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  1. I don't really get the whole "finishing 16th every year must be so boring" argument. All of those seasons will include defeats of more glamorous teams, gutsy fightbacks, exciting new or youth players coming through, cup runs and upsets. 2 seasons ago was about as bad as you can get but the Man.City and Tottenham cup wins will never be forgotten.
  2. No. If you borrow to build something and the income from that is more than the cost of the loan then, obviously, you are making money. I think in the current climate our caution on this front is looking wise, however we clearly more seats if we can swing it in the next few years.
  3. Other than cup games (in which we often have amongst the highest attendance in the country) I'm not sure we've had a crowd that low since the League one season? For league games it's generally a few restricted view/single seats if there are any spare.
  4. Sargent's hold up play was far better than Idah's vs Liverpool, although it was patchy. I think there's the makings of a good player there.
  5. I've seen him play a few times. Really talented and fun music. Not sure he's still in the fine City though tbh as that was about 5 years ago.
  6. The squad is way stronger than the last two seasons but the doubt is whether the first 11 is stronger. Even if we go down, barring some unforeseen meltdown or mutiny the club is in an incredible position and I fully expect us to bounce back even stronger.
  7. It really isn't a huge surprise that two young lads just getting used to our intense training methods and off the back of an intense cup tie have some muscle issues.
  8. Well he said he should be back after the international break which I presume means no ligament damage. I agree about patellar instability though, it doesn't bode well although could be a one-off from the kind of impact maybe?
  9. So pleased for Mumba given that Farke was heavily hinting it was serious. Going to be a hell of a player.
  10. To foul someone you actually have to get near them, whichwe have barely done the last two games. I'd point out that most of our team either had Covid, had to isolate, are just back from long-term injuries, are newbies or had sod all preseason. I'm also interested in Webber's comments about avoiding injuries. Have we significantly turned down training intensity this season? Whatever, we really haven't been at the races yet but losing to the top two sides is obviously no disaster and i expect significant improvement. I also expect Sargent will be starting soon so we at least have a bit of physicality up top.
  11. Apparently our midfield three didn't make a single foul. Obviously I don't want players to go around randomly fouling people but in the Prem a tactical foul can be the difference between a win and a defeat.
  12. Horsie, language evolves through complex social negotiation, not by fiat. There is simply no logical connection between the fact that society has deemed certain words impermissible and the fact that you want to demand that a chant is directly linked to racist tweets when it's pretty obvious that the vast majority of society wouldn't agree with that connection. You really do sound like a spoilt, arrogant teenager used to getting his own way.
  13. Isn't it interesting that the same people who want to claim an "obvious" link between chanting that players who missed penalties "let their country down" and racist online messages, also want to claim that their is absolutely no link between taking the knee and the BLM movement- despite the months of banners, slogans and statements of support throughout football when all this started.
  14. The problem with that is that everyone would be sitting on different coloured seats which is clearly performatively exclusionary. The only solution would be for every seat to be rainbow coloured. Woe betide the club if they leave out any colours or any shade of any colour. It goes without saying that each seat must be fitted with a list of colours/shades included so that colourblind folks don't feel excluded.
  15. How on earth would they even settle on the colour of the seats? Every colour is problematic in some way.
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