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  1. Luck is where opportunity and preparedness meet, we created the opportunity but I guess weren't prepared for it.
  2. He certainly seems to have a tan, so who knows where's he's been during lock down??
  3. Farke is not a man manager and never has been, youngsters possibly, let's face it that is where he made his name, but a man manager???
  4. Young, ambitious, fully qualified as a coach and has further qualifications in football management off the field, knows the club inside out, loves the club, very intelligent, incredibly articulate and respected on and off the field by most (if not all) and has a long term goal to manage here, our very own Russell Martin. In the short time he has had as Manager at MK Dons (18 games) he turned their fortunes around. When he took over they were struggling, played 17, W4, D1, L12, GD -13, ave points per game 0.76, since then, played 18, W6, D6 L6, GD +2, ave points per game, 1.33. Obviously still inexperienced to a certain extent, but so was DF
  5. Forget the new normal, that was the same old normal.
  6. Badger, Just given this a touch more thought. Effectively those that have been furloughed are paying extra tax in a reduction in income, so my question is, why shouldn't those in full employment, earning in excess of say £10,000 per week also suffer a reduction in income?
  7. Any more economically disastrous than what is currently going on? Who knows? I'm not advocating it, just putting it out there as a suggestion.
  8. Understanding your point Ricardo, however every journey (recouping a quarter of a trillion) starts with a single step, and this tax would not just be footballers, it would be every high end earner, or alternatively they take a cut, which I accept means the government loses out on some income but means businesses are more likely to survive and hence help maintain employment levels AC (After Corona).
  9. Ricardo, I meant to add that the club, or any club, could then more easily afford to keep other staff on full pay without taking the governments money.
  10. I accept it doesn't help our club Ricardo, it does however help the country. An alternative view could be that as players (and not just ours) will be faced with a tax rate of 65%, it may be they would be more amenable to actually taking a pay cut, because by cutting say £10,000 per week which will help their club by exactly that amount it will in real terms only be costing them £3,500 per week as individuals. Obviously there are other tax rates and figures available in all good shops.
  11. The simplest way to cover all this is for the government to introduce an emergency tax effective 1st May for 2 months on anyone, footballer or not, earning in excess of say £20,000 per month of say an extra 20%. There may of course be ways around this but anyone found guilty of deliberately taking steps to avoid paying could be named and shamed and/or their average weekly/monthly wage is calculated at the end of the year and the tax applied retrospectively. That way footballers will not feel they are being singled out and it will no doubt raise a fair few quid. All this would probably do is bring forward the increased tax we will all no doubt have to pay eventually anyway but will only be payable now by those who earn the most.
  12. Any extension to the league will bring all sorts of issues, when does the transfer window open and close, can you sign a free agent if his contract expires on or before 30th June, the U21 rule, does this become a moveable date, currently born on or after 1st Jan 1998 qualifies, etc. etc.
  13. MOT completed today. Good news, no virus present and passed with flying colours
  14. Upo, It is one think liking to keep the ball, it is another to actually do it.
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