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  1. Supposing for a moment Johnson is a dirty player, he did know about Sagna''s bad leg, the position of the plate, and he did have intent to do damage - I''m pretty sure that after the incident you would see him look over his shoulder to check he had left Sagna on the floor. At no point does he look back, at no point did he intend to hurt Sagna - as others have said he''s not even aware of the incident.....
  2. Makes Jewell''s comments from october all the more funny: As for Town, Jewell has also been keen to point out his side’s staying power after late winners from Keith Andrews and Lee Bowyer earned wins at Leeds and West Ham respectively – a knack Norwich had down to a fine art last season. “I think they got something like 20-odd points through injury-time goals,” said Jewell. “That gave the crowd belief and if we can get that belief at Portman Road we’ll have a chance.” Hmmm.... Not sure they''ve got the right end of the stick....
  3. I haven''t posted in a while - when I did the post preview, all my lines were bunched together. It looked like the longest sentence ever. Clearly adding some extra lines in between was not the way to go.... Back to the original post, does anybody think McNally may look after the clubs interest (i.e. the fans opinion of kick off time), rather than the police''s interest?? Maybe it''s just wishful thinking :-(.
  4. Given the new heads at the top level of the club, and their more positive approach to all things Norwich City, does anybody think that they may put more effort into keeping the home scum derby at a reasonable time slot? Doomcaster et al probably preferred the earlier kick-offs because the were pushed by councils, police, etc. Maybe McNally will make a bit more of a stand? Then again, maybe the additional policing costs of a later kick off will put them off, thus resigning us to the usual a.m. start time.... I''td be great to have a decent afternoon kick off again, but would you rather see an 11.45 kick off if we can actually get some TV revenue from it this season?
  5. Melbourne Based myself. Loving it here. Starting to get a bit cold now though - 5 degrees this morning! You don''t get that on the central coast do you?! Refuse to watch M. Victory due to Muscat captaining them. Can''t stand the bloke! Looking forward to the introduction of M. Heart so i''ve got a team down here to follow. I''ll stick to the AFL for now...
  6. [quote user="canary cherub "] I think that the OP was joking about the double meaning of the word ''poor'' [:D] i.e. as well as meaning skint it also implies that we''re not very good at football. But obviously a bit of gravitas is always appreciated on a Thursday morning [:)]    [/quote] Thanks! that was all I meant - just had a bit of a chuckle at how it could be interpreted. Thought the article was interesting, a bit ''cutesy'' but then it isn''t a sports story, more a general interest piece. Still, it''s caused a bit of aggro anyway!!
  7. Damn. I spent ages working on that hyperlink. And it worked on the preview. Perhaps someone else can assist?!
  8. Hmmm... I know how she meant it to sound, but I don''t like the way this comment reads: “If I were to do another BBC series I’d probably earn more. So it’s not all about the money. But I do have to do something because I have a very poor football club to support.” I thought we were a pretty decent football club at the moment!! Delia Smith stars in Waitrose advert to raise funds for Norwich City/a>
  9. [quote user="Iwan Roberts Dentist"]Could''nt agree more. The whole day out at Milton Keynes just didnt seem right. Plastic fans and a plastic stadium. [/quote] And Concrete cows...
  10. Any fans willing to show up in their City shirts and lend a hand? that would be ironic [:O]
  11. [quote user="singing canary"]good call ... i have never seen such a poor keeper in norwich colours . what baffles me is australia are not a bad national side and he has been praised highly in the aussie media . ?.... is the leauge standard in the land of oz that poor..? . thats one player im more than happy to see go . as described in another article i have just read of which i agree . he is the worst norwich signing for at least a decade.[/quote]   Watching Australian ''soccer'' = [|-)]. Stick to AFL....
  12. Anybody else here in Australia know where I can watch the highlights? [:(] Last goals I saw were many months ago now....
  13. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] from the front page of this very site, the report on tonights reserve game Substitute Jack Werndly pounced on an error from keeper Michael Theoklitos to grab a late consolation for the Hammers. this is getting embaressing for the club now... [/quote]   He''s not an egg chaser anyway. I think you''ll find Aussie Rules is the sport of choice down here in Melbourne, not Rugby! Most of my (Melbourne Victory) mates can''t believe what a shocker he''s had with us. That must say something about the standard of ''soccer'' in this Oz!!  
  14. Jimmy Anderson was a very promising player with Burnley before turing to cricket. Darren Gough loved his football, he had a trial with us as a youngster but never came to anything.
  15. Premier clubs ''should run whole show'' By Bill Wilson BBC news business reporter   Large and financially successful football clubs should not be concerned about those struggling at the lower end of the industry, according to Freddy Shepherd, chairman of Newcastle United. Speaking at the Soccerex international football business forum in Dubai, Mr Shepherd said executives of Premiership clubs striving for success did not have time to worry about lower division outfits. "I think it is dog-eat-dog," he said. "The big fight will be for the Premier League to take over the running of the other leagues. "The others can''t hold us back, the time will come, I think, when it is the Premier League running the whole show. "Many of these other clubs will have to go part-time. When we have got 52,000 fans at each home game, the last thing we are worried about is clubs in the third division."   I know shepherd isn''t there anymore, but those comments still make me hate ''the toon'' to this day. Good riddance (I hope!!)
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