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  1. Out of interest, what are ' northern monkess' must be some sort of ist surely!
  2. Thanks Bethnal, didn't know that and I've been round a while, although I have used the word Chinaman it was purely to describe someone from China with no racist intent, so I've learned something. I agree entirely with generational, etc. When I was a kid we used the term black, then we were told coloured is the correct term I believe black is now more acceptable, could be wrong of course?
  3. I'm a bit lost on some of this, could someone explain if Frenchman or Dutchman are also offensive in today's world, if so then I've learnt something and thank you, if not could someone 'learn' me why Chinaman is, genuine question guys - thanks.
  4. Ray

    It's official....

    And of course the old favourite, 'What time is Kick Off? What time can you get here?
  5. Ray

    Transfer Market

    Could be Rafael Camacho, knew him as a 12 year old, he was at Man City originally and can play as full back, wing back or winger and still young, 18 I think?
  6. Ray

    No no no

    Does alcohol count
  7. Ray

    No no no

    Fair point WC, let's hope we don't need too much of it, or any at all!!
  8. Ray

    No no no

    GJL, MY opioid the same as yours, inasmuch Hanley and Klose would be a better pairing defensively, may be not so much flair but haven't we got enough of that anyway.
  9. Ray

    No no no

    Westcoast, Hanley has featured since then, OK he wasn't on the pitch for long, but did feature.
  10. Ray

    Let's hope we get automatic

    A point well made Sooty57, but here's hoping we don't need to prove your point.
  11. Westcoast, I agree.
  12. Ray

    No no no

    Happy for you to admit you were factually wrong and imo yes they do. Had it been Klose who was injured early doors would the upturn have been any different, I suspect not. There have been many injuries, etc. So why single out these guys, Hanley in particular?
  13. Ray

    No no no

    Not factually true Westcoast, that aside, there were 9 other players plus, who featured in those games too.
  14. Ray

    Russ departs.....

    Maybe the reason was something else, which to protect the feelings of others he didn't reveal. Travel time to MK circa 2hrs 15m, to Wallsall circa 3hrs 30m, makes commuting a fair bit easier I guess.
  15. Ray

    Russ departs.....

    Russ lives in Brighton, hence LDC's suggestion I should imagine.