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  1. Feedthewolf, An interesting topic - thank you, my take on it follows. The human brain is hard wired to achieve, evidenced by the fact we learn to walk and talk, etc. If you want to see this in action just watch a one year old learn to walk, no matter how many times it falls, it tries again and again until such time as walking becomes a natural subconscious occurrence. The human brain will also move toward its dominant thoughts, hence the quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” is apt. This is why ‘mindset’ is so important. The first person to hear what you say is you, once in formulating the words in your head and then listening to them when they come out of your mouth. This becomes alarmingly apparent if as a footballer supporter, you have a low opinion of a player’s ability to make a pass and you see he has been named on the Team Sheet, I promise you, you will then form negative thoughts about the player’s upcoming performance and potentially verbalise them to anyone prepared to listen (or not listen as the case may be), you will then see all his passes as misplaced, or should he make a killer pass, your thoughts will be along the lines of, ‘About time, it’s only taken 20 attempts’. How many people, when asked, “How are you today” reply “Oh, not too bad.” So their dominant thought is, they are bad just not too bad, I wonder what sort of day they had? I once heard a larger than life American reply incredibly enthusiastically to the, “How are you” question, “Awesome mate, awesome”. I wonder what sort of day he had? All of this becomes key particularly when linked with the understanding that there isn’t a single event (actions and/or words) that has any intrinsic meaning, in fact, in and of itself every event is neutral. Of course, as individuals as soon as we become aware of the event we will give it meaning, we will overlay it with our values and beliefs, values and beliefs we have formed throughout our lifetimes. Therefore, to be a truly successful manager, it is important to establish and help to shape mindset (values and beliefs) within the squad, whether you as the manager have the ability to do this or whether you bring in specialists to do this for you, aka a specialist goal keeping coach, is somewhat irrelevant, as long as it is part of the ‘training regime’. Performance is 20% Ability plus 80% Attitude (Mindset) consequently, I hope we have the skills to hone Attitude, or are prepared to recognise its importance and take the appropriate action, it is perhaps more important now than it ever has been at Carrow Rd.
  2. Ray

    Moritz Leitner

    Tube Man, If Leitner is one of the closest to him and (a big and) there is some truth in the rumour then that speaks very loudly!
  3. Ray

    Moritz Leitner

    It does appear to me that there may a slight rocking of the boat, even between each other the players certainly appear to be having more verbals (moaning). Nothing dramatic but not as it was, it makes you wonder if they are frustrated with each other, their luck, the tactics or dare I say it the management team? I sincerely hope it is only a blip and peace and harmony reign again soon.
  4. Ray

    In terms of quality

    Yes Emi has made 4 assists this season, one against Liverpool, one against Chelsea and two against Man City, games in which we scored six goals, since then no assists and we've only scored 2 goals in six matches. So, it appears if Emi doesn't perform we don't score, so do we only select him for games against the so called big boys or get to the root cause of the problem (whatever that may be) and get him firing on all cylinders again. Getting him firing all all cylinders again is what I guess Farke gets the big bucks for. Over to you Daniel, get him up and running again or make the appropriate changes, whatever they may be?
  5. Ray

    VAR Farce

    IMO, there is nothing wrong with VAR, as mentioned earlier by others, it's those at Stockley Park/the administrators that need scrutiny. Many beers in a drink manufacturer comes to mind!
  6. Ray

    Congrats to Russell Martin

    Or, vice versa
  7. Ray

    Congrats to Russell Martin

    Bristol Nest, Would Russ learn under Farke, vice versa! Tin hat donned.
  8. ZLF, ok, but you haven't included Leitner anywhere?
  9. Ray


    "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often" - Winston Churchill. The question is do we have the ability to change and change again if required?
  10. Ray

    Steve Morison Retires.

    SM is now Assistant Coach to Northampton U18's having just qualified as a Eufa Pro Coach.
  11. Ray


    IMO, a fit Hanley would have done better job keeping Wesley under wraps than Amadou, probably Hanley against big target men and a.n. other against smaller Pukki types. The key is of course, Hanley being fit??
  12. Ray

    Nature or nurture?

    Performance = 20% ability + 80% attitude, given there already exists an aptitude toward being physically adept, hand eye, etc. Take from that what you want, but mindset is key at this level, or any other level come to that.
  13. Ray

    How many will man city get

    The answer is one less than us, obviously!!!!!!
  14. Whilst we could possibly have defended better as a team, let's remember that the oppo are a talented bunch who get paid the big bucks to beat defenders it's what they're good at. When we score we naturally applaud our attacking play and so it works at the other end of the pitch. It's called football, if every defence was better than the attack there would be a lot of nil nils and how boring would that be!
  15. Ray

    West Ham tickets

    Parma, whilst I thoroughly enjoy your on field football posts, I am of the opinion you are wide of the mark here. To the best of my knowledge this was quite simply a poorly thought through, senior management and board decision, that BK is being disproportionately hung out to dry for.