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  1. Mr.Carrow


    Again, people have to weigh up what he adds to the team other than the fact that he isn't one of our amazing,tricky technical players. Several times on Saturday Krul and Hanley were forced into rushed clearances and who did they aim for? He won a good number and I also noticed Newcastle doubling up on him which freed up space for the likes of Cantwell. Also three or four vital defensive clearances. Well worth his place in the team.
  2. You are sort of correct about last season, but it's interesting that you've already forgotten the previous eleven in which virtually every game was sold out bar restricted view and single seats. I'm forced to be a casual supporter as I spend much of the year out of the country, and I can assure you getting a few seats together which are not restricted view has been a nightmare for over a decade. We have consistently had the highest percentage of seats filled outside the big six. That is fact. Even in League One we had almost exactly the same average attendance as Leeds- the only difference being that Leeds had plenty of extra capacity whereas our ground was packed out the entire season and me and a mate had to sit in the away end Vs Swindon as there wasn't a single home seat in the entire place.
  3. Mr.Carrow

    Never give up! Never surrender!

    Yep the attitude of the supporters is going to be vital. There will be games where we'll be behind to the likes of Watford or Bournemouth, but we know we're good enough to come back, so support, don't moan.
  4. Mr.Carrow

    Wass gorn on in traynun Danyul?

    Someone should put the ladder drill segment to music! Love how the club keep the fans constantly connected to what's going on. Using social media in the best ways
  5. Mr.Carrow

    Cantwell signs new contract!

    Fantastic. Things really hotting up for the new season.
  6. Mr.Carrow

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Don't think they played together so they could form some unit at the back! Never thought we'd have a player more highly rated than Aarons and Buendia, but I think Godfrey is that man.
  7. Very roughly clubs have three levels of support- one when they are rubbish, one when things are looking hopeful and one when everything comes together and they are successful. For many clubs crowds can almost double between the first and last phases (look at Leeds and Sheff.Utd in the last few years). The ones who turn up during the terrible times are the clubs bedrock hardcore- and every single one of ours deserve a medal because they are an enormous part of why we are in such a healthy position. But that does not negate the fact that there are many who, for many different reasons, cannot/don't want to attend regularly. I'm sure Leeds fans aren't moaning about gloryhunters when they are boasting about having the biggest gates in the league. Apparently to some we are the only club in world football for whom our support when at the lower end of the Championship and even in League One is virtually the same as when we're playing Man United or Liverpool. There is no logic to that viewpoint. It may interest some that both in our relegation season and promotion back to the Championship, we averaged several thousand more than Leicester, Wolves, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday and United did when they were promoted from league one. We were virtually on a par with Leeds. If we hadn't had such a restricted capacity I'd wager we'd have been similar to the 28,000 Manchester City achieved in the same position. But there's no evidence of the need for extra seats at all...
  8. Mr.Carrow

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Leitner's an interesting one. Pretty sure that before his injury he was statistically one of the very top players in the Championship and I seem to remember Farke commenting that he was breaking records in terms of distances run per game. I also think that other than the dodgy start, our defensive stats were better with Leitner in the team? The stereotype of a DM is tall, strong and athletic, but you look at the likes of Kante and Gueye it can be more about constant running and closing down and catching players by surprise with your tenacity. Leitner has the class- if he's prepared to really bust a gut every game he could surprise people.
  9. I've been based abroad the last two years, but previous to that I don't think they did any for years.
  10. Nutty, it is you making black and white claims about the future. This is from my first post: "There is no way of knowing our potential support untilit becomes easier for groups of people to get tickets in areas they like to sit and that becomes known within our catchment. Supply is fixed, but demand is malleable to an extent with marketing, ticket offers, extended family area, linkups with local businesses etc." Also, I have been talking about people who can't come regularly due to circumstances- I notice you constantly switch that to "Only want to come 6-8 times a season". The gig economy, weekend working, job/financial/spouse/child/health/travel pressures affect many. The fact that you don't seem to acknowledge that is why I use the term myopic.
  11. Kingsway, if some of the posters on here were in charge of the Glastonbury festival they'd be saying "Thank goodness the 200k people who want to come to our festival get themselves organised to buy tickets in the 20minutes they are on sale, and nobody is left disappointed!". There are of course thousands who would like to go but know they probably won't get a ticket,so don't include it in their plans. Same at City over the last twelve years.
  12. Webber mentioned the club's potential again in the TNC interview nutty. I trust that when he announces expansion plans you'll be the first to lecture him on the error of his ways- as the omnipotent nutty nigel already knows it will just be banks of empty seats, despite all evidence to the contrary.
  13. Depends if there are enough of those irregular fans to fill those seats doesn't it? And demand over the last twelve years has indicated extremely strongly that there is. I know it may never have entered your head before, but some of those people could become future season tickets holders, bring their family and friends etc. It's nothing to be scared of. Thank you for the rest of your post lecturing me on something I'd already pointed out- "Over half our support comes from outside the city". Bit weird that.
  14. I've been a supporter long enough to know it's exactly the way it works for thousands of supporters who don't live in the myopic bubble of many on here. You are aware that over half our support comes from outside the city right? How do you think groups of mates who can only make 6-8 games a season due to other commitments traveling in from Lynn, Lowestoft etc have faired over the last twelve years? Or large families in a similar position? Unless they are incredibly patient, organised and tenacious many of these people have given up.
  15. I'm not infering that season ticket holders are selfish at all, just that some on here don't seem to realise that there are many supporters out there who have completely different lifestyles, outlooks, commitments and priorities than them. The current state of affairs is fine for the extremely committed, the highly organized, those who can commit to a season ticket, those who don't mind sitting alone, or are not particularly choosy about which part of the ground you sit in. Many of those who do not fit into those categories have stopped trying to get tickets.