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  1. Spillay

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Gota be Chippy for me, best passer of the ball ive seen in a City shirt.
  2. Spillay

    What a strike this was 💛💚🙃

    Incredible strike no doubt, but my vote has to go to Safri's wonder strike against Newcastle, absolute thunderbolt! I know it was 2004 but still..
  3. Spillay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    This is getting beyond the joke now.. HOW have we not scored there?!?!?!
  4. Spillay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Very very frustrating to watch, totally dominating but we just never look convincing in the final third
  5. Spillay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    I fear Farke will do exactly that, we're playing well so he wont change it, despite the fact Todd is off colour today and should be subbed at half time for me
  6. Spillay

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Should be Vrancic in there, he must wonder what he has to do to get a start esp after last weekend
  7. Spillay

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    1. Scum 2. Leeds 3. Manure
  8. Spillay

    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    Why the hell is the 5th round in midweek?!
  9. Gota say the commentator is spot on about Pukki being brought on with a whole THREE minutes left... just plain daft!
  10. Yep game should be done and dusted, Stiepermann missed a total sitter to make it 3-0, besides all the chances before that
  11. Awful defending again.
  12. Magic Mario today, absolutely fantastic he's been throughout, great passing and dead ball deliveries!
  13. I sure do mate, those heady days of Scott and Newmario up front.. heres another one.. Ulf Ottosson!
  14. Same old story, creating chances, some great interplay and passing.. should be 2 up easily by now, poor ol Byram just cannot buy a goal can he. Expecting the inevitable Burnley goal out of nothing.
  15. Just another donkey to add to our vast collection over the years..
  16. Meanwhile Burnley who've been on a shocking run themselves are winning comfortably at Old Trafford against a very average United side.. who spanked us well and truly. We're either dire or plucky and unlucky like tonight. Either way its not going to cut it, sadly.
  17. Couldnt agree more KIO, just wish it would end NOW.
  18. You keep giving the ball away thats what happens. Garbage.
  19. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    I swear theres an echo in here
  20. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Meanwhile, the Scummers losing to Exeter... happy days
  21. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    IDAH AGAIN!.. Good on the lad
  22. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    2-0 2-0 up though, not too bad
  23. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Bloody hell IDAH!
  24. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Disappointed Famewo didnt get a chance today in place of Hanley and let Amadou play in his preferred position.