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  1. We finally have the midfield best combination. Sorensen, Normann and Lees Melou. Shame it’s taken till the last game to do it. May even have a chance!
  2. Please sell him. He is a jack of all trades but definitely master of nothing. We need to keep Sorensen , Rupp and PLM and get in at least one other. Sorensen is the only natural DM we have so of course we never play him!!. McLean cannot fill that role.
  3. Got to agree with Pete. Lunacy. I can’t agree with those saying that none of the midfield are good enough . How do we know? We haven’t even tried. Give Sorensen Rupp and PLM some game time together and see if it works . If it doesn’t then we can say we tried everything . Saw team sheet today and we had lost before we even got on the pitch.
  4. Sorensen, Normann and either Rupp or PLM. This is the only combination that will save us. I’d he plays McLean and Gilmour any more we are down
  5. Playing Gilmour and McLean will automatically relegate us. We played better with Sorensen and PLM. These guys with Normann further up should be tried. Was hoping Sorensen would get a run of games but then he got injured. It’s surely worth a go as we can’t play any worse. We had a chance to get out of the bottom three but switching back to McLean and Gilmour has and will cost us.
  6. So pleased he is back. Deserves a regular start in either full back slot and a real asset for the club
  7. Has to be Normann and Sorensen. Sorensen is the only traditional DM we have. Normann is more progressive. It was no coincidence we started to lose our way against Watford when Sorensen had to come off. If one of them is out for any reason - PLM and Rupp come in. Anyone but McLean- he gives no goals, no assists, no killer pass or great tackling. What does he do?.
  8. For me- 100 points. Bournemouth(H)- W- They are in good form but so are we. Win and we are promoted. Watford(H)- W- Like Swansea and defensively minded but do have Sarr who is the difference . Not best travellers though. QPR(A)- D- Almost sneaked a win at CR. They might make it tricky again. Reading(H)- W- Up and down with their form. Suspect they will have nothing to play for. Barnsley(A)- D- Caused us as many problems as anyone in league. Suspect their need for points will far outweigh our own. Our home form even without fans has been top draw this season and I can’t see us dropping points at CR.
  9. I don’t think it will be close. I can see us beating all of Watford Bournemouth and reading at home . The fixtures played into our hands and we played all our hard away games by Xmas . We have lost once at home all season and that was a fluke defeat to derby at start of season. Barnsley away will be our hardest game and that’s the last one. The centre back problem is an issue but we have coped with injuries admirably throughout the season.
  10. Watford’s resurgence will end at Carrow road. They hardly blew away Sheffield weds today.
  11. Must admit the visit of Watford will be a concern. Our home form is not that good- lost once all season!.
  12. Gayle is better than championship level- he is lower Prem. He is currently on a lot of money but you can’t look at his recent scoring record as he has been sub most of the time. I think neither his manager or his current team get anywhere near the best out of him. I think he would do well at Norwich and farke would improve him.
  13. Forest-0 City-1. They don’t concede many or score many. Typical Hughton team
  14. I compare this season to last. We got ZERO luck last year- every single VAR call went against us, every ref decision and every close call. It is not surprising we capitulated so badly . It started with the dreadful VAR call for Pukki with the disallowed goal vs Spurs and got worse . This season everything is going our way. All the deflections, fortunate bounces, most of the close calls and inexplicable misses by opponents. I think of Bright Samuel’s sitter in the QPR game, the Canos miss for Brentford as well as Collins hitting the post at 0-0 in the Luton game. Then you have Krul who should have given a penalty away against Wycombe when the score was 1-0 but the ref did not see it. The deflected goals and bounces of the ball that go our way in recent games . It is a polar opposite of last year. We are playing well and getting the luck when we need it and it always seems to come at the right time. I guess you make your own luck and we deserve it after last year. Destiny is on our side!
  15. The only team to beat city twice this season but both times it was on their crap ground and we had a dozen injuries. I’ve been looking forward to getting some revenge which is why Saturday I believe will be the day we finally hit top gear. Feeling very optimistic. Norwich 5 Luton 0
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