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  1. Haven''t heard the show yet, usually listen on podcast on the way to work (this can be amusing on a bus!). Agree with Zipper about Robbie Savage, he''s livened 606 up no end. What a refreshing change from Alan Green, obsessed with the ''big four'' and last season Leeds Utd. Much praise to Danny Baker, great show, proper football fan and very good presenter. Incidentally Delia was on his show earlier in the year taking part in the sausage sandwich quiz. Think Danny has a soft spot for us all.
  2. You will have a great day - two fabulous pubs just down the road - with the ground on your right, just walk down the hill - both welcoming to away fans (with parking) or there is a park right opposite the ground with cheap council type parking. If you have extra time to kill (or it''s very wet) try and see the Museum of Football (right next to the ground itself). Fantastic and you could spend a couple of hours in there alone. Also a decent cafe just outside the ground. Perfect away day, got everything, and hopefully 3 points for us. Enjoy your day.
  3. Doesn''t this thread show just how different city fans are. Thank God there are four stands and season tickets. I have been at the back of E block in the Lower Barclay for a good few years, but have stood and sat in all four stands over the years. Nowadays to fit in with family demands I sometimes have to move to the South Stand. Whilst admitting it''s a damn choice view of the game and refreshment queues are shorter (should you wish to use them) that''s in essence all it has to recommend it. I know a few on here try to make some noise and stand up during renditions of OTBC etc, but it''s harder work in that stand sitting being quiet. The most noise I have experienced is the rustling of sweet wrappers. Yes, some of us do go to watch (and not participate in any songs or get involved in anything which is being played out before us). Frustrating and frankly only a shade worse than missing the match itself IMO for me to have to sit there out of choice. I wonder of those who are generally not happy with their seat, are you really where you would prefer to be, or does demand/price dominate your choice of stands. I am soon for the River End, I fear, (in a year or two I will succumb to the family area with my grand daughter) - this is for pricing reasons only and she''s far too young for a permanent place on the back row of E block just yet. What this will be like I don''t know, anything like the South Stand and she can''t grow up fast enough. Why was the ground so quiet on Saturday? It''s been a gradual thing I feel over the past few years. Was it the lovely sunshine, the game played at half pace for large segments? Not sure. Our little group tried, as usual, to get some songs going, but it is hard work sometimes, especially if there are few moments of goal action or anything to spark off general singing/spontaneous abuse of the ref etc. Away fans were okay, but nothing special and there''s nothing between the two sets of fans really which guarantees banter. Are we quieter than most other grounds? No. Unless something happens (ie goal, controversial incident, more than a few home grounds are quiet. Exceptions are Portsmouth, Stoke, these two particularly come to mind. The likes of most of the grounds/sets of fans in this league are no louder. For reasons we have to look at the route football, and in general, the make up of support has gone over the past 20 or so years.
  4. That''s some interesting info from Fulham Colchester Canary. Personally I would be all for standing areas (officially anyway). There is NO reason Carrow Road, or any other ground could not have a return to terraced areas. Football is not a sport to be watched sitting down. Funny how all these injuries/danger/any other objections to standing don''t materialise in any other public arenas. I have been to countless music events - festivals, gigs etc, horse racing, and the rest. No trouble, no injuries. Cost implications? Shouldn''t be too bad, am sure the good will and anticipation for a terraced area would be popular enough to be cost effective. My name would be one of the first on that list. Bring it on McNally.
  5. This was without doubt one of the best player interviews I have read in the local paper. If only they were all at this standard. Some insightful stuff there from Rusty, and to be honest few of us can be surprised with his tales of life under Roeder and Gunn.
  6. Well said Mozzer, how anyone can view Stephen Fry''s appointment as anything other than a positive frankly amazes me. What do they want? Stagnation? The world, including football and NCFC moves on constantly. Having someone as well connected and internationally revered as Fry is can only be good for the club. Well done to everyone who made this appointment happen. In just over a year this club has moved on in leaps and bounds. Remember where we were last year those of you who can only snipe bitter words? Reeling from the months of mis management, to say nothing of that game with Colchester. Since then NCFC have moved into a new and more proactive era, on and off the pitch. Stephen Fry''s connection with NCFC can only be to the good and his role as ambassador will boost our standing in football immensely. Welcome on board Stephen!
