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  1. Has anyone got one adult ticket and possibly a club canary coach ticket for sale?
  2. Me and my dad are not gonna be able to make the game and we are season ticket holders. But a bit wary of giving our tickets to strangers. Does anyone know if the club will print tickets out for us to give to someone who needs them?
  3. Does anyone know any pubs that will be showing the game today? as close to the heartsease area as possible
  4. If people want to leave early they should request seats at the end of rows to avoid disrupting people behind. It seemed like the whole row infront of me in the barclay upper was leaving so i missed the goal! Pretty selfish really...
  5. Is anyone going by train? Ive tried looking on national express but says you have to change train 2 or 3 times to get from Norwich to London?
  6. Does anyone know if theres an app for the Iphone for Radio Norfolk or anywhere i can listen to the game through my phone? HELP!
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