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  1. Mr.Carrow

    Derby in trouble

    Not that it's very important right now, but we could be in a really strong position in the championship next season.
  2. Mr.Carrow

    Void season - what the rules say

    "And we hereby announce that the mighty Liverpool FC have won the inaugural YDWTPL (you didn't win the Premier League) cup......"
  3. Mr.Carrow

    FA Chairman - season won't be completed

    The two (possibly three?) Seasons of European competition the behaviour of their fans cost our club could have totally changed NCFC's trajectory. There's no doubt we would have a higher standing in the football world had they gone ahead. Karma.
  4. Mr.Carrow

    Is it really possible

    But I don't think there is a "fair" outcome available. Liverpool have a lot of clout within football and will probably threaten all sorts of they have the title taken away from them. I think the remaining fixtures will be played, even if it means postponing the start of next season. Could they scrap the cups for a year to make the season shorter?
  5. Mr.Carrow

    Drmic Starting

    He's clearly only now coming into proper fitness and sharpness. I don't hold out too much hope as injury prone players tend to stay that way, but if he stays fit I think we're going to feel lucky to have him next season.
  6. Mr.Carrow

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    I see our concentration on the "root" rather than the "fruit" as an attempt to break the cycle. Every aspect of our club is way ahead of theirs and the gulf is getting wider by the month. Something people should keep in mind when being negative about our current season. Also interesting that they state that they have a huge potential fanbase due to the population of Suffolk. Norfolk's population is significantly bigger and the fact is that Ipswich leak alot of support to the London clubs and much of North Suffolk regards Norwich as it's de facto capital as it's a far bigger draw than Ipswich.
  7. How come the lady who got Todd's shirt ended up interviewing Krul on the pitch?
  8. Mr.Carrow


    Thought he looked cool and composed. Took the safe option with possession but that was exactly what was required. He's going to be some player- possibly as early as next season.
  9. Mr.Carrow

    Chris Lakey article on Pink Un

    The club have shown plenty of ambition in recent years and to a large extent it has worked. What didn't work was going down the same old route of spending vast sums on often demotivated has-been top players who offered little for the money. At some point supporters just have to accept that it doesn't seem to fit the culture of the club or area. Billy big bolox players with big egos and big city lifestyles just don't fit our way. What works is quiet, professional types such as Martin and Zimmerman, under appreciated mavericks who have struggled to fit in elsewhere such as Hucks, Holt and Wes and young sensible players who just want to concentrate on improving away from the glare of the bright lights such as our current crop. Luckily these categories tend to be affordable and it seems they often flourish within the culture of NCFC. It also fits well with the "do different" slightly contrarian culture of Norfolk which probably explains why it has been largely accepted and embraced by the fanbase.
  10. Jim, many of the criticisms this season have been, on the face of it, fair and accurate. From a distance however it does all seem a bit short-sighted and almost verging on ungrateful. Last season was just astonishing and to be honest I and I think many others decided that the people who brought about a near miracle deserved, essentially, a free hit this season. The people who engineered last season are still there and I see no reason not to be very confident that they can do it again- this time with a bigger and better plan to become established. I'm not sure what you regard as a better alternative? The very worst thing that can happen now is rancour and bitterness which could see Webber, Farke and important players leave. IF we fail miserably next season to bounce back then the knee-jerkers will have good grounds for complaint. Until then, frankly, they sound like spoilt brats.
  11. I noticed that Sheff.Utd had plans to extend to over 40k even before promotion. This is a club that hardly ever sold out whilst gaining promotion last season and their first game (v. Palace) there seemed to be plenty of spare seats. I never will understand the logic. Maybe it's the simplistic logic some City fans use- that areas with bigger populations have bigger potential, conveniently forgetting that areas with bigger populations have many more clubs competing for the same pool of people?
  12. Mr.Carrow


    Great news. The older heads will remain vital next season. Hope Klose stays too assuming he makes a full recovery.
  13. Mr.Carrow

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    One of the reasons why I'm 100% behind our current approach is that, whilst the old adage of football being cyclical is generally true, there are times when you have a clear opportunity to break that cycle. With the current excellent recruitment and focus on superb young players (and hopefully an extended CR in the next three years) we could be miles ahead of them for decades. What a wonderful thought.
  14. We'll obviously lose a couple for big money if we go down, but I think a fair portion of that will be used to raise the wage structure enabling players like Pukki to earn somewhere close to what he would if he moved. Wouldn't be surprised to see another huge promotion bonus put in place too.
  15. Mr.Carrow

    Stats man on Talksport

    The problem with Buendia is that when one of his mazy runs doesn't come off, it often leads to a break and chance for the opposition. We outplayed Spurs and Newcastle with Rupp instead of Buendia...