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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]You''re good at naming names yellow hammer ☺ The problem here is purely lack of leadership. Back in the day men of steel led the pitchfork and torch brigade. Now we get the weak faceless keyboard types who happy clap at games or don''t even go. Oh for a proper leader. Someone who can forge this ragbag of happy clappers and keyboard warriors into a lean mean fighting machine....[/quote] Smudger?...
  2. You''re a talented writer Duncan. I like this: " Even if you chill your anger down to a rolling boil it''s likely to not only get your goat but probably take it home too."
  3. The club has been leaderless and directionless for a long time. She needs to hand over the reins now.
  4. [quote user="TCCANARY"]As that piece on him in the news section highlights his many differents clubs I''d go forWebbbbbber I lay my hat, that''s my home. [/quote] Bravo TCC! I was racking my brains trying to think of a play on his name, but you nailed it, mate.
  5. Or, Since he''s been doing a bit of gardening leave, At Huddersfield he got some shears At Norwich we gave him some shares..
  6. Or, For the Huddersfield game we dress Klose up as a St. Bernards dog and then we can chant at the home fans You''ve got Wagner, But we''ve got Beethoven..
  7. Or, He''s got some contacts He''s got some contacts He''s got the best contacts in the land.
  8. May I suggest He doesn''t shoot He only recruits, Stuart Weber, Stuart Weber...
  9. Do Directors of Football get a song - etiquette-wise?
  10. [quote user="TCCANARY"][quote user="Branston Pickle"]I imagine he''s been all-but working for us while on gardening leave, so ought to be able to hit the ground running. This appointment looks to be the right one, but only time will tell - it''s certainly right that there''s a big overhaul as something''s clearly gone a bit ''wonky'' in the last year or so.[/quote]He''s been busy weeding out the dead wood, we should be seeing the green shoots of recovery, a root and branch review has taken place and it''s time to plant some roots in the Premier League. [/quote] You''re the new Mr Chops, TCC. At least when Chopsy was in his funny period.
  11. This tree is big enough for two yellow hammers. Hop it!
  12. Just read in the Birmingham post that the Villa game is off due to a large colony of rabbits have moved onro the playing area. As these are now an ofdicially protected spexies they can''t be moved. Norwich apparently trying to rearrange the game to Carrow Road this evening if FA agrees.
  13. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]Probably linking him and Mulbartion to a parochial way of life as opposed to cutting edge pushing the boundaries[/quote] Lucky he doesn''t come from Costessey. They''d have fun with that
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