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  1. Mr.Carrow

    A club without ambition

    The owners have clearly got a knack of recruiting very talented people, who seem to have a knack of recruiting other talented people. Bar the occasional blip such as the Wolves bloke this has been the story since they appointed McNally. I can see why we took the approach we did at the start of the season and I honestly think that had it not been for the calamatous defensive injuries we'd be making a real fist of it. But the majority of the people who masterminded the incredible achievement of last season will still be there next, and I see no reason not to be confident they cannot do the same again- and possibly even upgrade due to our extra finances. Should the worst happen, i think we are in the position to come back stronger and better prepared.
  2. Mr.Carrow

    A club without ambition

    A few months ago pretty much everybody was staggered as to what a healthy position the club was in. Frankly, taking a step back from the emotion, it still is. Yeah there's question marks over some players who we assumed would step up but have struggled, and the defensive injuries have stymied the start of the season. But even if we go down the club is in an incredible position- top young players who will either be sold for big money or will have another season tearing up the championship with us and a squad of players who have proved they are a class above that league.
  3. Mr.Carrow

    News from the farmyard

    Really? Struggling to 20k by giving seats away for a quid equates to selling out every home seat often weeks in advance (the under capacity gates were due to pathetic away followings)? As someone who is largely based abroad now I know how difficult home tickets were to come by in that season. For the Swindon game I had to sit in the away end as there literally wasn't a single seat in the place even just before kickoff (there are usually a few returns). The fact is nobody knows what crowds we could have got in that season, but I think it's a fair bet we'd have beaten the 28k average Man.City achieved which would have given us the biggest support in League One for decades.
  4. A point needs to be made I think that Farke may not have joined at all had it not been for the owners reputation of giving managers a pretty generous crack of the whip. Smart people will look at a club's overall ethos before signing up and I think it's fair to say that even if individual decisions have been wrong in hindsight, that overall ethos has been excellent for some time now.
  5. Mr.Carrow

    Webbers Interview

    I think it's pretty fair for supporters who actually support to state that they are superior to supporters who do not. I've posted on here before that if you did a survey of fans 95% would like to see a better atmosphere at games, yet only about 5% put themselves on the line and really go for it at games. Supporting the team really isn't rocket science- it's the easiest thing in the world. If you turn up at a game claiming to be a supporter yet can't be bothered to actually support, you fully deserve Webber's pointed comments.
  6. Mr.Carrow

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    Just looked on YouTube and Sky's highlights are almost at a million views, the club's own highlights 800k. NCFC are going global....
  7. Mr.Carrow


    Again, people have to weigh up what he adds to the team other than the fact that he isn't one of our amazing,tricky technical players. Several times on Saturday Krul and Hanley were forced into rushed clearances and who did they aim for? He won a good number and I also noticed Newcastle doubling up on him which freed up space for the likes of Cantwell. Also three or four vital defensive clearances. Well worth his place in the team.
  8. You are sort of correct about last season, but it's interesting that you've already forgotten the previous eleven in which virtually every game was sold out bar restricted view and single seats. I'm forced to be a casual supporter as I spend much of the year out of the country, and I can assure you getting a few seats together which are not restricted view has been a nightmare for over a decade. We have consistently had the highest percentage of seats filled outside the big six. That is fact. Even in League One we had almost exactly the same average attendance as Leeds- the only difference being that Leeds had plenty of extra capacity whereas our ground was packed out the entire season and me and a mate had to sit in the away end Vs Swindon as there wasn't a single home seat in the entire place.
  9. Mr.Carrow

    Never give up! Never surrender!

    Yep the attitude of the supporters is going to be vital. There will be games where we'll be behind to the likes of Watford or Bournemouth, but we know we're good enough to come back, so support, don't moan.
  10. Mr.Carrow

    Wass gorn on in traynun Danyul?

    Someone should put the ladder drill segment to music! Love how the club keep the fans constantly connected to what's going on. Using social media in the best ways
  11. Mr.Carrow

    Cantwell signs new contract!

    Fantastic. Things really hotting up for the new season.
  12. Mr.Carrow

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Don't think they played together so they could form some unit at the back! Never thought we'd have a player more highly rated than Aarons and Buendia, but I think Godfrey is that man.
  13. Very roughly clubs have three levels of support- one when they are rubbish, one when things are looking hopeful and one when everything comes together and they are successful. For many clubs crowds can almost double between the first and last phases (look at Leeds and Sheff.Utd in the last few years). The ones who turn up during the terrible times are the clubs bedrock hardcore- and every single one of ours deserve a medal because they are an enormous part of why we are in such a healthy position. But that does not negate the fact that there are many who, for many different reasons, cannot/don't want to attend regularly. I'm sure Leeds fans aren't moaning about gloryhunters when they are boasting about having the biggest gates in the league. Apparently to some we are the only club in world football for whom our support when at the lower end of the Championship and even in League One is virtually the same as when we're playing Man United or Liverpool. There is no logic to that viewpoint. It may interest some that both in our relegation season and promotion back to the Championship, we averaged several thousand more than Leicester, Wolves, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday and United did when they were promoted from league one. We were virtually on a par with Leeds. If we hadn't had such a restricted capacity I'd wager we'd have been similar to the 28,000 Manchester City achieved in the same position. But there's no evidence of the need for extra seats at all...
  14. Mr.Carrow

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Leitner's an interesting one. Pretty sure that before his injury he was statistically one of the very top players in the Championship and I seem to remember Farke commenting that he was breaking records in terms of distances run per game. I also think that other than the dodgy start, our defensive stats were better with Leitner in the team? The stereotype of a DM is tall, strong and athletic, but you look at the likes of Kante and Gueye it can be more about constant running and closing down and catching players by surprise with your tenacity. Leitner has the class- if he's prepared to really bust a gut every game he could surprise people.
  15. I've been based abroad the last two years, but previous to that I don't think they did any for years.