  7. Expectations too high? Certainly not. For God''s sake, this is ONE GAME. Expecting to win a home game is really not setting expectations too high. Neither is a top six finish. One game of many. Watford simply did their homework and marked Hoolahan out of the game. Expecting a whole new team to play pass and move slickly and pass every team off the pitch is expectations too high. It will take time for the whole team to gel. We have time. We have an astute manager and plenty of experienced players. However if you are talking about expectations of fickle panicking fans bleating about how awful we are after one showing, then sadly, that is exactly what I have come to expect from many fans. Hysteria and booing players after one game. Take a look at yourselves and remember what being a supporter is all about.
  8. Would have gone to both, but at £15 it''s far too expensive for what it is - a friendly. Maybe it''s just me, but I expect friendlies to be orientated towards families and those who don''t come every week during the league season (ie ST holders) the pricing for a family of four (and then add on a meal elsewhere or food at the game) is without doubt out of the reach of most families these days. A shame as attractive fixtures on the face of it, but too greedy. And no reserve league to take young kids too either this season. Will we win family club of the year again? Makes you wonder, doesn''t it.
  9. You have summed up my feelings perfectly Smithy! Especially your thoughts in the third paragraph. Let''s see what we make of this coming season, but will I be singing Delia''s barmy army? Not yet, if ever.
  10. I don''t think there is a city fan who has a bad word to say about Malky, he was truly one of our more humble and well loved ex players and will undoubtedly receive a very warm welcome, and richly deserved it will be. Like you, Lord Horn I remember chatting to him for ages at one forum in the past. Great guy.
  11. Love the Eaton Cottage too Chops, though sadly don''t live near enough to class it as a local. Great real ale, fantastic landlord and staff and the bonus of Lee Vasey mid week. My old local (the Rosary Tavern) has closed, though new adopted pub (Jubilee) is a cracking local. Coach is also good, apart from matchdays when it''s just too busy! Whereabouts is the Beehive, haven''t heard of that one before? As for the bars on Riverside, a sign of the times I feel, money is tight and there were just too many of them. Although can''t say Squares was a favourite, I feel for the staff. Must be difficult finding secure bar work at the moment.
  12. Hi Denko, you do as you see fit - whatever you do will sadly be judged by those who have simply nothing better to do than moan about kids attending matches. Some people just don''t seem to like kids very much anywhere in public do they? My grand daughter went to her first match before the age of one and lasted for the first half before getting fed up (was in the winter and cold, and in the South Stand!) and she will be going again several times in the forthcoming season - a friendly match would be a great start, shame about the reserve games really, they used to be staple fodder for my kids who loved them. Another great introduction is to take your Denko jnr up to Colney to watch training in a few years time - that will really bond him with the players as he can get autographs and have photos taken!± My son was five when he first went to a game and was hooked from day one, he would have gone along sooner but we lived abroad so wasn''t really feasible. There are plenty things worse than taking your kids to football. Hope you both enjoy the experience and we have another canary fan to add to the clan!
  13. She shares her birthday with me Chops, though I am not 69 yet, though sometimes it feels like it....
  14. Personally I don''t support England too passionately, not in football anyway. Like some others have said, I simply can''t identify with the likes of Rooney, Terry et al. They are all a world away from the ordinary English person. Added to that I have celtic blood in my veins and sorry I just can''t get too excited about solely supporting England. Cricket yes, but that''s perhaps something I have had passed on from former generations in my family. I love the Olympics and feel British rather than English. But will watch some of the matches purely for the football. Summer sport is wonderful. Cricket and plenty of it, tennis and some athletics thrown in, but the World Cup is not top of the list for me.
