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  1. [quote user="ruthers1"]''Russell Martin is a lovely bloke, smashing role model, great spokesman blah blah blah but he is not a Premier League quality footballer - at centre half or right back. Frapinitup knows it, you know it and in half a dozen or so games AN will know it too. Unfortunately by this time the transfer window will have slammed shut and we will be shipping goals until the Xmas decs go back up in the loft, sometime in January.[/quote] Spot on Ruthers. Still hoping AN will pull a CB from the hat. Would actually prefer Ryan B or Wisdom (his preferred position) at CB with Elliott B at RB. Bass doesn''t fill me with confidence either. Usually got away with dithering in the Champs but unlikely to in the PL. Still, in AN we trust........... at present!
  2. Regrettably, I have to agree Derby. Bass and Martin are Champs defenders at best. I do hope I have to eat my words.
  3. Agreed, but should he have been sent off for conceding the pen as last man?
  4. Yep! Honest and decent bloke. Deserving of a round of applause when/if he returns with Preston. Same with Doc if he returns in the future.
  5. Several posters have stated that the step up from League One to the Championship is HUGE. I beg to differ. Champs to Prem certainly, I would say. Personally, I see no one to fear this season. Last year WBA and Toon were obvious candidates for a quick return but I see no one this season. I really do think our chance is as good as any and better than most. Apologies if this has been raised before.
  6. Good call scrimmage; I agree with your observations. As you say, too early to judge summer signings. I guess that even Lamberts loan signings (leaving aside the success of Forster) made some useful contributions. Lets hope he defies the stats and has nearer 100% success rate. If he does, then we could be flying.
  7. Can''t remember the source but I recently read an article which gave a 65-75% success rate of signings made by football clubs. I guess Lambert has made a dozen or so since his arrival. Which of those might fail or, indeed, have done so already. One or two suspects already come to mind. Of course this is subjective and we all have different views but what do people think?
  8. He should be given a standing ovation, but sadly you could be right Morty.
  9. Doubt it amounts to that much. Money accumulated from a number of varied sources I would guess: Foulger, Delia, tickets, one or two other unnamed benefactors.
  10. Shame we didn''t have the opportunity to say farewell, but good luck to him. Brilliant photo in the Pink''un today of the (in)famous "Doc wraparound tackle".
  11. Has been handed the No 1 jersey. Cannot believe he''s ahead of Green.
  12. How much would Cowdung want from NCFC for this transfer. A non starter I think.
  13. Fair comment Arthur. I think our max fan base would be less than 30K even if we had a stadium to accommodate that number. If we ever return to the Premier I don''t imagine we would often exceed 30K (a few games excepted). Of course numbers of opposition fans would increase.
  14. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Ok Adam. What would you rather have..if you were a Leeds fan...a hardcore die hard following of 30,000 a week...or in Leeds case....20k a week then 39,000 for 1 or 2 big glory hunting games???.....I would go with the loyal 30,000......where are all the Leeds fans who went to wembley to see them lose to Donny in the play off final???....reports they took 60,000 and donny took 20,000.....where are these 60,000 they took to wembley week in week out???[/quote] And how many "fair weather" supporters follow Norwich, Arthur. I don''t know how many of our supporters were at the Millenium v Brum but I guess that more than a few were of that category. Every club has them, and that includes us.
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