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  1. Hi Cornish Sam, Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your info Alongside continuously boosting my natural immunity, long before Covid, I have conducted an untold amount of research from both sides of the fence, which is undoubtedly a many sided fence (if that is possible??) as a result my decisions have been taken based on numerous and multi-faceted criteria, including, but not limited to, this research. Cheers Ray
  2. Thanks for your opinion Pyro Pete, not that I asked for it and you really don't know my personal circumstances, but heh ho! The 'alternative' discussion is essentially semantics and I'm afraid your points really do not make much sense to me. My point is natural medicine was around before modern medicine, so in essence modern medicine 'replaced' the existing medicine and was therefore the alternative. I hope that makes my musings clear. Cheers Ray
  3. The fact you have to ask that question explains a lot, just because someone doesn't get vaccinated doesn't make them an anti vaxxer, but I am not performing the justification dance here, I simply add, I chose not to vaccinate, if you want to you carry on with my good wishes. Cheers Ray
  4. First of all Pyro Pete, I've never said I am an anti vaxxer and your comments tell me all I need to know about you, and Shef Canary I have not dismissed your acceptance of modern medicine, I have in fact said I accept it has its place and I shall too be polite and hope nothing befalls you, furthermore, I can assure your mental health would not have been tanked, mine on the other hand! Also, you follow whatever path you wish, nowhere have I suggested you should do otherwise, I too have had a great night out and will (hopefully) have a great afternoon at Carrow Rd tomorrow. Cheers Ray
  5. Hi Cornish Sam, we will have to disagree on this topic, as we have undertaken massive research and as a consequence believe we are not lucky but well informed. Although I also agree modern medicine can and does have its benefits, but not always. Cheers Ray
  6. Hi Cornish Sam, I'll take you word for the vaccine scenario, however my preference, as I suspect yours is too, is to keep to all things natural if possible, and this has certainly stood my wife and I in good stead. We have a business which remained open throughout the last 3 years, a business which brings us into close contact with hundreds of people. We ensure we boost our immunity naturally and have not been vaccinated and have remained covid free throughout, or at least shown no symptoms. That said, I also understand that modern medicine has its part to play, although I do believe too many people abdicate themselves of their responsibility for their own health and use the NHS as a crutch (excuse the pun). In other words if people are proactive rather than reactive their could be a whole manner of benefits.
  7. Cornish Sam, Well yes and no I suppose, hence why I put I wonder. It's just that I found quite interesting, the line, "The logic behind homeopathy is that to treat a disease, one must ingest very little parts of what causes the disease to trigger the correct response." especially considering that is sort of what vaccine do I believe. If I am correct, and I may well not be, then modern day vaccines follow the same process as homeopathy, the same homeopathy being, imo, belittled in the article?
  8. Nuff Said, Not quite, I'm sure you agree the body can cure itself, and is designed to do so, which is why we get over colds, infections, etc., the brain is part of the body and therefore can help to cure, having said that I do understand the placebo effect. I love the Headline of the article, Alternative Medicine: If It Worked It Would Just Be Called Medicine, well approx 100 plus years ago it was and had been for centuries, it is modern drug based medicine that really ought to be called alternative, nothing wrong with being alternative but big pharma at play here, also the article includes the following; "Homeopathy is one of the biggest subsections of alternative medicine. The logic behind homeopathy is that to treat a disease, one must ingest very little parts of what causes the disease to trigger the correct response. The root of the word comes from the Greek word for “same”, homios, and the word for “suffering”, pathios. This sounds fine at first glance, but a little more critical thinking renders that argument completely invalid. Giving someone little tiny doses of arsenic when he is already suffering from arsenic poisoning does not work for the same reason that giving someone dying of a gunshot wound body armor does not work. I wonder how this works with vaccines!!!
  9. The brain is hard wired to prove you right, to achieve your goals, it must be otherwise you would never learn to walk or talk, hence the expression, be careful what you wish for. Is success guaranteed, no, does it make success more likely, yes. Consequently, if you believe you are sick/well, it is more likely you will be.
  10. Shefcanary, The Guardian article also states; The increase in blue light radiation in Europe has also reduced the visibility of stars in the night sky, which the study says “may have impacts on people’s sense of nature”. Blue light can also alter the behavioural patterns of animals including bats and moths, as it can change their movements towards or away from light sources. Along with; Chief among the health consequences of blue light is its ability to suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep patterns in humans and other organisms.
  11. Probably not Branston, but the reasoning behind why they are doing it is important, besides the fact the bluddy things make the viewing experience a not particularly good one.
  12. The lights are a pain in the ar$e for a number of reasons, see; https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/sep/14/increase-in-led-lighting-risks-harming-human-and-animal-health The last paragraph makes interesting reading, and I quote; "Some councils in England are already trying to reduce the impact of LED lighting, which Evans says are “encouraging signs” that action is being taken. He points out that some authorities are dimming the lights during night hours, and are changing the bandwidths of their LED bulbs to produce less harmful blue light, as seen on the Isle of Wight, which uses warmer bulbs that emit less blue light."
  13. I remember hearing an interview with Gerrard, the then England captain, before a World Cup game v France, being asked if he would take a draw now, he answered yes and guess what we drew after being 1-0 up if memory serves. Says all you need to know!!
  14. Furthermore, only 3 teams have conceded less than us and one of those only one less and have also played one game less, and we have the second best goal difference in the league, pretty good for a team with no CM or LB.
  15. IMO, what we are seeing is pragmatism from senior management, insomuch as we are hamstrung by injuries in certain positions. We are currently playing without a recognised holding, disruptive, ball winning CM, why we have allowed this to happen is another question, but we are, consequently I firmly believe Deano is setting the team up to ensure we can overcome this dilemma. Potentially we have three players who could perform the aforementioned role, Hayden, Sorensen and potentially Byram. Two are injured and one is covering at left back, so what do we do to offset the fact we will not win as many balls as we would like, we make sure the defence (in particular) stays more robust by asking the FB’s to remain in their position rather than maraud up-field. Based on results we are succeeding, is it the most exciting to watch, possibly not. Once we are able to fill the holding, disruptive, ball winning role I suspect we will see the leash loosened and a more expansive style of football. So, in conclusion, my opinion is that we are performing very well under the circs and kudos must go to the management and the players. Given we have averaged 2.56 points per game for the last 9 games, if this is repeated for the remainder of the season our points tally will be 116, beating the current record by 10 points and achieving some 25 points more than would likely be needed to ensure promotion.
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