  15. I went to the parade, and although it could never reach the heights of last time, was well organised and enjoyed by those there. Let''s face it, it''s never going to be put on at a time that suits everyone. I guess the weekend dates were already booked in the castle for other events. We had a spot outside the Mall entrance. Managed to get some great photos, despite being in the shade. A big thank you to the Police and stewards who did well to contain the crowds. Only one small criticism, the PA wasn''t loud enough, but that was a small minus. Good to hear a very positive speech by McNally.
  16. I will be going, along with family and friends. It''s a time to join those who couldn''t be there on Saturday, mix with friends who are in different areas of Carrow Road and to relax afterwards with a few drinks and a meal. My grand daughter is going, another chance for her to see the team, the supporters and for us all to feel part of the club. There would be many people who wish to acknowledge the club who can''t get tickets or who work on Saturdays. Then after Thursday time to reflect on the season gone and to look forward to the next.
  17. Got it in one UEA Canary. My kids had the same treatment, from Man U ''fans'' who had no idea where Manchester (or should that be Salford) was. I can''t say I am too fond of Chelsea, but the thought of that sour old Ferguson face. It''s been a great week!
  18. Thanks for the reports this season Ricardo. Brilliant stuff. Award yourself some Peroni from everyone on this message board. Oh and don''t worry, Carrow Road is now a Clarke Free zone, it''s yellow, not red. Great end to the season eh?
  19. BatesOut So you managed it then, after being (remind us again) so many many many points ahead of us at the turn of the year. What went wrong? Is that perhaps why the 38,000 only turned up on the final day. Ha ha ha. We are the Champions.
  20. Barclay E Block back row. The beat place in the ground. Ask Nutty (across the aisle from me). Ask Herb, a few rows in front. Ask my great friends, Neil, Nev, Mike, and my son Chris. We have a great set of youngsters in front of us who are great fun and start off lots of songs, though not as many as us. We have a great steward who lets us stand all game and most of all we have a great time. We support and sing, we are positive, we might moan a the ref or anything to do with the Scum (be that the Suffolk lot, Wolves or Leeds). We love the team, Lambert and the songs, from the old ones to the new ones. Could never be anywhere else. They will have to carry me out of the Lower B in a box. OTBC.
  21. Come on guys, surely this is all par for the course. We do get some media attention, it''s just sometimes not in the obvious places. Delia, bless her was on Danny Baker''s Saturday morning show yesterday on 5 Live in the Sausage Sandwich quiz. To those of you who don''t listen to Danny, you should, he (although a Millwall fan) always takes us seriously and has respect for us. Delia was very good, and it was welcome positive publicity. It''s on a podcast on the 5 live site if anyone cares to find it, about half an hour in. To those of you who follow Fighting Talk (also Sat morning on 5 Live) one of the regular contestants is Will Buckley, who is a Norwich fan. He always mentions us. Best of all though was Dion Dublin on 606 recently, some serious praise for NCFC, he said he couldn''t have finished his career at a better club and was really giving us some great positive publicity. Leave Claridge, Green and all to their opinions, everyone has them. We can''t expect everyone to love us. We won the league and were the best team. None of our detractors can argue with that.
  22. I was just thinking that Mazy, Adam Drury has never really had the recognition he so rightly deserves. He''s been immense this season and will be vital next year. I think we used to sing "There''s only one Adam Drury" and there have been a few half hearted "You''ll never beat the Drury" (as in Kenton of old).
  23. Have to agree with Chops here, I have lived in Norwich South for long enough to realise while Charles Clarke may have started off with good intentions, sadly the power he was given only corrupted him (and his once neighbour in Norwich North). For those of us living in the city we now have two relatively new faces, let''s hope they can remember why we elected them in the first place.
  24. Yes, that''s the picture of the season for me too, at least on the pitch. The footage of our fans at Charlton I will remember forever. Thankfully the first scoreboard of the season (least we all forget) was a catalyst which brought the changes which led us to becoming Champions. A season few of us will ever forget, for so many reasons.
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