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  1. A test will be the next round of the FA Cup
  2. Webber's ego and lack of self control will always be his 'Foinavon' fence which will always bring him down as he is not Foinavon.
  3. Broadstairs, "for sure" 3 times in your last 2 paragraphs, you must be Farke's love child and I claim my £5
  4. Plus, let's remember, and take into account, Gunn is circa 9 inches taller than Connolly, so had Connolly been the same height then Gunn's elbow would have hit Connolly in the chest and not his face, hardly Gunn's fault Connolly is on the short side for a footballer
  5. To put this in perspective, he came down and asked the coaching team what they would do, he then asked the captain what he would do, it was the opposite to what the coaches said, he went with the captain, which probably says a lot given the then captain is manager of a high flying Championship team.
  6. If you know the man, then you know he is a deep thinker and goal driven and imo was a massive missed opportunity because as said elsewhere, he would have given everything to manage here, but as also said elsewhere, that boat has probably sailed
  7. As posted elsewhere. Saints tonight, 26 shots, 751 passes, what chance do we have based on tonight
  8. Saints tonight, 26 shots, 751 passes, what chance do we have based on tonight
  9. And now the end is here And so I face that final curtain My friend I'll make it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and every highway And more, much more I did it, I did it my way Regrets, I've had a few But then again too few to mention I did what I had to do I saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much, much more I did it, I did it my way Yes, there were times I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew But through it all, when there was doubt I ate it up and spit it out I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself then he has naught Not to say the things that he truly feels And not the words of someone who kneels Let the record shows I took all the blows and did it my way
  10. MA has a younger brother, Paul Attanasio, who is very successful in his own right, being co-creator of the TV series, Bull, along with other successes including, House. Here’s hoping his elder sibling can continue the NCFC penchant for nepotism and employ his younger brother to create an award winning screenplay for our beloved team.
  11. Corbs1, I wholeheartedly agree. In the past I worked with Prem Players privately, a few from NCFC, but I'm pretty much retired, could be persuaded out for the right motivation of course
  12. And there lies the problem, he repeats it a lot, reaffirming it to himself. Players do not have to be intellectually gifted (I have no idea if he is or is not), however some appropriate mindset coaching can but help.
  13. What worries me more about this interview is the fact AB uses the term lucky enough twice, once when refereeing to the win and once when referring to his scoring. My concern here is that the first person to hear what you say is you and this can become self-fulfilling, insomuch, I/we will be lucky if I/we score/win. Personally I do not want our players training all week to take to the field on match day with the belief that whatever they do, whatever the outcome, is dependant upon lady luck, I would much rather they were of the mindset they would score and win and the only outcome they can envisage is massive success. I have no idea if the lads are provided with any mindset preparation/coaching and if they are, the quality of it, however one thing I do know, mindset is 80% of their game, in fact to quote Didier Drogba, “The mental side is 90% of football.” I wonder which of the following categories our players’ mindsets are in, 1) Expecting failure, 2) Trying to avoid failure or 3) Expecting success. There is so much more I could get into and I may be barking up the wrong tree, however based on my knowledge and experience I think we (collectively) may be in category 2) Trying to avoid failure, to be frank, we may as be in category 1) Expecting failure, as the mind is essentially unable to tell the difference.
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