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  1. Thanks, thats my route so will now go on from Warwick parkway on Chilton line into Marylebone, last time we used was play off final and was half full of city supporters
  2. Town boss Mick McCarthy conceded that the Blues 6-1 thrashing by League One Charlton in their final pre-season game was “embarrassing”, “a shambles” and “completely disgraceful”, and admitted that if his side play as they did against the Addicks once the Championship season gets under way “we as a club are in trouble and I’m in trouble”.
  3. now finished 3-2 , never tried oddstake, is it any good
  4. and again S C, guess you are doing the same as me (sutton Twitter)
  5. H T at Sutton Sutton 2 City 1
  6. Good for me as I have important event from 2 to 5 Well done Sky
  7. You get 500 just for being member /S T holder., plus 50 for each away ticket purchased, Bolton away could well go on to sale without needing more so you should be ok
  8. I Think Gunn and Fleck arrived by train at Norwich Station, I recall a photo of the pair in EDP or Pinkun, am 99% sure
  9. Pity we didn''t go down the Director of Football / Sport with Neil Adams, who knows how it would have turned out, still we have to thank him for several of our young guns.
  10. Unless its in a cup comp I wont be going to my Favourite away ground this year as its Everton, Always enjoyed my trips, the locals are friendly and the food n drink very good.
  11. Took no time at all as I have that pic with team names, your late Grandfather must be similar vintage to me. That was the team I grew up with, happy memories.
  12. Could he get another medal ? , fingers crossed for him
  13. The future is bright, the future is yellow, the future is youth.
  14. at least Webber now knows what he is up against
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