's and Pritchard?!
  6. What would you estimate to be the combined value of Krul, Aarons, Lewis, Buendia, Pukki, Godfrey, Idah and Cantwell? Maybe with Coronavirus the valuations have taken a bit of a hit, but £150m was pretty realistic beforehand.
  7. I agree that it smacks of "little Norwich" to not want to compete at the top, but it's equally staggering that people don't want to look at what a great position the club is in. Players worth £150m plus all on long contracts, highly rated young players already brought in and all in an environment in which many clubs could face firesales just to keep going (which we are in a position to take advantage of). It isn't too bad is it?
  8. A year after storming to the championship title with a bunch of freebies and lower league cheapies, you're bored!? Go chat with some Forest and Wednesday fans and come back down to planet earth.
  9. Top 26 puts us above Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Stoke, Bolton, the scum etc, etc. The fans of those clubs would swap with us in a heartbeat. Top 26 means that talented young players have a very realistic chance of Premier League football soon after joining us making us highly attractive. As for investment, we have six players worth well over £100m. Either they leave and we have that "investment" or stay and increase our chances next season.
  10. Go back several years and people were moaning when we signed Godfrey, Maddison, Aarons etc that they couldn't help us right then. Couple of years later we apparently didn't have a team without Maddison and were guaranteed to be relegated. He left and we brought in Pukki, Stieperman, Hernandez etc who were just lower league failures so we were still guaranteed to be relegated. Now we're a laughing stock and Placheta, Sorenson, Sinani etc are just lower league failures who are useless for us..... anybody spot a pattern?
  11. Who was the Fulham player we nearly paid today's equivalent of £20m for that went to Villa and sat on his a*se? I actually think the point that spending lots of money isn't always wasting lots of money is a fair one, I just don't think we were in the position to do that in this instance. Webber has already come out and said we will spend money,so we are clearly "speculating to accumulate" this season. I have no doubt we will strengthen further if we bounce back up.
  12. What top centre half would have joined to (probably) be behind Klose, Zimmerman, Godfrey and Hanley? The problem was the ridiculous injuries to those players.
  13. Yep, and a lot of the negative types seem to think that Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis etc "just happened" and we were lucky. Not many other clubs are bringing through the volume of young players that we are and with extra money to spend that could/should accelerate.
  14. For me the clubs strategy is clear- use the carrot of potential premier football to lure top young European talent. Young players will move for big money but the idea is to have at least two in the wings to take their place. If it works the squad gradually gets stronger. The more young players you have, the greater the chance one will suddenly blossom a la Aarons.
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