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  1. Ray

    Nature or nurture?

    Performance = 20% ability + 80% attitude, given there already exists an aptitude toward being physically adept, hand eye, etc. Take from that what you want, but mindset is key at this level, or any other level come to that.
  2. Ray

    How many will man city get

    The answer is one less than us, obviously!!!!!!
  3. Whilst we could possibly have defended better as a team, let's remember that the oppo are a talented bunch who get paid the big bucks to beat defenders it's what they're good at. When we score we naturally applaud our attacking play and so it works at the other end of the pitch. It's called football, if every defence was better than the attack there would be a lot of nil nils and how boring would that be!
  4. Ray

    West Ham tickets

    Parma, whilst I thoroughly enjoy your on field football posts, I am of the opinion you are wide of the mark here. To the best of my knowledge this was quite simply a poorly thought through, senior management and board decision, that BK is being disproportionately hung out to dry for.
  5. Ray

    West Ham tickets

  6. Ray

    West Ham tickets

    To the best of my knowledge players to lets are not necessary free. I believe they get x free but the opportunity to buy y more I think it was 2 and 2 at Anfield.
  7. Ray

    Team for Liverpool

    LDC, Not sure you can only have 2 CB's in the match day squad, so for me Hanley would be on the bench, probably at the expense of Cantwell.
  8. Ray

    Liverpool tickets

    Hi LDC, I don't dispute it is his responsibility to be the front man, but just because you have a job description that says what it says, it doesn't mean you can make all the decisions, or that a decision will not be passed down from above. You may not agree with a passed down decision but are required to implement it, this is what I am saying, the scheme may not have been his idea and he may not have agreed with it, however it is his responsibility to implement it. That comes with the job, my point was that there appears to be some on here who believe it was him and him alone behind this and therefore are focusing all their anger on him as an individual, when others may have their prints on it. That said, I'm sure he is man enough to deal with it and anyway that is what he is paid to do, I simply wanted to point out it may not have been his 'scheme'. Cheers Ray
  9. Ray

    Liverpool tickets

    GJL, What specifically about my post is nonsense, what do you know that may be I don't and I mean know, not what you think, or your opinion, I am very interested to find out if my knowledge is false?
  10. Ray

    Liverpool tickets

    Based on what I know, Ben Kensell may not have been the driver/designer of this new scheme, however is being left out to dry, so to speak. The scheme would have been approved by the Board and BK is simply the front man. I think we should cut the individual a little slack in terms of giving him personally a hard time, give him a few messages to take back to those who approved the scheme by all means, but to lay all the anger and blame at his feet is, in my opinion, somewhat unfair and invalid.
  11. Ray

    One club, one team

    Based on most of what I read on here, I'm not too sure there are any gentlemen in Norwich
  12. Ray

    Women’s World Cup

    Surely we should have been awarded another pen immediately after the first one, the ball is in play, they all hug the keeper who is holding the ball, someone must have touched the ball with their arm or hand, brave ref to give it though!!
  13. Ray

    New membership scheme

    IMO this scheme has not been particularly well thought out, however, my main issue is not that (IMO) the club has scored an own goal, but as soon as they realised they had, and they should have done so within the hour, that they did not 'freeze frame' everything until further consideration had been given to the immediate feedback from fans. I judge a person, not by a genuine mistake made by them, but by how they then handle the fallout and go on to make good, so far I'm not impressed, furthermore, it may well be too far along the road to change direction now.
  14. Ray

    The inner game of football

    LDC, Luck is where opportunity and preparedness meet. Cheers
  15. Ray

    The inner game of football

    LDC, yes, my opinion of our management team's psychological attributes have changed, perhaps there is a correlation between this and their actual attributes, insomuch that they may have improved over time. Let's face it as long as your 'ego' allows you to believe you are still green, you can still grow, if your 'ego' believes you are fully ripened then you start to rot. I firmly believe something changed dramatically 6 games or so into the season, maybe because DF is a deep thinker, I also firmly believe that DF may have changed his thinking/mindset around certain aspects of his management, and applaud him for that. I also firmly believe SW may have played a big part. But either way, what a journey we're on. Cheers