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  1. Ray

    Sinani signed

    Any extension to the league will bring all sorts of issues, when does the transfer window open and close, can you sign a free agent if his contract expires on or before 30th June, the U21 rule, does this become a moveable date, currently born on or after 1st Jan 1998 qualifies, etc. etc.
  2. MOT completed today. Good news, no virus present and passed with flying colours
  3. Ray

    6 goals in 15 away games...

    Spot on imo GJL
  4. Ray

    6 goals in 15 away games...

    Upo, It is one think liking to keep the ball, it is another to actually do it.
  5. Ray

    Team for Spurs

    Not travelling I believe
  6. The Real Buh, This landline you mention, would it be to accept a call to the cause, or the manager ringing to pass on instructions
  7. Not disputing Max as MOTM, but I thought Hanley had a very solid game too.
  8. AM, nowhere did I say Farke has said to the players behind close doors we are done, however Management (whoever that is?) telling a fringe player, to hang on in there because he will be needed in the Championship next year, does send a message and affect mindset. LDC, your ar*e is the last image I need at any time, let alone around tea time, that said, I am in agreement that it is believed every effort is being made to stay up, itโ€™s just that in my opinion, telling a player he will be needed next year in the Championship doesnโ€™t necessarily help the cause, see mindset comment above. BTW, please leave the messenger standing, or use blanks if you are going to take a shot.
  9. I have it on good authority that one of our squad (and I will not name him) has been asked to hang on in there as he will be needed next season in the Championship. So, on that basis it appears the 'management' have already given up the fight, especially as this is as good as admitting we are down, which may true, but if the players take to the pitch knowing the 'management' are planning for PL failure, how on earth can they be expected to then believe an escape is possible. Beggars belief imo.
  10. Ray

    Possible postponement

    Imagine if our Canadian friend who is looking for 2 tickets and is due to arrive on the 14th Feb (it may of course be the 13th if Dennis is pushing him across the pond) manages to find his 2 tickets and then the game is called off. I guess he'll be one unhappy bunny!!!
  11. Ray

    Possible postponement

    Depends who is closer to the actual on the day I guess, I hope it is the current accuweather forecast, I guess it may also depends on how often it gusts!!!
  12. Ray

    Possible postponement

    Accuweather.com saying gusts of 56kph, so 35mph, all a storm in a tea cup if you ask me!
  13. Ray

    Norwich v Liverpool

    Snowflakes, that's all I've got to add
  14. Best away goal, gotta be Russ Martin at Brighton for me.
  15. Nutty, putting a CB up front surely means we pump it it up there, I can't see DF doing that. I may be wrong of course?