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  1. Ray

    Max Aarons

    Currently a loan back is not permissable: Premier League clubs cannot loan to another Premier League club a player they have acquired in the same transfer window. (from the Premier League website), ergo, no Prem Club can buy Aarons and immediately loan him out, let alone back to the selling club, no doubt there are ways around this, pre-deals, etc.
  2. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    To be fair to Jim Thirsty, he did say "at times". We will of course never know what would have happened if subs had or had not been brought on in any game. I agree with you there were times when he did make telling substitutions, however I also agree with Jim, insomuch there were times I felt he could have been more pro-active. It is possible of course that his success last year with his chosen methodology led to a belief the same methodology would give the same success this year? It will be interesting to see if the 'incomings' feature this weekend, and if so, if there is any difference/improvement to our performance and/or tactics?
  3. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    Hi yellowrider120, By mediocre I mean; 'If you describe something as mediocre, you mean that it is of average quality but you think it should be better.' (Collins Dictionary). Although I would agree in general re last season, the opposition was a different beast and therefore my judgement is based on his performance as a Prem Manager and as I said it is my fervent wish that he goes on to be a great manager here at NCFC, although I do have nagging doubts based on what I have seen. I know all teams will have an 'off' game, but we do seem to have not turned up 3 or 4 times this year, that is circa 1 in 6 games, and I for one do not understand why, I also refer back to the taking the lead and not winning situation, based on a little research I have discovered that the team which scores first win approx 70% of the time, well that would equate to us having another 8 points from the last 9 games?? Yes, I know he is still learning, etc. it's just, through my impatient eyes, I wish he would/could learn a tad quicker, because I want my cake and to eat it, right now. Well, we can all live in hope I guess. I seem to recall Leicester winning something like 7 of their last 9 fixtures the season before they won the league and they were rooted at the bottom prior to that, so there is a precedent for our future.
  4. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    Furthermore, yes exciting football, which I thoroughly enjoy, however, imo his game management appears to be on a learning curve, which is why I feel he is currently a mediocre manage, hopefully to become a good manger and let's hope a great manager here at NCFC.
  5. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    I agree, that said my opinion still remains, he is a good coach but, shall I say, still learning as a manager. My fervent wish is that he is capable of doing so.
  6. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    Never content to parade my opinion as fact and have not done so here and indeed never have done. However, to answer your question, imo a good coach because he has brought on some very good youngsters (good coach), however, we are 8 points adrift of safety having been ahead in 6 of our last 9 games I believe, yet have won none of them, hence my opinion of being a mediocre manager, insomuch a manger's job in these instances would be to manage the game (substitutions, tactics, etc.) to ensure a win. A good manager would have at least won some of these games, in my opinion only of course. Does that answer your request?
  7. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    I agree, a good coach, but a mediocre manager. There is a massive difference, however, where does the responsibility lie to have recognised this?
  8. Ray

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    What stream TGMD
  9. Ray

    Rock & Roll VAR

    Thanks Ron, I get that, once the central frame is identified the 5 frame lines should appear automatically, therefore possible even speeding the process up as they will not need to spend as much time on minutia as in most case there will be a 'clear and obvious' situation, not all of course but in most.
  10. Haven given VAR some thought and considered other sports use of technology, I make the following suggestion with reference to offside decisions; Given the debate around the number of frames per second and the debate over when the ball actually leaves the boot, surely it would be possible to rock and roll the frames around the frame Stockley Park believe shows when the ball left the boot, a la cricket with run outs etc. The number of frames is up for debate but as I understand it each frame is 0.02 secs, I would venture 5 frames either side as a minimum (0.1 secs) and, if in any of these frames the forward is shown as onside, then that is the decision, even if he is only onside in one of the 11 frames. This is conducive with giving the attacking side the benefit and would hopefully do away with most, if not all, of the ridiculous decisions we have been getting. There would need to be some system, overseen by a non-referee, whereby before any lines, etc. are drawn, the referees select the central frame as the one they identify as when the ball left the boot, then draw the line and then impose the line 5 frames prior and 5 frames after, which should then be shown on screens. I'm sure most fans would then be happier to accept the final decision, not ecstatic but happier? Thoughts?
  11. Ray


    Now that's a different question, to which I know not the answer, other than to say Godfrey would probably definitely play due to his superior pace and will be learning from more experienced players. May be rotate the others depending on the oppo???
  12. Ray


    CC, you could of course pick 3 and bench one with noone in the stands.
  13. Ray

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    "Written off, not strong enough, not quick enough, not worthy of the number 14 shirt! " It seems to me that this message is as a result of being affected by some of what he has heard or read , as above, and he felt the need to somehow 'strike back'. I guess "Ignore the noise" is working well??
  14. Why is the line drawn against the defenders knee and not his head or armpit? As far as I can see the defender’s armpit and head are further forward. By extending the dotted line drawn against the defender’s knee upward it hits his upper body somewhere around his upper ribcage, extending the line further it shows almost all of the defenders shoulder and part of his head were forward of the line, ergo Pukki’s armpit hair(s) were not offside. IMO, this smacks of incompetence at best and gross misconduct or deliberate misuse of the system at worst. Do others see this or am I wearing the wrong glasses?
  15. I've said it before and will no doubt say it again, where tf is our mindset coach? We've shown on many an occasion our ability is as good as most others, therefore, given performance = 20% ability + 80% attitude our shortcomings are in the mindset and this has to be laid at the feet of SW and DF. DF may think he's got it covered when he hasn't. I'm damn sure he gets a plumber in when his bathroom floods, what's the difference beside pride and ego? I say grow a pair and accept you need help and SW should be enforcing this. Simply my opinion of course, which proves me right, to me at least.