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  1. Hogesar, I agree with all you have said, however it doesn't negate my point about how the brain works and if managers really understood this they could get even more from their players. To give what I say some gravitas, I have worked with players in the past and they (and I) saw tangible improvements.
  2. Hogesar, The problem is he said it and they would have probably read it or heard it. It's a bit like the Judge saying "The jury will disregard the last remark", oh yeah, well how are they going to do that then. Lawyers know this, that is why they say these things in the first place. He may well say something else in the dressing room, but, the players are now hearing mixed messages and what we saw yesterday is probably a result of that. How often do we hear managers say (before a game) it's a tough place to play? The brain is hard wired to prove itself correct, so, do away with any negative input, do away with the possibility it may be proving negativity correct. Is all this easy, no, that is why Sports Psychologists specialise in mindset management and Football Managers do not, unless they are specifically trained to do so, and based on what I see and hear our manager is not.
  3. Definitely need to book for Friday night, may see you in there
  4. BTW, it's a free house so guest ales, etc.
  5. Midlands, if you have transport try the Kings Head in Bawburgh, absolutely top notch food, a bit more expensive than most, but well worth it. It's not unheard of to see the players, DF and Delia in there, not on a Saturday lunch time of course. You may need to book.
  6. king canary, I think this is where his "match maturity" eventually surpassed that of his brother, if you like more of an all round player.
  7. Whilst Josh did appear to be more highly rated than Jacob by various members of the management of the club, I always felt Jacob showed a touch more promise. I watched many of their U18/U23 games from age about 16 up until they broke into the first team squad and did feel Josh was slightly ahead in, for the want of better words, "match maturity" I always thought Jacob had a touch more talent and would eventually catch up, albeit I didn't expect it to take this long to manifest itself.
  8. Krul Mistress, Surely there should be no need for on field leadership re penalties, I cannot believe the manager had not appointed a penalty taker before KO. if he did and his instructions were being ignored that tells it's own story, if he didn't that also tells it's own story!
  9. "I don't think getting a celebrity defender to come in and coach fixes this." Agree, it really should not be needed if Farke is a qualified manager, they are afterall basic issues.
  10. First goal from the corner, there are 4 Liverpool players lined up in the centre of the box, we have 3 midfielders marking them, so, they starburst leaving one player essentially free, the eventual goal scorer, As the corner was taken we had 6, yes six, defenders in a diagonal line across the 6 yard line, in essence marking thin air, or maybe zones. I’m not sure what this means as I do not have an A badge, but it must mean something, does it mean Klopp new our methods so out thought Farke, or……? Second goal, as the ball is swept to the left by Liverpool, we have seven players in our half, they have eight consequently there is no one to track the overlap, leading to an unchallenged cross? The cross is over Hanley’s head, however Gibson was behind him, initially tight on Origi but for some inexplicable reason steps back and away from Origi leaving him a free header. Hanley cannot see what is behind him but surely Gibson can see what is in front of him? Again, I’ve no idea! Third goal, we surrender the ball Dowell is goal side of Minamino, who sets off on a run, Dowell stands pretty much stock still, and watches him run passed him, allowing Minamino unfettered access to our box and the rest is history. Again why? Apart from the three occasions highlighted above, Liverpool did not have a shot on target, we had 60% more with five, they achieved 100% conversion rate we achieved 0%. Does it mean we did a better defensive job than Liverpool and a better attacking job but a dismal conversion job? Go figure.
  11. Something I noticed last night was that Klopp spent the entire game on his feet interacting with his players, Farke spent the majority of the game sat down in the dugout. Furthermore, during one of the breaks in play, when the players came over to the benches for drinks, Klopp again was surrounded by players listening to instructions, Farke stayed sat down and interacted with noone. Something is not right/has gone awry. My concerns were echoed by an ex-player, of some note, I was chatting with at length after the match. What the problem is I know not but imo there is one and I believe this is deeper than tactics, formation, etc.
  12. Purple, I agree entirely with your statement, "This is not perfect" for many reasons" for one, smoking is banned at the Carra, but, it doesn't mean smokers are banned from attending, it means they cannot do something when they attend not that they have to do something to attend (mask, vaccinate, etc.) they still have the choice to attend. Even the current NHS information (radio ads) state even if vaccinated you can still infect others, so, where is the line drawn. If I do not want to die in a car accident, which I don't, I would not get in a car, but I do? My main concern is liberty is being eroded and fear mongering is dividing society, not whether someone is vaccinated or not, where will this end? My suspicions this may be the tip of the iceberg.
  13. GPB, would that be the 5 minute argument or the full half hour argument
  14. For the healthy and for society, I can't see any benefits of not having a vaccine and many costs. I hope you are right Badger, for all our sakes, and it will not transpire to be the other way round.
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