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  1. He's a lot to prove. To himself and to us. He must be really determined this season and I'd not be surprised to see him do well, if he really throws 100% into it.
  2. Yep, hence the comment about it being a pointless football club. Rugby is their thing, which is fine, but it makes their football club pointless and with null support. Is what it is, but that is what they are, bruv.
  3. From the subject, I thought this was going to be about the individuals we have claiming to be football players for NCFC
  4. It's alright as some background viewing whilst pottering around the house in the evening. Not enticing enough to sit there and get passionate about it though. It all seems a little too "friendly" to get stuck into it.
  5. Fair enough. I don't like seeing betting on shirts or at the ground advertising boards etc. Always feels a little bit tacky. Having Lotus as our sponsor is a super thing in many ways.
  6. Bit pointless if you can still have it on TV for the adverts of a football game and around the edge of the pitch.
  7. They're brilliant. On quick glance, Millwall's reminds me of Leyton Orient's crest
  8. So nothing happens at a football club pre-season that requires someone controlling affairs? Hmmm, ok
  9. So then perhaps that begs the question as to what does he actually do, if you think criteria is being fulfilled in his absence. No need for the bloke maybe.
  10. He should take his holiday at a more appropriate time. I would never be allowed to take my annual leave at a time that's busy for the business I work for. In Webber's scenario, his busy spell is going to unquestionably be pre-season. Surely that's obvious? A good time for leave for him would be any time the window is not open and the team not needing serious replenishment. If it was November for example, the season is underway and all things football related, pitch-side, is then over to coaching staff. Webber can take a flight to Saturn for all he wants at this point.
  11. Stupid thing to say. So you're saying that the Prime Minister knows what he's doing and the voting population aren't allowed a view on his performance as to what's right or wrong? Just because someone holds a position doesn't mean people external to said position can't form a judgement
  12. I don't think it'd be appropriate either, no. Success can always be built upon
  13. That's not for me to decide but anyone can see that an open transfer window, after such a shambolic season is not the time to do so. EDIT: This is in reply to the above comment
  14. Bull **** I'm afraid, and to anyone who says this. Any employer is entitled to refuse annual leave and can make an employee take their time off when THEY want them to. Club should be refusing this and making him take his annual leave at a more suitable time, to suit the business.
  15. So poorly timed from him. Short pre-season where faith is needing restoring for the upcoming season and he couldn't get much further away baring inter-planetery exploration. Shows lack of commitment and responsibility
  16. I'd rather perform a gloveless examination of my faeces and use the result as an all-over body scrub, than watch that.
  17. Only because she watched the concert I had for my job's anniversary, followed by applauding me land face first from the big slide at Aquapark all those years ago.
  18. They've got form on the racism front though haven't they
  19. Same as a few others here, I too have never heard of him. Still couldn't give a toss either to be honest
  20. I think if we gain a promotion place we should decline it. During some of my happiest times in Football Manager, I got quite interested in a Slovenian club called NK Dob. Found that in real life they have on more than one occasion simply declined promotion to their top tier after finishing in promotion places. I'm not sure why exactly as I can't find anything to confirm, but I understand it to be because of money. If we tow that line and decline it because we are paupers compared to everyone else in the EPL, that could be our get out clause. This is of course a bit tongue in cheek, but there is an element of me that would sigh a little bit at being promoted again with a hint of deja vu, expecting another humiliating, pointless season.
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